There are a lot of truly amazing places to see in the world, and that is especially the case when it comes to California. According to, there are many reasons why people love this popular state, and one of them is the fact that the place is just so beautiful.

Many of the sights there are really nice to look at. Plus, there is a lot to do. Lots of celebrities love to ride their bikes around Los Angeles, which must be fun. Also, Coachella takes place in Palm Springs, but that is not the only thing that area has to offer.

California has many things for adults to do, but kids love it there as well. Here are some family-friendly things that travelers can do there.

10 Knott's Berry Farm Has Many Rides That Are Kid-Friendly

As great as the rides at Disney are, some of them look like they need to be updated just a bit. So, parents that are planning to go to California with their little ones need to check out Knott’s Berry Farm during their trip. According to, there are rides there that are fit for young children. There are also other cool things as well, such as shows, and areas that have a specific theme.

9 Families Can Enjoy A Short Boat Trip On The Balboa Ferry

Boat trips are fun for anyone who does not easily become seasick. Kids seem to really love things like that, and that is why moms and dads should consider taking their young children on a trip on the Balboa Ferry. This might sound like a really simple idea, but it is actually a lot of fun. According to, there are many ways to get on this ferry. One can walk, or drive onto it.

8 There Are Rides And A Petting Farm At Adventure City

Some places just automatically sound like a lot of fun, and Adventure City is one of those places. This fun spot is located in California, and it is a place kids really love. There are lots of things for people to do there. According to, some of the things kids can do there include riding a carousel, as well as a roller coaster that goes forward and backward. This place is lots of fun.

7 Parents Can Take Their Little Ones To Check Out Scooter's Jungle

Scooter’s Jungle has just about everything a little kid could want when they imagine having a fun place to play. According to, there are a lot of different kid-friendly things for guests to do once they arrive there. Some of the things kids can do when they get to Scooter’s Jungle include going on slides, playing cool games, and enjoying some really tasty food. This is the perfect place for parents to take kids.

6 The New Children's Museum Is A Great Place For Little Ones

One of the things that is most important when it comes to children is stimulating their imagination. But something that is also just as important as that is making sure that they have fun. The New Children’s Museum in California is a place where parents can accomplish both of those things. According to, this is a spot where kids can get to enjoy contemporary art, on top of just having some fun as well.

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5 Kids Can See Animals From All Around The World At San Diego Safari Park

Animals are awesome, and kids really love to learn as much about them as they can. Parents who have children that are really interested in the lives of animals should take them to the San Diego Safari Park. According to, this park is the home to many different types of animals. Some of them are from various parts of the world such as Australia, Asia, Africa, and North and South America, which is awesome.

4 There Are Multiple Spots For Families To Do Some Whale Watching

One thing that kids almost love to do is watch sea creatures go about their normal business in the water. They, along with many adults, are usually fascinated by things like this. If a parent has a child that enjoys this sort of thing, they should definitely consider taking them to go whale watching in California. According to, there are two places where this can be done there. They’re Newport Landing and Dana Point.

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3 Pretend City Children's Museum Is A Cool Place That Allows Kids To Engage In Their Curiosities

Little ones need to learn how the world really works, but they also need to let their imaginations wander a bit. There is a place in California that allows both of those things to happen, and parents should think about going there with their little ones. According to, this place is called Pretend City Children’s Museum. While there, kids can learn about the real world, but they can learn about it in fun ways.

2 Families Can See Cool Science Exhibits At Discovery Science Center

There are places in California that are good for everyone to see, no matter how old they are. It seems that the Discovery Science Center is one of them. According to, this place offers up something that everyone will enjoy. This place allows kids to learn while indulging in their curiosities. Additionally, one of the things that makes this place even better is that admission is actually not as expensive as one would think.

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1 Boomers Irvine Has Lots Of Stuff For The Little Ones To Enjoy

Boomer’s Irvine is basically every child’s dream come true. If parents take them there during a trip to California, it’s likely that they will treasure those memories for years to come. This place as a lot of different things for the little ones to enjoy. Some of the activities that they can take part in there include things like riding roller coasters, playing laser tag, and playing miniature golf, as well as driving bumper carts.

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