The past year has been somewhat limiting for travel due to the pandemic and all the lockdowns. Today, even if the restrictions have lowered, we still need to be very careful and prioritize our safety and that of our family.

If you are tired of seeing the same four walls of your home and would like to make memories outside – whether alone, with a special someone, or with your family, and also want a safe experience, a vacation on a private island is worth considering.

Determine the Type of Island Vacation You Want

The first thing you need to do is to determine what type of island vacation you want and whom you will bring along. While most private islands conjure images of beaches and palm trees, these are not the only private islands to vacation on. Of course, you will find islands with sun and sand but you can also find private islands for rent in Michigan and Washington in the U.S., Honduras, and the Philippines, to name just a few.


Private Island Vacation with Family

One of the best gifts you can give to your family is going on a private island vacation and sharing memories, adventures, and activities together. All you need to do is determine which island offers amenities that cater to you and your family’s interests.

You can choose to have resorts that offer full service, or you can go to islands where you can do everything yourself – from cooking your own food, keeping your place clean. Whichever you pick, all of these activities make your stay more memorable.

Celebrate Your Honeymoon on a Private Island

What could be more romantic than having an entire island to yourself and your better half during the first days of your marriage? A vacation like this gives you and your spouse a firsthand experience of the realities of married life and is also a good foundation to start building more memories.

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Go for Solitude

Yes, all of us need a break from our everyday lives, and a good way to do this is to hop on a plane and ride a ferry to a private island of our choosing. Being alone helps us achieve the peace, rest, and relaxation we are all yearning for – an escape from reality and from our busy, ever-moving lives.

Choose your Private Island Destination

The next step is to choose the island for your vacation. There are many private islands around the world, and if you are lucky enough to be living in a country that has one, you can save a lot on transportation costs.

Wherever your preference is, here are some of the best private island destinations that you can go to and relax.

Sweden and Norway

Sweden and Norway are living proof that a country need not be tropical for it to have a private island worth visiting. With over a thousand mini islands that stretch up to the Baltic and the North Sea, be amazed by the view of fishing villages, lakes, and fjords.

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Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives have groups of mini islands called atolls. These have become a staple for regular private island goers due to the breathtaking beaches and see-through waters.

The Philippines

With over 7,000 islands, it is not a surprise to see foreigners frequent the Philippines. Packed with exotic private islands and clear waters, this country is the place to be for deep diving and relaxation – not to mention the yummy and unique food that you can try.


A sure contender to the Great Barrier Reef, Belize’s vacation spots is worth the consideration. Offering the perfect spot for solidarity, their islands are surrounded by miles and miles of unpopulated the Caribbean Sea.

Florida Keys

Just south of the Sunshine State, you can have plenty of options for your private island vacation spot. The Florida Keys consist of islets that give you a Caribbean-like experience. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to reserve some of their totally private spots that are rich with white sand, lagoons, palm trees, and coral gardens.

Set Your Vacation Budget

Perhaps this is the most important aspect that you need to consider when planning a vacation. Your budget will drive your entire plan and most of the things that complete your private island experience like:

Mode of Transport

Depending on your budget and the location of the island, you can go by either air or sea. If you want faster travel, you can book a plane for your trip or if you want to enjoy not only the destination but the trip as well, you can get a cruise. Of course, it all depends on the location and the means on how to get to the private island of your choice.

Length of Stay and Accommodation

You can also determine the length of stay, the location where you want to stay and incorporate it into your budget. Thanks to the rise of online booking sites, it will now be very convenient for you to determine the rates of accommodation as well as plan the meals you will get during the course of your vacation.

Items to Buy and Bring

If this is your first time going on a private island vacation, and depending on the location you choose, chances are you will need some items that you do not already have. With a little research, you can prepare a list of things that you’ll need for your vacation to ensure that you will have a memorable experience. This includes gadgets (for different AC/DC outlets), safety gear, medicines, pocket money for side trips, and payment for activities on the island.

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