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Unusual and unique accommodations are one of the greatest ways to enjoy one's holiday and to make the memories last a lifetime. Amsterdam is home to Hans Brinker Hotel - the self-described worst hotel in the world. But while exceptionally bad accommodation may be memorable, it is not necessarily the type of memories people are looking to make while on holiday in Amsterdam.

The Faralda Crane Hotel is anything but a mainstream hotel. Choose one of their three suites in a crane and spend the night suspended in a monumental harbor crane over Amsterdam! It really is amazing the number of things that innovative people turn into hotels - for example, go to Stockholm and stay in a vintage Jumbo Jet Hotel.


Faralda - The Luxury Accommodation In A Monumental Harbor Crane

The Faralda Crane Hotel has three luxury suites, and suites cost from €895 ($915) per night. It took ten years to restore the crane and produce the three luxurious 5-star suites found there today. The three suites are the Free Spirit, Secret, and Mystique.

There is an elevator up the suites, and every suite spans two levels. The suites are fully decked out and equipped with all the necessary amenities. The bathrooms have a rain shower and are decorated with antique parts of an ocean cruiser. Additionally, there is a heated outdoor Jacuzzi on the top deck. Enjoy the stunning views of the harbor and beyond.

  • Check-In: After 2.00 pm
  • Check Out: By 11.00 am

While Faralda is listed on other listing websites - like Airbnb - it is better to book direct. It can be cheaper to book direct plus only people who book direct with Faralda enjoy the romantic spa pool on the top deck of the crane free of charge. Other benefits include access to a free minibar and a complimentary breakfast served in their suite.

  • Tip: Book Direct

If one is coming by car, there is parking for around €8 ($9) per day / per car. Alternatively, they can also arrange for an exclusive VIP limousine.

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The Crane Hotel's Mystique Suite

One of the three suites is the Mystique Suite which has a gold and black design. Like the other three luxury suites, it overlooks the IJ lake and the city of Amsterdam. The suite covers 38m2 and is split over two levels. The first floor is a spacious living area with characteristic sliding panels.

  • Size: 38m2
  • Cost: $945 Per Night
  • Bed: King Size Coco-Mat Bed
  • Bath: A Design Villeroy & Boch Bath
  • Breakfast: Included

The sleeping area features a gold ceiling, and all of the suites are air-conditioned. There are also two plasma TV screens (one in the bedroom and one in the living room).

The Crane Hotel's Free Spirit

Another of the suites is the Free Spirit. This suite is also split-level and covers around 36m2, with views out over the IJ lake and Amsterdam. The scheme of the suite with neutral and soft colors, while the bathroom also has parts of an ocean cruiser (it has a Grohe rain shower).

  • Size: 36m2
  • Cost: $945 Per Night
  • Bed: Queen Size Coco-Mat Bed
  • Bath: A Design Villeroy & Boch Bath
  • Breakfast: Included

The Free Spirit is a high-end design suite with impressive 450-long satin Chivasso fabrics. The sleeping area is on the second floor. The rooms are air-conditioned, and both levels have TVs.

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The Crane Hotel's Secret Suite (With A Love Nest)

The third suite is the Secret Suite and is slightly larger than the other two taking up 40m2. The Secret Suite occupies the former machinery room - but how things change! Now the machinery room is a luxury design suite. The living area has a separate romantic love nest divided from the living area by curtains. The old room for the crane driver is a private and secret hangout (it even has silk pillows).

  • Size: 40m2
  • Cost: $995 Per Night
  • Bed: Queen Size Coco-Mat Bed
  • Bath: A Design Villeroy & Boch Bath
  • Breakfast: Included

Like the other two rooms, it is split over two levels and has views of IJ lake and Amsterdam. The bathroom has an original Marrakesh handmade copper bath and a Grohe rain shower.

Next time going to Amsterdam (or anywhere in the world for that matter), take some time to think outside the box and search for unique and memorable accommodation.