When the hunger pangs strike, nobody's getting in between us and a juicy, mouth-watering, probably-overly-greasy plate of love. While some people prefer a fat slice of pizza and others lean more toward some 2-minute noodles, there's simply nothing more satisfying than that first, glorious bite into a freshly-grilled burger.

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No matter where we find ourselves in the world, we don't have to search too far before a burger or two pop up on restaurant menus. While we've come to expect a certain style in the States, across the rest of the globe, things can get really weird, really quickly.


Alright, burger-lovers. Let’s ditch the knife and fork and get stuck into our first juicy mouthful of heaven, kicking things off in the gastronomically-progressive Asian nation of Japan. Give a big, warm welcome to McDonald’s very own Black Burger.

On the inside, there’s nothing too obscure about this one - it boasts a couple of beef patties, topped with a slice of cheese, some fried onions and spicy cheese sauce. Clearly, though, it’s what’s on the outside that makes it unique. The bun is dyed to its jet black color with, of all things, squid ink.


From one odd McDonald’s burger to another, the next stop on our quirky global burger journey is none other than the Philippines. Again, the interior of the burger remains relatively stock-standard, with either a beef patty or a chicken patty served alongside the expected condiments and garnishes.

Where this one starts to turn heads, however, is the bun. The idea of the classic bread bun has been thrown out the window entirely. Instead, these guys created a construction of toasted white rice that, to the unknowning eye, might first appear as a regular bun.


We’ve already established that Japan’s food customs are a little more unique than many diners will be familiar with. However, it still comes as a bit of a surprise to see frog on the menu - a dish that is stereotypically associated with France.

This limited-edition burger makes an appearance every once in a while, popping up in the 80-seat cafe at Japan's Orbi Yokohama Museum - a wildlife theme park in Yokohama. While something like this may come across as wildly peculiar for many Westerners, the Japanese wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

7 Yorkshire Pudding Burger (U.K.)

Okay, burger-lovers. If you’ve still got room in your belly, we're making the long journey all the way over to the U.K., where the 5,000-calorie plate of heart-stopping goodness that is the Yorkshire Pudding Burger awaits.

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This artery-clogging dish takes the appreciated bits of a typical Sunday roast – which over in the U.K. is generally the Yorkshire pudding - and smashes it all together inside a fan-favorite burger. It’s essentially the definition of British comfort food. However, it’s clearly not synonymous with healthy lifestyles.


Hope you booked a return ticket, because we’re heading back to our favorite quirky burger land yet again - Japan! For whatever reason, the locals have an affinity for taking regular foods which still taste the same (or close enough) as the original versions, and then making them all kinds of unicorn-rainbow-colors.

The Red Chicken Burger seen here comes out of the Japanese fast food conglomerate, Burger King. This time, however, it’s not just bun that’s fallen victim - the cheese is combined with a tomato powder to turn it a bright shade of red as well.

5 The Glamburger (U.K.)

Okay, enough with the funky fast food options. Let’s take a bite into something a little fancier, shall we? Over at the Honky Tonk restaurant in west London’s high-class neighborhood of Chelsea, the cunning chefs have created what is, without a doubt, one of the world’s most expensive burgers.

As an amalgamation of global ingredients, including Himalayan salt, Canadian lobster poached in Iranian saffron, Kobe Wagyu beef and 60g of New Zealand venison, the exorbitant price tag of £1,100 (around $1340) starts to make a bit more sense. Still, that’s like 500 Big Macs' worth.

4 The HamDog (Australia)

After a quick stop in the U.K., we’re heading all the way to the land down under, where one genius foodie solved an everlasting dilemma: hot dog or hamburger? The solution - combine them into one! Believe it or not, the dish was actually pitched on the Australian version of Shark Tank, where it received some rather interesting feedback.

The key to its success is the Bunbury beef patty which is cut in half, allowing a Hunsa frankfurter sausage to be seamlessly inserted in the middle - no slipping, no sliding, it just sits in place perfectly.


After checking out a bizarre concoction of cheat foods Down Under, we’re hopping over to Asia for another burger that found itself on an international McDonald’s menu. If you’re ever feeling down on your luck, fear not, because Hong Kong’s Prosperity Burger is coming to the rescue.

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Aside from the name and unproven promise of good luck, there’s not a whole lot out of the ordinary about this dish. It’s a beef patty or hash brown, served on a sesame seed bun, topped with onions and plated up alongside a handful of curly fries.


For the next leg of our burger journey, we're really going XL.  We hate to say it (as it absolutely goes against burger etiquette), but you might need to grab a knife and fork for this one. We’re heading to Norwich, England, which is home to the one and only Over de Flames burger at The Basement. It doesn’t take a wizard to see that this is an absolute feast and half, near impossible for anyone to devour solo.

The mammoth sandwich is topped with three full tomatoes, an entire head of lettuce, two huge onions, and we haven’t even touched on the meat yet.

1 Mashed Potato Beef Burger (China)

To finish things off before we fall into our neverending food coma, we’re making a stop at one of the McDonald’s locations in China. Generally, steak and mashed potatoes are a solid pairing, so why not throw them into a burger together?

It might look rather menacing and sloppy at first glance, but you’ll surely forget about the aesthetics after you dive into your first bite. Aside from the obvious ingredients, bacon is thrown into the mix for a bit of greasy crunch, while the classic ‘toppings’ are, in fact, on the bottom of the burger.

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