Calling all Lost fans! Not only can the filming locations be visited but now, one of them is actually for sale. This is a dream come true for many who have longed to feel as though they've traveled to the mystical island that, quite honestly, is still much of a mystery. Incredibly enough, the entire show was filmed in Hawaii and even locations that were meant to take place in faraway places such as Australia and California were filmed right in this tropical state, making each Lost set location just as unique as the last.


Although the show ended years ago, it's still emblazoned in the memories of fans all over the world who continuously follow J.J. Abrams as he works on new projects and continue to follow the actors and actresses who made the show so unbelievably memorable. The storyline, plot, twists, and character development throughout the show were all echoed by each setting, one more perfect than the next, which helped to convince the audience that they, too, were along for the crazy and sometimes wildly revelatory, plotline. The only thing better than rewatched the show for the umpteenth time is knowing that eventually, when travel is open, these locations can actually be seen first-hand... and one of them, for someone who's a true fan, purchased.

It's time to go back.

Flight 815's Crash Site, AKA The Opening Scene

Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes is the opening, which starts with the plane crash and is what captured the attention of every single person watching the pilot. This scene took place on Mokule'ia Beach, where the set was actually built (in regard to the actual wreckage). This is also where many of the beach scenes were shot throughout the show and it's easily recognizable for those who have been there before.

Running From The Monster After Finding The Pilot

Interestingly enough, while the show makes the jungle seem as though it's heavily wooded and entirely remote, the area that Kate, Jack, and Charlie are seen running through in the first season is actually not far from the Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu. However, another, more remote area, is the Dillingham Ranch, which is the location that's for sale. This ranch has been the setting for several major films but it most recognizable from Lost (including many 'running' scenes) and is going for $45 million.

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The Infamous Banyon Tree

This unique and massive tree is also located at the Turtle Bay Resort and is seen multiple times throughout the show. Most memorable, and almost heartbreakingly so, was the scene in which Charlie was strung up by the Others. The tree also came into play as the hiding spot for Walt when a polar bear is on the loose and his father, Michael, comes to his rescue, along with John Locke.

The Site Of 'Sydney Airport'

Since the filming was done in Hawaii, the producers needed a convincing set for the Sydney Airport. The Hawaii Convention Center was the perfect place to pull this off, as its innovative architecture and modern, sleek design helped to seal the deal. The tropical vibes - which the architects of the Convention Center brought in intentionally - are very similar to that of Sydney with its coastal city, and those watching wouldn't have known the difference unless they researched it.

Jin And Sun's Engagement Scene

The Byodo-In Temple is absolutely beautiful and is located in the Valley of the Temples in Kane'ohe, Hawaii. This is where the engagement of Sun and Jin was filmed and the scene was flawless, featuring the temple's stunning architecture with Hawaii's gorgeous background as a natural setting, convincing enough to be believed as Korea. The Koʻolau Mountains are seen in the background and the temple itself was the perfect setting for Sun's father's home.

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The Beach Where They Camped

Beach camp number two was located at Papailoa Beach, otherwise known as Police Beach, and the location is fairly remote, which can also be seen in the show. In order to get there, fans will have to hike roughly 15 to 20 minutes in order to get to it, and it's said that the camp was actually moved in real life due to the attention it was getting from fans before filming was even over.

The Home Of The Dharma Initiative

The Dharma Initiative Barracks was probably one of the most memorable locations from the series and it was actually filmed at the Assembly Hall for YMCA Camp Erdman. This center is located not far from Mokule'ia Beach in Oahu, and it is private property - so while it's possible to get a closer look, visitors will need permission from the front office in order to do so.

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