The Mutiny On The Bounty and how it led to the colonization of Pitcairn Island is without a doubt one of the strangest stories in history. Pitcairn Island is a tiny British Overseas Territory extremely remote in the Pacific Ocean. In fact, Pitcairn is the least populous national jurisdiction in the world with around 47 permanent inhabitants.

Pitcairn Island is an extremely remote destination and may boast the world's most remote Airbnb. Visiting this strange place is not easy and is for the most intrepid of explorers. Another mysterious and remote destination in the South Pacific is Easter Island is and its bewildering statues.


The Pitcairn Islands

The Pitcairn Islanders are biracial and mostly descend from nine Bounty mutineers who sort refuge on the island with their handful of Tahitian consorts that they had picked up in Tahiti. Only a few continue to live on the island and most have moved elsewhere.

  • Status: British Overseas Territory
  • Population: Around 47 Permanent Inhabitants
  • Administration: They Are A British Overseas Territory But are Administered From Auckland, New Zealand 3,300 Miles Away
  • Currency: USD Are Normally Used

To get to the island one must go by ship as there is no airport on the island (not for thousands of miles). A schedule of the ships can be found on Visit Pitcairn's website alternatively look for a cruise ship that goes to the island.

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The Story Of The Mutiny On the HMS Bounty

The famous story of the mutiny on the Royal Navy's HMS Bounty has been the subject of many books and films and remains one of the strangest stories in naval history. In 1789 the disaffected crewmen of the HMS Bounty led by acting Lieutenant Fletch Christian seized control of the ship from their captain and the loyal crewmen.

The Bounty spent 5 months on a layover in Tahiti and many of the men formed relationships with the native Polynesians and the girls. They grew increasingly resentful of the military discipline on the ship and wanted to be back on the island.

  • Date: The Mutiny On The Bounty Happened In 1789
  • Capitan: Lieutenant William Bligh
  • Led Mutineer: Acting Lieutenant Fletch Christian

They set the captain (Lieutenant William Bligh) and eighteen other loyalists adrift in one of the small boats. In credibly Bligh being the expert navigator that he was, navigated more than 4,000 miles in the open boat and reached safety. He made his way back to England and then began the process of bringing the mutineers to justice.

Meanwhile, some of the mutineers settled on Tahiti, while others feared the revenge of the Royal Navy and fled seeking an undiscovered island to live on. They found Pitcairn Island and settled there.

There were 25 men left aboard the ship (including some loyalists held against their will as there was no room in the boat).

The Royal Navy dispatched the HMS Pandora to apprehend the mutineers. Fourteen were captured on Tahiti although the ship ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef and 4 four prisoners perished. Of the 10 that arrived back in England, four were acquitted, three were pardoned, and three were hanged.

  • Captured Mutineers: 4 Died en Route, 4 Acquitted, 3 Pardoned, 3 Hanged
  • Discovered: Pitcairn Was Discovered in 1808
  • Survivor: The Lone Survivor Was John Adams (He Was Not Prosecuted)

The mutineer Christian and his group remained undiscovered on Pitcairn until 1808. By then only one of the mutineers - John Adams - was still alive. Almost all of the other mutineers on the island had been killed by each other or by their Polynesian companions. The descendants of the mutineers and their Tahitian captives continue to live on Pitcairn today.

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Accommodation On Pitcairn Island

Perhaps surprisingly there is the accommodation on the island - surprising given that there are only 50 odd people on the island.

According to Visit Pitcairn (yes they actually do have a tourism website) the island is "known the world over for the welcoming and open-hearted hospitality of its people."

  • Accommodation: Homestays, Semi-Private Chalet, or Studio Unit

Pitcairn Island currently has 12 registered accommodation providers offering guests a range of homestays and private accommodation. One can share all meals and amenities with a local family or have a semi-private chalet or studio unit. There is even an entirely private 2 or 3 bedroom bungalow or chalet rental.

  • Cost: Ranges From $80.00 to $200.00 Per Person Per Day
  • Covers: Full Board, All Meals, and Laundry

Pitcairn Island isn't a place that one pops into for the weekend and so one can also enquire about weekly and monthly rates for long-term stays. One can also organize additional services like telephone and internet, guided walks, and even quad bike tours with one's hosts.

  • Credit Cards: The Local Government Treasury Office Provides Credit Card Facilities So Cash can Be Withdrawn

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