Niagara Falls is a truly impressive sight (just not quite as impressive as Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe). These massive falls span the border between the province of Ontario in Canada and the state of New York in the United States. They are some of the largest waters falls in the world while being one of the most accessible. They are an easy drive from Toronto in Canada and from Buffalo in New York State.

The falls are actually three falls with the smaller American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls only being in America, while the much larger and more impressive Horseshoe Falls are on the international border. Attractions here can be a little pricey, so get some tips on how to save money while at Niagara Falls.


About Niagara Falls

The falls are on the Niagara River as it drains Lake Erie and feeds into Lake Ontario. The Horseshoe Falls is the most powerful waterfall in North America and it is known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

  • Gallons: 600,000 Gallons of Water Falling Per Second
  • Fun Fact: About 20% Of The United States' Drinking Water Goes Over The Falls

On the falls are the twin cities of Niagara Falls. One is "Niagara Falls, Ontario" and the other is "Niagara Falls, New York".

Both of these towns are resort towns with plenty to see and to. To see what there is to do in the Niagara Falls State Park in America visit their website, while for the Canadian side visit Niagara Falls Tourism.

Where And When To See Them

The falls can be seen year-round. In the summer there are very large crowds and all the services are up and running. While in the winter, there are very few crowds and most of the services have ceased.

The winter here can be bitterly cold but it is a whole different world. The falls themselves rarely ever freeze but the immense spray they send up into the air does. It is another world seeing the sheer amount of frozen spray covering all the surfaces around the falls.

Still if possible this is an attraction that should be seen in both summer and in winter - it certainly won't be the same experience!

The better side to see the waterfalls is from Canada. This is because most of the falls lay in America - which means that opposing Canada has a better view of them. While the Canadians have uninterrupted views of all of the falls, the Americans have had to build a large observation platform out into the gorge to get a glimpse of them.

That being said, it is very simple for most people just to cross the bridge between America and Canada and see the falls from both sides on the same day.

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Cruising Under The Mist of The Falls Is a Must

One can go on a boat tour of Niagara Falls from both the American and Canadian sides. One can book these tickets online but (under normal circumstances) they are easy enough to buy in person. The boats are constantly coming and going on their 20-minute rides and passengers just walk as the boat docks. Knowing the scheduling is not so important as it would no likely be more than a 20-minute wait until the next one.

Everyone is given a disposable (but recyclable) plastic poncho. The boats go into the spray of the waterfall and so everyone is likely to get wet.

Maid of The Mist - America Side: The Maid of the Mist is boasting all-new fully electric boats that will take their passenger. The Maid of the Mist only departs from Niagara Fall, USA. With these tours, one can really feel the mist and sense the thundering roar of these awesomely powerful falls.

  • Cost: $25.25 Per Adult | $14.75 Per Child
  • Season: The Maid of The Mist Operates From End Of April to October (Closed In The Winter)
  • Hours: Every By Month, Visit Their Scheduling Page

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Voyage To The Falls - Canadian Side: On the Canadian side, one can embark on a stunning 20-minute Voyage to the Falls boat tour. Like in America they are leaving constantly - every 15 minutes. Normally it would not be important to consider a time to go, but currently, the company is using safety measures like physical distancings, timed tickets, and reduced guest capacity.

Ride after sunset and enjoy a light-mist experience seeing the illumination of the Falls. The season, hours, and scheduling of the Canadian side largely mirror that of the American side.

  • Duration: 20-Minutes
  • Departs: Niagara Fall, Canada
  • Adult: $31.25 CAD ($25.00 USD) | Child: $21.25 CAD ($17.00 USD) - Aged 3 to 12 Years Old | Infants: Free - 2 And Under

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