Thousands around the world are now out of work due to Thomas Cook going bust, and some other businesses are doing all they can to help.

Sadly, we have become accustomed to long-standing businesses disappearing in the blink of an eye over the past couple of decades. When it happens, it happens fast, and this past weekend, it happened to Thomas Cook. After the British government refused the company financial aid, it officially went bust on Monday, September 23, 2019.


Now that Thomas Cook is no more, it has left roughly 22,000 employees without jobs, according to Indy 100, 9000 of whom live in the UK. While this is obviously terrible news, a silver lining has shown that there is still good in the human race. Businesses across the UK and around the world have been offering up services for free to former employees of the now-defunct Thomas Cook.

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McDonald Automotive, not related in any way to the fast-food chain, tweeted that Thomas Cook employees are entitled to a free MOT any time in the next six months. A cafe in Scotland is offering up free meals to any former employees who come in with a valid Thomas Cook staff ID. Hockey team the Peterborough Phantoms also tweeted that anyone who worked for Thomas Cook can come and attend a game for free.

Others looking to lend a helping hand have focused on helping people get back on their feet as soon as possible. A number of people who write CVs professionally have been offering up their services free of charge. Chances are some of those who have been affected by Thomas Cook going out of business were with the company for a number of years, and that their CVs will now be in serious need of an update.

As we said above, despite the terrible situation that Thomas Cook going out of business unquestionably is, it has demonstrated that the world isn't all bad. Hopefully, plenty of former Thomas Cook employees see the offers from all of the companies trying to help and take advantage of them. Be sure to share the tweets above as much as you can so they're seen by the right people, and you can check out even more of them at Indy 100.

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