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Tucked away in the Laos Jungle, the cascading tiers of the Kuang Si Falls captivate tourists worldwide who come to marvel at the scenic vacation spot. This destination in Luang Prabang's beautiful countryside has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor fun. Tourists at Kaung Si Falls can swim, hike, picnic, or simply enjoy the breathtaking scenery of this tropical paradise.

Nothing is as refreshing as swimming through cooling natural pools during a warm afternoon. Whether jumping off the turquoise waterfalls from incredible heights or enjoying fish therapy on the feet by the poolside, here is a guide to swimming in Kuang Si Falls.


Here's How To Reach The Kuang Si Falls

The falls are about 18 to 20 miles or a 45-minute drive from Luang Prabang, Laos' old capital city. There are several ways to get to Kuang Si Falls, ranging in cost, convenience, and preference.

By Tuk-Tuk

From Luang Prabang, the best way to reach Kuang Si Falls is by tuk-tuk. Since the roads here are a little dangerous, catching a tuk-tuk ride is much safer than a motorbike ride. Most boutique hotels arrange for tuk-tuk rides for guests going to the falls, and all one has to do is book one before in advance. Tuk-tuks are also available for hire, where tourists can rent a tuk-tuk to travel around for about $15 for half a day.

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Alternatively, travelers in the city center can choose to stand or walk on the street, and a tuk-tuk will approach to offer transport services. A two-way trip costs about $4 to $5, depending on the time of day.

By Songtaew

A Songtaew is a covered pickup truck featuring two benches in the back. It's one of the most budget-friendly ways to explore Thailand. Songtaew trips in Laos are quite flexible, as tourists can board one from anywhere in the city center. Although not comfortable for many visitors who prefer luxury, they deliver an authentic local experience. A songtaew ride to Kuang Si Falls costs about $17 to $23.

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By Motorbike

This is an excellent choice for couples confident enough to ride the streets of Laos in a moped. Skilled riders can rent out a motorbike for $15, but caution is recommended due to poor road conditions.

Tips For Swimming At Kuang Si Falls

Kuang Si Falls, spelled Kuang Xi Falls, provides one of the most memorable swimming experiences in the world. Considered one of the most spectacular natural marvels in Laos, the vibrant waterfalls gracefully pour into a series of magnificent pools in the midst of the jungle cacophony. The water is glorious at the spots where swimming is permitted. Tourists can enjoy rope swinging, thrilling diving spots, or chilling by the pool sides while enjoying the views of the blue waters.

The pools are shallow enough for the comfort of most swimmers, skilled or unskilled. The lower pools are the best places to swim, with fewer people as one goes further up above these sections. The destination features little wooden huts near the pools that serve as dressing rooms where visitors can change into their swimwear. Swimmers are advised to carry modest swimming gear as a way of respect for the local population's conservative nature.

There are great jumping points from trees and rocks, but caution should be taken to avoid injury. Unfortunately, there are no lifeguards at Kuang Si Falls. Swimming areas that are forbidden have a sign by their side. Most forbidden areas have restricted access for safety reasons, but some pools are not permitted because they are considered sacred places by the locals.

Although there are vendors selling various items at the destination's entrance, visitors can also carry their essential items for the trip. Items that might be useful at Kuang Si Falls include a towel, bathing suit, toilet paper, snacks, and bottled water.

  • Hours open: 8:00 AM to 5:00 AM, daily
  • Entrance charges: $1.3 per person

This Is The Best Time To Visit Kuang Si Falls

The views and experiences at Kuang Si Falls depend on the season one visits. Here are the best times to visit Kuang Si Falls.

December To May

This is the best time to visit the incredible Kuang Si Falls, as the monsoon season has already ended in Laos. During these months, the waterfalls have settled, moving slowly over the limestones, resulting in a blue turquoise color. This is also the best time for photography as the destination becomes an incredible spot for Instagrammable photos. However, a handy tip for first-timers is to visit this place during the weekdays to avoid huge crowds at the falls.

June To October

Hiking and swimming can be dangerous in Kuang Si Falls during the monsoon season. Roads are usually closed or unsafe as many towns in Laos are likely to be flooded. The only positive during this season is that Kuang Si Falls is less crowded.

The best time to tour the falls in both seasons is in the morning. Arriving before 10:00 a.m is an excellent way to beat the busload of crowds that will stream throughout the day. In addition, the early morning visits deliver refreshing serenity and spectacular views during hiking and better photography without any intruder ruining the snapshots.

Kuang Si Falls is one of Laos's most scenic features, attracting a slew of visitors and gawking onlookers yearly. Bringing the appropriate footwear is required for easy navigation, but the magical experience this beautiful natural marvel delivers is something no tourist wants to miss. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly destination.