The Old Dominion, as Virginia, is called, or the “Mother of Presidents,” has several breathtaking attractions and stunning natural wonders—on both land and sea—that would make most of our states go green with envy. It’s as if nature itself is biased towards the home state of many of our founders. For even if Virginia’s lofty mountains, such as the Blue Ridge or the Appalachian Mountains—will not literally hold one in a trance, only those who are aesthetically benumbed—will fail to be impressed by Virginia’s gorgeous seascape.


But for those who want a cool, inspiring adventure in Virginia, which is also off-the-beaten-track, Point of View Alpacas has this strikingly peaceful look that’s so natural to fall in love with.

Here’s Why You Should Visit Point of View Alpacas

Point of View Alpacas is a beautiful farm dedicated to the rearing of alpacas in a surrounding that’s richly punctuated with sweeping views of lofty mountain peaks and rich, verdant valleys. It’s a typical Virginia landscape that’s perfect for a brief getaway. It’s just what one will need for repose and to unplug from the noisy humdrum of life.

The idyllic background and the unique animals on the show—are the farm’s principal attractions. Although alpacas somehow resemble sheep, the similarity is not obvious. It almost looks contrived. According to Livescience, alpacas are related to llamas. These sweet, adorable creatures are so soft and gentle that there’s no recorded incidence of a wild breed. Their fluffy wool, softer than sheep’s wool, is a prized product in the wool industry. Well, it turns out they are also more durable.

This beautiful farm sits on a rolling 25 acres that are all green from end to end and from one pointed blade to another. The look, the feel, and the very air—all seem invitingly cool, peaceful, and serene. Even if someone came perplexed, one sweeping look—and calm immediately seeps into every nerve and fiber. It’s as if Paul Simon had this place in mind in 1969 when composing what would become a timeless award-winning masterpiece: Bridge Over Trouble Waters. The owners of this gorgeous farm, Teri and Dave Grembi—are even more welcoming. It’s obvious, from observing how gently they treat the animals, that their lives are woven together like a delicate fabric. Alpacas come in two breeds: the Huacaya and the Suri. Of these, the dotting owners of Point of View Alpacas—keep the Huacaya breed—the largest breed whose wool looks and feels like a teddy bear.

Where Is Point of View Alpacas Located? Point of View Alpacas is located in Shenandoah Valley on 777 Lebanon Church Rd in Mount Sidney.

What Is The Nearest Airport To Point Of View Alpacas? The closest airport to this property is the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport.

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Here’s What To Expect On A Visit To Point Of View Alpacas

Stunning mountain views from all angles provide the setting of the Point of View farm. Both the Alleghany Mountains and the Blue Ridge—rise prominently in view. They seem to call out visitors to their quiet, secluded repose to give them the gift of unfazed composure. They look gloomy in the distance, yet happy and lively at the same time. A visit to the point of View Alpacas will undoubtedly be the first experience. The owners will be on hand to usher visitors and put them at ease. Then after the introductions and some good-natured pleasantries, it’ll be time now for unplugging and breathing in the fresh air that has been washed clean by the picturesque flora.

Meanwhile, the next offering awaits. But before this, Dave, the owner of the firm, sometimes with Terry, will give a crash course in a pep-talk style on important safety measures and precautions. This will also include alpaca handling techniques. Finally, the owners of the farm will choose the particular animal that will be the visitor’s partner—in readiness for the walk. All these take place at the barn. After this, it will be the chance to get up, close, and candid—with the docile, woolly animals that are a trademark of this beautiful farm. Fortunately, alpacas are naturally curious. If they had the gift of speech, they would be fascinating interlocutors. The delightful group walk that follows starts from the barn to the upper pasture. It’s meant to prep one for the ultimate experience.

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The views around will see cameras emerging from willing pockets—to record this moving wonder. Friends on Instagram should be provoked into kind-hearted jealousy. The main walk, for those who’ve passed the test of ability, then embark on a suitable trail at Point of View Alpaca farm. Over yonder, lavender fields, adorning their distinctive purple look, seem to add to the adventurous thrill. Even the hills and the shady woods join in. It’s a descent when going for a walk. So returning will be a tad more taxing. All in all, the experience is worth it. And here’s the ultimate sweetener: No payment is requested or required until after the walk.