The Antelope Canyon is the most photographed slot canyon globally, and most of its pics are pre-loaded screensavers on billions of computers worldwide. Moreover, the Canyon’s photos are pervasively found on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others. The Antelope Canyon is divided into two sections, an upper one and a lower one, and both are of the most photogenic slot canyons globally. People visiting both canyons, which are 7.5 miles apart, can enjoy many outdoor activities and fun things to do.


Even though the pictures of the Antelope Canyon are found everywhere, one will not believe that such a magical place really exists without visiting it in person. Both upper canyons are marvelous. However, hiking the lower antelope canyon is another tale of magic.

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What To Know Before Visiting The Antelope Canyon

Both the lower and upper antelope canyons are crowded since they were very commercialized during recent years. This is why booking reservations to the canyons beforehand, sometimes more than 6 months in advance, is recommended to ensure that one will have access to the natural formations.

Those who don’t like the crowds are advised to visit the Canyons during the off-season. They are mostly crowded during summer around mid-day where people will have to stand in line to enter any of the sections of the Antelope Canyon. The latter is located on the Navajo land, and people cannot access nor the Lower Antelope neither the Upper one without being accompanied by a Navajo guide. The tours on the Antelope Canyon start every 30 minutes from March 1st to November 1st.

  • How to get there: To get to the Antelope Canyon, people must head east from Glen Canyon Dam and then south on US-89. They will then reach Page, AZ, after 2.7 miles of driving. Next, they should continue straight on US-89 at the roundabout and pass Walmart. The road continues by heading south on US-89 for 0.8 miles and then turning left onto AZ-98. People must next drive east from AZ-98 for 4.8 miles. Next, they should turn left onto Indian Route 222. They should then follow the route North for 0.5 miles and then turn left. This is where the parking of Lower Antelope Canyon is located.

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Why Is It A Dream To Visit The Lower Antelope Canyon?

Although the lower section of the Antelope Canyon is more shallow than its upper rival, its walls are tighter and narrower, making this section much more fun. It is essential to take shots of the sculptured walls above hikers and the colorful canyon walls at the ground level of the Canyon. The lower section of the Antelope canyon boasts much warmer colors and softer rock shapes than the upper one. What is sure is that the Lower Antelope Canyon is a breathtaking destination where people will feel in a dream when beholding the beauty of the glowing red walls and the beams of light shining through the dusty air.

Additionally, the Lower Antelope Canyon is more fun to hike because of its ladders that people enjoy climbing, its narrow passageways, and walls that are fun not only for walking but for sliding through. It is also easier to book a reservation to the Lower Antelope Canyon than the Upper one, even in the busiest summer months. This is because tours run every 30 minutes on the section between 8 AM and 4 PM, making it likely to find a spot sometimes during the day. However, although the Lower Antelope Canyon was less crowded than its upper rival before, it is no longer the case today.

This is due to the rise in popularity of the Antelope Canyon, which skyrocketed in recent years.

Why Is A Guide Essential To The Lower Antelope Canyon

One cannot hike the Lower Antelope Canyon all by themselves. This is because the Navajo Parks and Recreation offer protection to the Antelope Canyon. Moreover, only authorized tour companies have the right to guide visitors to the Canyon. The guided tours were launched to ensure the safety of the visitors and also to prevent vandalism. Those rules were established in 1997, requiring everyone visiting the Antelope Canyon to be with an authorized tour company.

The tour to the Lower Antelope Canyon is 400 meters long and in one direction only. The ladders inside the Canyon can reach a length of 7.5 meters. There are two tour operators in the Lower Antelope Canyon. Those are the Dixie Ellis’ Lower Antelope Canyon Tours and Kens Tour Antelope Canyon.

  • Entrance Fee: Once reaching the Antelope Canyon, there is an arrival fee that everyone aged more than 8 years old must pay. The cost amounts to $8.
  • Cost: A 90-minute tour inside the Lower Antelope Canyon costs around $30 per adult and $20 for children aged over 7. For children aged 7 and under, the tour is offered for free. Some people prefer to take more extended photo tours that will cost them around $50 per person.

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