Ever wanted to go to the South Pole? Well with enough money it is possible. Finding the South Pole is easy, just go to the North Pole and then go south in a straight line until one arrives there. But joking aside, there are a number of tour companies offering expeditions to the heart of the forbidding frozen continent.

While the North Pole is over the Arctic Ocean (though capped in ice), the South Pole lies at the heart of Antarctica. There are many trips of a lifetime in this world and a trip to the South Pole would certainly rank as one of the most impressive of them. Enjoy the continent few get to step foot on before Antarctica becomes a major tourist destination.


Visiting The South Pole

  • Riddle: All Four Walls Face South, What Color Is The Bear? (Answer At The End)

Situated right on the South Pole is the United States Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station that was established in 1956.

Fun Fact: Compasses Don't Point True North, They Point To The North Magnetic Pole that Is Close But Not Actually At The North Geographic Pole

There are different ways to get to the South Pole. One can fly or go overland and so there are options for the fittest and adventurous travelers as well as those who would like a more comfortable ride there.

  • Animals: There Are No Polar Bears In The South And No Penguins at the South Pole

Much of the south's most spectacular wildlife is actually in the Sub-Antarctic Islands and they can be teeming with life. But if one wants to go to the barren wilderness of inner Antarctica are many expeditions to the South Pole, here are two of them.

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Polar Quest

Polar Quest offers flights to the South Pole, as well as expeditions to various Sub-Antarctic Island. On this expedition to the South Pole, one will take the easy way to 90° South.

When in this frozen wasteland, think how dinosaurs once roamed here and how that Antarctica used to be warm.

  • Accommodation: Comfortable Expedition Tent At Union Glacier Camp
  • Participants: 5 to 20
  • Duration: 6 or 7 Days
  • Price: $51,250


Day 00: Arrival Day, Punta Arenas, Chile

Day 1: Fly To Antarctica

The gateway for this expedition to the Antarctic is Punta Arenas in Chile and so all departures are from there. Flying to the Antarctic is dependent on current weather conditions and is not confirmed until that morning.

The flight to the South Pole is 4.5 hours and the aircraft lands on an ice runway on Union Glacier (Union Glacier is not on the South Pole). From there board one of the special vans and drive the 5 miles or 8 kilometers to the camp.

Day 2-5: Explore Union Glacier

Enjoy a short week in Antarctica. Besides freezing, visitors will be able to explore the Union Glacier and its surroundings. The tour company will be carefully monitoring the weather for the best day to fly to the South Pole. Some of the activities in this expedition include cross-country skiing and fat-tire biking.

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Things to see around Union Glacier are:

  • Elephant's Head: A Dramatic Marble Buttress Overlooking the Blue-Ice Runway
  • Drake Icefall: An Impressive Icefall Tumbling Off The Polar Plateau Into The Union Glacier
  • Charles Peak Windscoop: A Stunning Sparkling Turquoise Corridor - One Can Even Try Ice Climbing
  • The Beach At Rossman Cove: A spectacular Place for Blue-Ice Photography and Panoramic Views
  • Hidden Valley: A Secret Canyon That Opens To A Beautiful Valley Great For Hiking, Climbing, and Backcountry Skiing

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Ice Trek

For those wanting to take the adventure up a notch or two, consider Ice Trek's skiing to the South Pole. This is a unique expedition and it combines skiing the last degree (from 89° south) to the South Pole and then from the South Pole to Hercules Inlet. This is an expedition and adventure worthy of the name and is not just for anyone.

Depending on the capabilities of the team they may even consider using Parawing kites for some of the return sector. This tour is for a month and a half and requires a good deal of physical excursion across the white continent. With this expedition, one will really get to retrace the steps of Amundsen and the ill-fated Scott of the Antarctic over 100 years ago.

  • Cost: $88,500
  • Groups: Limited To 5
  • Distance: 1,300 Kilometers
  • Duration: 47 Nights and Trek days +/- 45
  • Daily Distance: 25+ KM
  • Sled Weight: 85kg

This tour also leaves from Chile and flies to Union Glacier Camp in Antarctica. One will stay at Union Glacier for finalizing preparations and acclimatizing to this new hostile world. This is an expedition across the continent like nothing else!

  • Answer: White (The Only Place On Earth Where It Is Possible For All Four Walls to Face South Is If The Building Is On The North Pole - So Polar Bear)

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