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Located approximately 30 minutes away from the iconic Vegas city, the Hoover Dam is the perfect definition of beauty and beyond. In an area already dominated by multiple tourist destinations, this dam stands out, thanks to its strategic position and unique architecture.

The dam gets its life from the famous Colorado River. It also acts as a link between Arizona and Nevada. From its graciously curved walls to the freely giving reservoirs, the dam is more than beauty and indeed a game-changer.


From the Red Rocks of the Arizona Desert to the Death Valley of Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam is a whole new experience every vacationer needs to try.

Top Reasons To Visit The Hoover Dam In Vegas

The number one reason to visit Hoover Dam is its proximity to Vegas. At only thirty miles away, vacationers have easy access to the dam, meaning there is no excuse for missing out. The short distance also makes it the perfect half-day gateway for a Vegas vacationer.

Exploring Lake Mead is another reason to visit Hoover Dam. Being the country’s largest reservoir, the lake can hold up to 325,000 gallons of water. Who on earth would hate witnessing such a landmark first-hand? The photogenic trait of the area is a crucial factor. As weird as it may seem, the photo traits of the dam can easily influence one’s decision to visit. Taking a picture in a dam bordering two marquee states is an experience no vacationer would want to forego.

The Hoover Dam stands to be counted among the modern-day wonders in the US. Stretching approximately 1244 feet across Black Canyon and 726 feet above the floor, this dam is an engineering masterpiece that needs no introduction.

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The history of Hoover Dam also plays a key part in it being a top tourist destination. What was the logic behind its construction? How has the reservoir affected the normal flow of the Colorado River? Adventurers seeking answers to these questions have no option but to visit the dam to unravel the mystery.

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Tricks To Visit Hoover Dam For Free

Visiting the Hoover Dam shouldn’t always be a daunting task. If anything, the visit can be free depending on some crucial factors. A vacationer’s mastery of the area is part of the tricks to visit the dam for free. Mastering, in this case, means understanding the entry routes that are free, the best times to visit, and who to engage when visiting.

The timing of the visit will influence one’s experience in the dam. During the summer, the area is mostly overcrowded, which sees an increase in tolls thanks to the increasing demand. The morning hours are the best since the charges as less and there may be an escape route from the parking fees.

Visitors don't have to drive around to avoid extra costs. Instead of paying those hourly parking fees, vacationers can instead book a taxi and be driven around as they enjoy that beautiful scenery.

The final trick that will facilitate free access to the dam is recognizing there are free parking slots in the inside sections. Since there are no booking reservations for the few available slots, only the early birds will be lucky enough.

What To Bring To Hoover Dam In Las Vegas

Understanding what to tag along while vacationing is part of the Las Vegas experience. Although it is a dam with large volumes of water, vacationers can’t quench their thirst there. Also, the scorching sun may be unbearable to some visitors. As such, vacationers are advised to carry bottled water to hydrate. If possible, the water needs to be ice-cold, or else it won’t manage to counter the dehydrating effect of the sun.

Vacationing without a camera only leads to disappointments. Vacations are meant to make lasting memories, and Hoover Dam is one of the best places for photography. Although a smartphone is great, a professional camera will be best suited for this task because of excessive sun rays that are likely to distort the photos being taken. Those who can’t afford those professional cameras can as well use their phones to capture those wonderful moments. After all, modern-day phones capture better quality pictures and videos than most cameras.

Bringing sunglasses to Hoover Dam is a no-brainer. Those who have been to the Arizona Desert can bear witness. The rays of the sun are so strong that no one should face them with naked eyes. Also, the sun hits the surface of the reservoir reflecting into the vacationers’ eyes. The only way is to bring a pair of sunglasses to be on the safer side. Those with sensitive skin will also find reprieve in sunscreens allowing them to enjoy the beautiful Hoover scenery without much worry.

With tourist sites on both sides of the Dam, vacationers are treated to epic scenes from either side further showing why Hoover has a legendary status in Vegas.