The Great White North truly is one of the most remarkable countries on the face of the Earth, and we challenge anyone to bet against that idea. As a result, today, we thought it'd be fun to take a more in-depth look at what it's like to dive into the mind of someone who is traveling to the country for the very first time.

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Everyone has different experiences, so we can't speak for all of you, but for the most part, these are the questions that first-time visitors will have in regards to good ol' Canada.

10 Why Is Everyone So Nice?

The stereotype is officially true: 95% of people in Canada are incredibly nice. From apologizing about things they don’t even need to apologize for, all the way through to just being really kind on a day to day basis. If you come over from the United States, this is going to be a shock to the system.

There are many reasons as to why someone would be nice, so to be honest, we aren’t all that interested in finding out the answer to this one. Instead, we’re just happy that there’s a nation in North America that you can always rely on when it comes to having a polite conversation.

9 Is Hockey Really That Big Over There?

The answer is yes, a million times yes. The National Hockey League may predominantly feature American teams as opposed to Canadian ones, but that doesn’t mean all too much in our opinion. Hockey (aka ice hockey for fans of the grass-based alternative) is a Canadian sport and it’s hard to argue otherwise.

Whenever there’s a major hockey game on that features Canadian teams, the whole country tends to go absolutely bonkers, and we love that kind of passion and enthusiasm. Once you’ve actually experienced it, it becomes kind of infectious.

8 Just How Great Are The Accents?

It may only be the occasional word that gives away a casual Canadian accent, but even with that being the case, we absolutely love it. It’s so great and refreshing to hear a friendly accent that actually feels welcoming, as opposed to ones that feel a little bit ‘hard’.

The deeper you go into Canada, the more intriguing the accents get, and that’s especially true when it comes to Quebec. When you dive into the French-Canadian territory, things really do get quite interesting – in all the right ways, of course.

7 How Do These Guys Drink So Much?

Canadians know how to sink a beer or two and that much is kind of public knowledge at this stage. They’re just great at being able to knock a few back, and then a few more, and then a few more. Plus (and this is the important part), they don’t get pointlessly angry or aggressive when they do so.

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They aren’t excessive with their drinking; instead, they’re just heavyweights that enjoy having a good time. That’s a really interesting dynamic, and we’re on board with it.

6 Wait, Healthcare Isn’t Going To Bankrupt Me?

It’s simple, really: the healthcare system in Canada is much cheaper than the one in the United States, which is one of the primary reasons why so many people have decided to head on over to the Great White North over the course of the last few years.

It seems as if this dynamic is going to continue for quite some time to come, too, so don’t be surprised if you keep seeing the figures rocket as the years go on. It might not be ideal for those outside of North America, but it still works.

5 How Big Is This Place?

Canada is the second biggest country on the planet in terms of land, which is actually quite surprising when you really think about it. If you just took a look at the primary areas of the nation it doesn’t seem too big, but once you expand the image to look at all of the provinces, it becomes incredibly daunting.

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The shape and size of the country are so remarkable to look at, and if you’re ever interested in trying to navigate your way through it all, then make sure you do your research beforehand.

4 How Come It’s So Sparsely Populated?

Off the back of the last point, it’s well worth noting that Canada is a very sparsely populated destination. We aren’t suggesting that’s a bad thing, but to be honest, it all depends on what you want from your nation.

The real ‘north’ represents something out of Game of Thrones, to the point where it just isn’t really that inhabitable. It’s great to see so much land that isn’t being disturbed by humans, but again, there’s a reason or two for that. We just wish that some of the destinations were more accessible.

3 Does It Get Any Warmer?

One of the things you need to ensure that you do when you arrive in Canada is get a big jacket, hat and scarf on. Regardless of the time of year you visit, it’s probably going to be pretty cold.

In the winter months, especially, it can be kind of difficult to function as a normal human being. Particularly if you are someone who can’t stand being in cold temperatures for all too long. If you like the cold, that’s great, but if you want a hot-weathered holiday, then start looking up flights to California.

2 Which Way To The National Parks?

From Banff to Jasper to Yoho to Waterton and beyond, there are so many gorgeous national parks in Canada that it almost makes us want to shed a tear. There’s something so magnificently peaceful and quaint about looking out onto the lake and beyond the trees and thinking “yeah, life is pretty cool.”

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The United States boast some stunning national parks in their own right, but if you want natural beauty at its absolute peak, then we’d argue that the aforementioned destinations (and many more located in the depths of the country) will give you what you’re looking for.

1 What Exactly Is In Poutine?

French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy is the simple answer, with the dish originating over in Quebec. It’s one of those delicacies that you simply cannot leave Canada without sampling at least once, because it’s just so darn delicious.

It doesn’t necessarily give the impression of being one of the most irresistibly tasty things in the world, but if we’ve all learned one thing over the years, it’s that you should never judge a book by its cover. Poutine, like Canada, is welcoming and also incredibly moreish. We’re big fans.

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