Greece is a magical country in Europe that welcomes more than 31 million visitors every year who come to witness the marvelous islands and historical and cultural sides of the country. Moreover, Greece is considered among the more affordable areas in Europe. However, certain Greek Islands do not conform to the general pricing in the country, are not really cheap, and stand on the expensive side of things. Some of those islands include Santorini and Mykonos.


However, due to high commercialization, picture-perfect views, and Instagrammable streets, those islands have become super popular, and millions of people visit them annually despite their skyrocketing prices. Still, if one follows a sound travel plan, they can have the chance to go island hopping through Greece without emptying their pockets.

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How To Go Island Hopping Through Greece On A Budget

With thousands of islands in the country and many ports and airports, people get lost when deciding where to go when visiting Greece. The first step to hopping through the islands in the country on a budget is to skip the capital, Athens. This will lead to saving some money and a lot of time. The large Greek islands have airports, so it's possible to fly in quickly to them. Those are Paros, Mykonos, Santorini, Milos, and some others. To maximize the benefits of the budget, it is better to plan the trip to the Greek islands based on flight ticket prices during the journey.

Thus, it would be wise to book the lowest-priced tickets for visiting the first and last islands. Moving from one island to the other can be done by taking the Greek ferries during the trip. This is the cheapest method and costs around €7 only. The price may vary depending on the ferry's facilities, style, and time needed for the ride. The time of the journey will be longer for lower-priced ferries. Other options to hop from one Greek island to the other, including taking a bus or taxi. However, this will double the price at the very least. Seajets operates ferries in Santorini and Mykonos. Other ferry operators in Greece include Blue Star, Hellenic Seaways, and Minoan Lines.

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How To Budget For A Greek Island Hopping Trip

Budgeting is essential when intending to travel through several Greek islands. For instance, one would have to plan the costs of ferries, drink, food, accommodation, and other additional activities. It would be wise to pack as light as possible to avoid paying high charges for extra luggage when taking a ferry cruise. The latter will cost between €7 and €100 for a round-trip. The price includes one piece of luggage and an assigned seat on the ferry boat. It's also better to bring their own food and drink with them when taking a ferry ride because purchasing food aboard the cruise can cost a lot most of the time. As for accommodation, it is better to rent an Airbnb property or room. Those are more budget-friendly than hotels on Greek islands.

Moreover, accommodation prices tend to drop up to 50% when the summer season ends. Those insisting on booking a hotel should do so as far ahead as possible to lock in the best available prices. However, one must pay attention to the hotel's location because the cheapest ones are very far away from the center of the island and its main attractions. While food and drink are mostly priced the same in the Greek islands, those are much higher on Santorini and Mykonos. While seafood is not very cheap on the islands, it is worth trying squid and whitefish. Those are the more affordable seafood dishes.

  • Cost: If one orders only soft drinks, they must expect to pay between €30 and €50 per day on food and drink when spending a vacation on a Greek island.

Additional Tips To Enjoy Hopping Through Greek Islands At The Best Prices

While there are many things to do on the Greek islands, most activities are free of charge. Almost all of the islands boast stunning beaches with crystal clear waters and unique rock formations nearby. Moreover, most of the islands have hiking trails that visitors can enjoy. The simplest and most beautiful thing to do when on a Greek island is to wander its charming streets globally known for their beautiful white walls and pink flowers.

To avoid paying high prices for activities and when traveling to a Greek island, it is better to visit during the off-season. That is between October and May because the prices skyrocket during the summer months. However, one must note that ferries slow down outside the summer season. Moreover, the smaller and lesser-known islands in Greece are as beautiful as the large and popular ones. And they are also much less expensive.

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