Ever thought of exploring deep beneath the waves? While going scuba diving is common, getting down deep in a submersible is another matter entirely. Ocean Gate Expeditions is a tour company that enables people to propose their own expedition. Ocean Gate Expedition doesn't offer set-piece tours but instead, each is tailored and customized to their particular guests. They offer unique experiences where guests propose a dive and the dives are unique and tailored to individual people.


It is difficult to find adventures to go on that few people have ever experienced but this is certainly an experience only a few have ever enjoyed. On OceanGreat Expedition's tours, one can see historic shipwrecks, document rare sea life, and visit deep ocean sites.

OceanGreat Expeditions And Deep Sea Diving

The company is organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. It is a company of undersea explorers, scientists, and filmmakers dedicated to manned exploration of the mysterious world deep under the waves - most of which has never been explored. Their expeditions can go down to depths approaching 4,000 meters or 13,000 feet.

  • WW2 German U-Boat: Operational Depth of 160 to 200 And Crush Depth of 360 to 400 Feet
  • 95%: Of The Seafloor Has Rarely Been Visited (Including Iconic Shipwrecks, Hydrothermal Vents, Extreme Biological Events, and Deep-Sea Canyons
  • Mariana Trench: Deepest Location On Earth With Known Depths of 10,984 Meters (36,037 Feet) - Could Be 11,034 Meters (36,201 Feet)
  • Mt. Everest: If Mount Everest Were Placed Here It Would Still Be Over 2 Kilometers or 1.2 Miles Beneath The Waves
  • Cuvier's Beaked Whales: Deepest Diving Whales Reaching 3,000 Meters or 9,817 Feet
  • Challenger Deep: Deepest Manned Dive At 10,909 Meters

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What To Expect On A OceanGate Expedition Tour

Booking a tour with them is easy (for the well off), just let them know where one's yacht will be moored or docked and the dates and they will do the rest. Share with them one's areas of interest and they will work to put together a custom expedition around one's interests. Alternatively, one can join an already planned expedition.

One can dive with them to see the broken wreck of the RMS Titanic where she rests on the ocean floor that fatal night after breaking two and sinking to the depths. Their 2022 bookings for expeditions down to the Titanic are now open.

Another upcoming expedition that is open for applications is their Hudson Canyon Deep-Sea Discovery Expedition. It is set for the spring of 2022. Only a handful of people have ever explored the Husdon Canyon and they are planned to dive a mile deep to directly "observe one of the world's most biodiverse subsea hotspots where you may discover new life forms, search for long-lost shipwrecks, or observe the behavior of deep-diving whales and sharks."

  • Normal Duration: 3 to 5 Hours (Up To 8 Hours Are Available)
  • Number of People: 3 Visitors (Seating For 5 In Total)

Any of one's friends or family who are not diving are welcome aboard their support vessels where they can monitor or participate in the dive communications. On the submarine are experts who provide interpretation throughout the dive as well as during the postdive brief.

Note: Diving May Be Limited By Variable Weather Conditions

  • Cost: Costs Vary Massively By Location, Date, And Duration

Quote: To Know How Much A Dive Will Cost, One Needs To Get A Specific Quote

During the dive, guests can take the controls and drive the sub under the coaching and auspices of the pilot. Depending on the type of tour, one can conduct sonar and laser scans of sunken wrecks and other submerged artifacts.

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Ocean Gate Expeditions' Submarines

They have two submarines and they are submarines are the "world’s most state-of-the-art 5-person subs." Their subs are for 3 guests and most of the tours are 3-5 hours although there are also options for up to 8-hour dives.

Titan: The Titan is the world's only 5-crewmembers submersible that has surveyed the RMS Titanic at a crushing depth of 3,800 meters (or 12,500 feet). It has been engineered by OceanGate Inc. and made its debut in 2018. The Titan is lighter and more cost-efficient than any other deep-diving submersible. The Titan is their deep-diving flagship.

  • Dive Depth: It Has Dove 3,800 Meters or 12,500 Feet

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Cyclops1: Their other sub is the Cyclops1 and is also a five-person submersible. This boat is used for the more shallow dives and is unable to plunge into the crushing depths of the Titan. It is able to dive to depths of up to 500 meters or 1,640 feet. Cyclops1 has successfully carried out dozens of research projects, training dives, and expeditions. It was also a fully functional prototype while the Titan was in development.

  • Dive Depth: 500 Meters or 1,640 Feet

Did you know that the world's most expensive hotel is a submarine? If one wants a submarine to double up as a luxury hotel - no problem and it only starts from $240,000 per night!

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