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Traveling to the Bahamas in the Cays is a sought-after vacation by many. The incredible white sand beaches and fine weather makes these locations hard not to dream about. There are so many individual Cays to choose from and different destinations to explore.

Travelers to the Bahamas may be well versed in the different Cays and what they have to offer. There is one Cay that is separate from the rest, being privately owned and maintained, Ocean Cay is only accessible via a cruise that primarily departs from Miami.


Ocean Cay is privately owned and operated by MSC Marine Reserve. For those looking to take advantage of the MSC Cruises here is what they can expect from a trip to Ocean Cay.

Set Sail For Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve & Explore The Island

Part private island and part marine reserve, Ocean Cay can only be reached by cruise ship. The Island is handled by MSC Marine Reserve. They handle both the cruises and the preservation of this beautiful island. Ocean Cay is an island in the Bahamas located in the Bimini district. It is about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Bimini proper. Ocean Cay is actually an artificial island that was built by dredging in the late 1960s. Since then the Cay has developed as a nature reserve and as a go-to tourist destination. For those looking to reach Ocean Cay, they can sign up for a cruise. They all depart from Miami, with one also having a New York option.

Light House

For those looking to explore the island. When of the more aesthetic location is the lighthouse. It stands at 100 feet and offers endless sea views. For travelers who love sunsets, there are very few locations more perfect and picturesque than here.

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The Beaches

As it was originally created by dredging for white sand, it makes sense that Ocean Cay is loaded with aesthetic white sand beaches. With eight in total, travelers to the island should have no problem locating the perfect spot to enjoy some sun and water.

Beach Cabanas

For travelers who love spending time at the beach but desire a bit of an escape from the sun, they can take advantage of the Beach Cabanas offered on the island. They offer fantastic protection while also being lavish and comfortable.

The Spa at Ocean Cay

Just beyond the rec-center on the southern coast is the Spa at Ocean Cay. The spot offers travelers to the island a chance to distress and enjoy all the accommodations and services offered by the spa to its guests.

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With so much to do on this island is hard to that there are still shopping centers for guests to explore. There are two in total and they all over slightly different wears to visitors. There is the Welcome Pavilion, which has most of the standard helpful and quick touristy items for visitors. There is the Bahamian Village and Marina which offers a coastal shopping experience and even some delicious food options.

Food and Drink At Ocean Cay

Despite being a small island, Ocean Cay still has four dining locations on the island with each fulfilling its own niche. There is Springer’s Bar, which is a great evening destination for adults. Seakers Food Court is an incredibly accessible and open-air dining location. The Smiling Fish Coffee bar is a great place to start a day off, or refuel midway through it. The Light House bar is another open-air dining location with dinner and perhaps drinks served on its beach-side patio.

Springer’s Bar

Travelers to Ocean Cay can get quick and easy access to beverages from Springer’s Bar. Found in a central location along the island’s northern coast. Visitors can easily acquire refreshments and a quick reprieve from the sun.

Seakers Food Court

Located right in the center of the island is Seakers Food Court. This will be the go-to location for travelers to the island, especially for midday breaks from the beach. The dining here is both comfortable and accessible.

The Smiling Fish

Located near the northern coast, not far from Springers Bar, is the Smiling Fish. The Smiling fish serves as the island's café while also offering up both breakfast and lunch alternatives to satisfy travelers on the island.

The Light House Bar

The Light House Bar is found on the South East coast of Ocean Cay and offers a secluded ocean-side dining experience. Fine beverages and drinks are also easily found here. Visitors to the Light House Bar will have a pleasant time enjoying this aesthetic dining experience.