Fast food chains might be boring and predictable (if admittedly cheap and delicious) at home, but when you visit another country, you may find something totally different! Burger King has restaurants in nearly a hundred countries around the world, and while many of them have the usual options of Whoppers and other BK favorites, others add a little local flair to the menu with something totally new.

In Japan, these options include everything from that infamous black burger to beer on tap (yup, a burger and a beer is a possible option in Burger King Japan), as well as a few treats no longer available in the US, and at least one that might make its way over here.

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10 10. Tartar Chicken Sandwich

Starting off with a simple one - but something that will appeal to anyone who has a thing for tartar sauce. The Tartar Chicken Sandwich is essentially a classic Burger King chicken sandwich, but smothered with tartar sauce. Definitely more interesting than just plain mayo! Of course, if this sounds particularly delicious, you are in luck. Burger King in the US puts Tartar Sauce on their fish burgers, so with a bit of custom ordering, you could get something almost exactly the same.

9 9. Cheesy Bites

French Fries, move over! Cheesy Bites are a BK Japan side dish that should probably be all over the world. These tiny fried balls are crispy and potatoe-y on the outside, and the inside is all gooey melted cheese. If hash browns and cheese had a tiny round love child, this would be it. Good news, though; Burger King over here does now have cheesy tater tots, which is a pretty close cousin to these Japan-only snacks.

8 8. Teriyaki Burger

Teriyaki is a flavor that everyone associates with Japanese food, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that Burger King has a Teriyaki burger. There's nothing too crazy about this one, either - it's simply a teriyaki beef patty, with lettuce, onion, and tomato. Of course, with a flavor as rich and delicious as this, there's really no need to add a whole bunch of other extras on top.

7 7. Hot Dog

Unlike the Teriyaki burger, the Hot Dog isn't something that feels particularly Japanese - in fact, it may seem more American than anything! However, Burger King discontinued these delicious treats in the US, so anyone who really, really misses a BK hot dog might want to book a flight to Japan... The Burger King Hot Dogs are simple and delicious, just a classic dog with ketchup, mustard, and relish.

6 6. Melon Soda Float

The only dessert-style item on this list, the melon soda float is exactly what it sounds like. It's a melon soda topped with vanilla soft serve, and it's something in between a drink and a dessert option.

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The really unique part is the melon soda, which isn't a flavor that you'll find in many places in the US! Of course, Japanese Burger Kings can make floats with pretty much any soda, but it's the melon one that is truly unique to Japan.

5 5. Hash Brown Whopper

Given how much we love potatoes, it's a little surprising that this incredible twist on the Whopper hasn't made it to the US quite yet. The Hash Brown Whopper is another Japanese offering with a straight-to-the-point name - and you guessed it, it's a BK Whopper with a hash brown in the middle. This is definitely a burger for anyone who has opened up their burger bun and layered a few French Fries in there... and of course, it's another one that might not be on the menu here, but would be pretty easy to recreate. Just order a Whopper and a Hash Brown and make your own!

4 4. Avocado Whopper

This one was a limited time offering, but it deserves a mention for being yet another Japan exclusive that should really appear in US stores. And, like most of the other burgers, the name says it all! The Avocado Whopper was actually one of three burgers rolled out at the same time with avocado in the bun. The Fresh Avocado Burger was a simple combo of burger, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, and avo. The Avocado Whopper (and Avocado Whopper Jr) are simply the classic BK burgers, but with avocado as an added, delicious, extra.

3 3. 5 Patty/7 Patty Whopper

These burgers are also not available all the time, but were impressive special editions that we may not want to actually eat, but we certainly want to mention. First up, the 5 Patty burger, for BK Japan's fifth anniversary. What better way to celebrate than by offering a burger with (you guessed it) five patties inside?

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The Whopper 5 (as it was technically named) may have looked impressive, but it would be impossible to eat... much like the Windows 7 Whopper, a totally insane burger if ever there was one. In honor of the release of Windows 7 (yes, this was a while ago!), BK Japan offered no fewer than seven patties in a single bun.

2 2. Garlic Meat Beast

Who wouldn't want to eat something with a name like this? Burger King Japan stepped away from the more literal names with this one, although there is no doubt that it does involve garlic and meat (and is a bit of a beast!). The Garlic Meat Beast is a limited edition burger included a beef patty, pork patty, and chicken filet stacked on top of each other, and then covered in onions, garlic, and teriyaki sauce. Definitely not a burger to order on a first date!

1 1. Koru Burger

Finally, where would we be without that iconic black burger? The Koru burger is dyed black, with a black bun, and even black cheese. For some reason (potentially Instagram-related...) these black burgers have proved so popular the BK Japan has brought out multiple versions over the years, including eggplant, a slice of bacon to look like a tongue, and more. Burger King even brought out an all-red burger, too, just in case the all-black was a little bit too goth for your burger.

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