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When thinking of Bondi Beach, the first thing that comes to mind might be its generous surf and world-class beach. However, the next thing that comes to mind - if not the first - is usually the Bondi Beach Pool, known as Bondi Icebergs. This oceanfront pool is one of the most iconic in the world, and it has become a permanent fixture of the Bondi Beach landscape.

When visiting Sydney, Bondi Icebergs is a must-visit for avid swimmers. Even for those who simply like to lounge poolside and enjoy the view, Bondi Beach is home to some of the most scenic views on the coast.


Curious about how to score a swim sesh at this iconic landmark? Here's how visitors can swim at Bondi Icebergs.

What To Know About Bondi Beach Pool Before Visiting

The Bondi Beach Pool, as iconic as it is, first opened back in 1929. Originally, membership to the pool was elite, as the idea was created by lifeguards in the Icebergs Swimming Club to maintain their fitness during the winter months. The club itself required members to compete three out of four Sundays every month for at least five years, making it a famed part of Sydney lifeguard culture. However, the club did not move its location to the Bondi Icebergs - aka the Bondi Beach Pool - until 2002. Now, the pool is open to the public for a fee (more about that later).

  • Fact: The Bondi Beach Pool was renamed Bondi Icebergs to reflect the tribute to the Icebergs Swimming Club.

While the pool itself is an iconic and quintessential part of visiting Sydney's famed Bondi Beach, its location has also given it quite a reputation. Located right on the southern end of Bondi Beach, it's sometimes hard to tell where the pool stops and where the ocean begins. On rough water days, it's not unusual for waves to occasionally splash swimmers in the pool, only adding to the thrill of having the chance to do laps at such a landmark. With that being said, the views from the pool are outstanding and are arguably some of the best pool views of many in the area.

Swimming At Bondi Icebergs

Today, there's more that exists at Bondi Icebergs than just a singular pool. The main pool overlooks the north end of the surf, while the kiddie pool is situated toward the northeast. Additionally, visitors will find a sauna on the deck level, the Crabbe Hole Café poolside restaurant, and The Body Spot at Bondi Beach which provides spa services. So, while swimming is the main event at Bondi Icebergs, it also behooves visitors to take advantage of the other unique offerings this beachside pool has to offer, as well.

Swimming In Saltwater

As many people notice, the ocean waves are known to rise up and splash over the side of the pool, thus leading to saltwater rather than freshwater. This is also what gives the pool such a unique hue - a color that's somewhere between aqua blue and turquoise. This fine line between pool wall and oceanfront is what makes the experience so naturally thrilling, and is why Bondi Icebergs has become known as one of the most recognizable pools in the world.

Swimming At Bondi Icebergs: Fees & Hours Of Operation

The Bondi Beach Pool is open all year-round, and the hours are as following:

  • Mon + Tue + Wed + Fri, 6AM – 6:30PM
  • Thursday - pool closed for cleaning.
  • Sat & Sun, 6.30AM – 6:30PM * On Thursdays, if tides and weather permit, staff will endeavor to have the pool opened post-cleaning. Please check our webcams above to see if the pool is open.

Entry fees for the pool are as follows:

  • Adult: $9
  • Child (12 years & under): $6
  • Senior Cardholders: $6
  • Family (2 Adults & up to 3 Children): $25
  • Locker Hire: $3
  • Towel Hire: $4
  • Learn to Swim Spectator: $5

Swim passes are also available:

  • ADULT 25 Visit Swim Pass: $170
  • CHILD/SENIOR 25 Visit Swim Pass: $115

Swimmers should be prepared for chilly pool temps during the winter, as the pool is not heated.

This pricing also includes access to hot showers, the sauna, and the change room facilities.

Swimming at Bondi Icebergs is a unique experience for anyone to have in Sydney, especially if visiting Bondi Beach is on one's bucket list. While the swimming experience alone is magical, it's also the views that captivate the hearts of visitors and have made this pool one of the most wish-listed waterfronts for those wishing to visit the land down under.