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The Grand Canyon is one of the most fascinating attractions in The United States, and there are endless things to do at the National Park. On top of that, travelers going to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas will also find unique attractions, and the Hoover Dam is one of them. Travelers can see it for free or schedule a tour.

Although it is recommended to stay at least a few days to explore the region, it is possible to have a glimpse of the Grand Canyon and visit the Hoover Dam in just one day. Here is everything travelers should know about it.


Visiting Both Destinations In One Day

Hoover Dam is located strategically between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon South and West Rim. Therefore, it is easy to find day tours from Vegas where travelers can do both attractions in one day. It is an excellent option for travelers with a tide schedule who still want to see both places. It is also suitable for those already familiar with the Grand Canyon.

The most popular way to visit both attractions is by bus or car, but agencies also offer helicopter and airplane tours. The best way to do the tour will depend on the travelers' budget, schedule, and what they expect to see.

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The Itinerary

Traveling By Bus

The bus tours often leave from Las Vegas, and it travels approximately 45 minutes to the Hoover Dam. Professional tour guides will follow travelers at the Hoover Dam's lower level, and they will have some free time to explore other parts when the first part of the tour is finished.

The next stop can be the Grand Canyon South or West Rim, depending on the tour. On the way, it is possible to see the Colorado River, the Mojave Desert, and the ancient Joshua Tree Forest.

Traveling By Car

For road trip fans, it is possible to do the itinerary by car, which gives travelers much more freedom to decide where to stop and how long to stay in each attraction. Driving between Hoover Dam and the West Rim often takes less than two hours, making it the best option for those who have to return to Las Vegas on the same day. Travelers planning to go to the South Rim should spend at least one night there.

Helicopter Tours

The Hoover Dam is an excellent spot for travelers planning a tour by helicopter or airplane. The agencies often have several itineraries that can last a few hours, where tourists will discover the Grand Canyon's West Rim, Mojave Desert, and Hoover Dam from a new angle. It is also possible to catch a helicopter from Las Vegas to see both attractions. The helicopter tours are also great for those who want to avoid the day trips, but they are unsurprisingly the most expensive way to explore the area.

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The Highlights At the West Rim And Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is worth an immersive visit, especially for engineering enthusiasts. The place was built during the 1930s, and it helped to develop the region and also became the most visited Dam on earth. It is possible to schedule a power plant tour or join a guided tour where travelers will learn more about its history. Yet, the area also has other exciting attractions.

Kayaking: There are agencies offering kayaking tours at the Hoover River, where tourists can see the Dam from another angle and observe animals such as sheep, coyotes, falcons, and bald eagles.

Explore The Lake Meed: This lake was formed thanks to the Hoover Dam, so their histories are intertwined. It is a great area to relax, and it is possible to do many activities, including fishing, swimming, and kayaking.

Memorial Bridge: The Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge was built in 2010, connecting Arizona and Nevada. It is a vehicular bridge crossing the Dam, and it is worth parking the car for a few minutes for pictures.

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Grand Canyon West Rim

The Grand Canyon West Rim is the closest to Las Vegas, but it is still less visited than the South Rim. Yet, it is easy to access the area and there are many attractions in the region. Probably the most famous of them is the Sky Walk, a glass 360-degree viewpoint that might be challenging for people who are afraid of high places, but there is much more to see.

The Sky Zipline: It is one of the most popular attractions among visitors. It spreads over 3,200 feet, and people can reach up to 40 miles per hour when crossing it. Many people can use it at once, so it is a fun option for people traveling in a group.

Helicopter tours: another option for those traveling for just one day is taking a helicopter tour. The 15-minute tours often fly over the canyon and the Colorado River, offering travelers a new perspective of the region. It is perfect for relaxing before starting driving back to Las Vegas.

The West Ring also has other more suitable attractions for those with more time.