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Having a summer vacation on a private island looks like a script from a Disneyland blockbuster. Islands have a certain out-the-world attraction and allure of being all alone—or with a loved one—in a romantic far-away place, surrounded by stunning views of white sand and heart-sinking waves. Of course under a beautiful, azure sky.

Here’s the truth. One doesn’t need to read about these experiences in a romance novel—or take a 24-hour flight for one of nature’s most poetic charms, even if they may look affordable. Down here in the Sunshine State, there are a number of islands that offer just that look (and feel) of a rustic wonderland. And for one who’s thinking about whether it’s possible to rent a private island in Florida, the answer is “yes.” Here’s what to know.


Where To Get Private Islands Rentals In Florida

There are several private islands off the coast of the Sunshine State. One of these is Jewfish Key which sits on 38 acres in the Gulf of Mexico. The rental property consists of four bedrooms and an equal number of bathrooms. All the well-furnished bedrooms have an ocean-view setting where one can enjoy taking in the spectacular vistas of heaving ocean waves and incredible sunsets. The beachfront, lined with slender palm trees and a number of tree-shaded hammocks—extends to about 300 feet of sparkling sand. And like a true island, Jewfish can only be accessed by boat. If not hearing the sound of rolling waves crashing onto each other, it’ll be the squawking of the great blue herons or the low-pitched grunting of the cormorants—that’ll be the only sound on the otherwise quiet island. The average cost of renting the Jewfish Island is $1,278 per night. One other thing to know about Jewfish Key Island is that it can sleep up to ten people.

  • Location Of Jewfish Key Island: Jewfish Key Island is 2.7 miles from Longboat Key in the Gulf of Mexico.

There’s also the East Sister Rock Island off the coast of Marathon City in the Florida Keys. East Sister Rock is one of a string of islands in that famous archipelago situated off the southern coast of the Sunshine State. Just about three minutes is all it takes from the mainland dock to East Sister Rock by boat. A person coming from Miami will need to budget around two hours on the road for a distance of 106 miles on US-1 S. The average cost of East Sister Rock Island is $1,929 per night. The island is situated in an area surrounded by attractive coral reefs which usually make snorkeling and scuba diving more enjoyable. Other fun activities that one can take pleasure in include fishing, playing pool, darts—or just hammocking on the beach and taking in the incredible views around. The vacation rental property on this island can sleep up to six people—though eight will still be comfortable as there are four luxury beds in the property’s three bedrooms. And for a change, the bustling mainland is just a stone's throw away.

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Other Private Islands In Florida

Other private islands in Florida include Crescent Island, Coupon Key, and Seabird Key. Crescent Island is north of Sanibel Island on the western coast of Florida. This beautiful property which sits on a 4-acre island, about 1,000 feet from St. James Town, has been featured on many vacation platforms including HGTV’s Island Hunters. A vacation package at Crescent Island includes a 23-feet deck boat which will be for the exclusive use of the vacationer for the duration of his or her stay—and at no extra cost. Staying at Crescent Island costs an average of $1,350 per night.

Coupon Key Island on the other hand is in the picturesque Florida Keys region at MM27.5, 1.6 kilometers off the shore of Ramrod Key. It can take in a maximum of eight souls. Finally, Seabird Keys, located about half a mile from the shores of the town of Marathon, is another stunning private island that one may want to consider. From the start of November to the end of July (excluding the week of Christmas which is usually more expensive), the island can be rented for $1,750 per night. However, between August to October, this rate drops by $200. And aside from a service dog, pets aren’t allowed in this otherwise gorgeous island rental facility.

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A Few Things To Consider Before Renting A Private Island In Florida

Before renting a dream island property, some private island vacation guide will be necessary. For those keen on costs, it’s important to note that smaller islands are always cheaper than larger ones. Also, aside from looking up private islands on the Atlantic or Pacific, a cool option is to check out private islands on lakes or rivers. For prices, the quoted figures can always be slightly negotiated downwards. Additionally, going as a group will reduce both the island rental cost and the flight charges. And for those who want to own an island vacation property to get lifetime access, Hog Island on St. Johns River currently goes for $7.45 million. When all’s said and done, renting an island is the Holy Grail of a vacation. It should be on the bucket list of every traveler.