There are few hotels that evoke as much visual joy and appreciation as the views that come with the Mohonk Mountain House. Located in the historic Hudson Valley, in New Paltz, specifically, everything about this location encompasses what a mountain retreat really should be. The hotel itself is quite unique, resembling somewhat of a Gothic-style fortress rather than that of a luxe hotel - but it also resembles something else. For many, the hotel is similar to that which is seen in the movie The Shining.


While the hotel that inspired the novel that came before it was actually based on The Stanley in Estes Park, Colorado, some locals still believe that it's the Mohonk Mountain House that served as its true inspiration. This is what it's like to spend a night there, and what guests can expect from this opulent accommodation.

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A History Of The Mohonk Mountain House

Upon first glance of this extravagant hotel, its presence is almost intimidating. Visually, it has the appearance of a Colorado ski chalet, a 19th-century castle, and a Gothic mansion all rolled into one. Its balconies cover the side of the hotel that faces the water, and it's seemingly built straight into a hillside - already blowing the minds of most people who spend the night there on its sheer architectural design, alone. In a word, it can be described like this: stunning.

According to the Mohonk's website, the property was first built in 1869 and remains true to its Victorian roots (hence, its strong Gothic details). The hotel is also surrounded by an astounding 40,000 acres of wilderness which, once again, evokes that classic setting from The Shining. Some say that it resembles the Overlook Hotel in more ways than one, though, and that's not limited to its remote location. The hotel itself was founded by the Smiley Family and remains, to this day, one of the most iconic hotels in the Hudson Valley. It's so iconic, in fact, that according to Daily Mail, Stephen King continues to be a frequent visitor to the hotel.

Spending A Night At The Mohonk

A night at the Mohonk is quite different from any other luxury accommodation simply because of its landscape. Without even taking into account everything that comes with one night at this hotel, guests already have access to breathtaking views across the Hudson with the surrounding mountains to make them feel right at home. Staying at the Mohonk is an experience, and it's so much more than one might typically expect.

Accommodation Options

There are four different options for those booking a stay at the Mohonk. While room rates start around $291/night, guests must call ahead or inquire to book online in order to see full rates for each room. The accommodations options are as follows:

  • Cottages: For those wishing to get up-close and personal with those 40,000 acres of mountain wilderness, there's a total of five cottages to choose from, all of which are set around the property. Perch, White Cedars, Oakwoods, Golf Cottage, and Holly Cottage all offer similar amenities such as air conditioning, bathrooms, kitchens, gas stoves, TVs, and outdoor deck space. Additional amenities do vary from cottage to cottage.
  • Grove Lodge: The Grove Lodge is not available to be booked online; interested guests must call ahead to inquire about this six-room space. The Lodge features a great room, complete with a roaring stone fire and gorgeous views of the Hudson Valley.
  • Rooms: The Mohonk is home to four different room styles that guests can book, including Tower Rooms, Victorian Rooms, Traditional Rooms, and the Rooms in Grove Lodge.
  • Suites: Additionally, guests can opt for a Mohonk suite room. These range in features from VIP luxury to family-style accommodations, with enough room to spread out. Most of these suites also feature balconies and fireplaces, as well as 19th-century decor.

What's Included In A Stay

Guests who stay at the Mohonk are treated to three meals in total: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Afternoon tea is also included and is optional, which is served at 4 PM daily. On weekends, guests have a choice of weekend brunch as well; all menus are inspired by local ingredients and include farm-to-table dishes.

Additionally, Mohonk guests have unlimited access to activities found around the property such as:

  • Archery/Tomahawk throwing
  • Basketball
  • Board games in the Lake Lounge
  • Family Activities & Crafts
  • Fishing on Lake Mohonk
  • Golf with complimentary greens fees
  • Putting Green
  • Tennis
  • Complimentary disc golf course
  • Lawn games such as croquet, bocce, and outdoor shuffleboard
  • Access to a private beach during the summer season

Recreational activities in the surrounding mountains include 85 miles of hiking trails, rock scrambling through the famed Labyrinth, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, row boating, paddle boarding, guided hikes, and guided nature walks. Kid-friendly activities are available as well, including holistic activities for adults such as yoga, meditation, pilates, qigong, swimming at an indoor pool, private training sessions, and Tai Chi. Nightly entertainment is also available for those looking for something to do following dinner.

Around the property, those interested in the hotel's history will be happy to find historic tours of the grounds, as well as the Barn Museum and Victorian gardens. Guests should inquire about guided historic tours, which go into detail about the Mohonk's past.

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