What’s the most popular food in the world? Here’s a hint: pizza, spaghetti, deep-dish lasagna…. Mmmm. That’s right! It’s delicious Italian food! Who can say no to amazing carb dishes stuffed to the brim with cheese? Most everyone would say the best part of their trip to Italy was the food! Now, this type of delicious Italian food doesn’t have to be a special vacation-only luxury: try cooking classes in Italy and learn to cook like a true Italian pro!


The Best Food In Italy: Where To Take Italian Cooking Classes

Travel on over to the beautiful villa of Tuscany. A land flowing with delicious food and fresh wine from the many vineyards scattered around. Head over to Chinati and check out some amazing classes to learn to cook real Italian food! While you’re there, check out some wineries and learn how to pair the perfect wine with your new dishes! Explore a different kind of vacationing and enrich your experience in Italy. There are hundreds of wineries to choose from. Spend your evenings wine tasting and learning how to make true Italian wine to pair with all your new favorite dishes.

Many classes offered in Tuscany, along with many other cities in Italy, are real hands-on lessons showing traditional cooking in Italian style. They also offer the opportunity to travel around the area and learn a lot of the culture that is connected to the specific dishes that are being taught.

In Italy, it’s very common to not simply have ‘dinner’ but other several course meals including but not limited to appetizers, starters, secondo and finally dessert. Classes generally include a full course meal as one learned meal - only adding to your skillset as a chef. Impress your family and friends at the next dinner party by serving a full four-course meal in true Italian style.

Learn the delicious art of making pasta by the culture that perfected it. Pasta-making classes are designed to teach cooks at all levels the Italian tradition of making fresh pasta from scratch. Understanding the perfect mixture of ingredients to make all types of pasta for any dish. Learn the real difference between pici and penne as well as the secret to pairing pasta textures, filling, and sauces. Learn to make marinara and pesto sauces from scratch, and never waste money on bottled sauces again.

Learn how to make such popular dishes as:

  1. Risotto
  2. Of course, traditional pizza
  3. Gnocchi
  4. Pesto alla Genovese
  5. Lasagna
  6. Prosciutto di Parma (Parma Ham)
  7. Rubellite
  8. Focaccia

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Find the Right Class

There are many different packages offered all over Italy. There are classes from three days to a full month to really learn and understand Italian cooking. There are many opportunities to pick the location, time frame, and dishes you’ll learn to get the most out of your experience when traveling to Italy.

Check one of the top-rated cooking classes in all of Italy:

  1. Taormina Cooking Class, Sicily
  2. Florence Cooking Class – Tuscany
  3. Pisa Cooking Class – Tuscany
  4. Florence Cooking Class – Tuscany
  5. Rome Cooking Class, Lazio
  6. Pizza-Making at Origano in Rome
  7. Forlimpopoli Cooking Class, Emilia Romagna
  8. Naples Cooking Class, Campania
  9. Milan Cooking Class, Lombardy
  10. San Gemini Cooking Class – Umbria

After classes, don’t forget to spend time exploring the areas in Italy and finding different restaurants to try, new desserts you’ve never heard of, and learning the different tastes. Opening your pallet and trying new foods can only help make you a better cook. Try to taste each of the different flavors and bring something extra to your cooking experiences!

Food and meals always bring people together. It’s much more fun to cook when you’re surrounded by loved ones who are helping you out. It’s a beautiful bonding experience. Cooking vacations can cost anywhere from $1200 - $8000, so grab your family, friends, and siblings to come join you in learning! Make it a wonderful vacationing adventure, learning together and eating your way through Italy. Take a large group of your favorite people and plan the perfect vacation in Italy cooking and wine tasting and truly treasure the memories and recipes that you’ll take home and keep forever.

The top reasons to take a cooking vacation in Italy:

  • Fun and relaxing atmosphere on your cooking vacation
  • Professional hands-on cooking classes in Italy in small groups
  • Organic ingredients used during your cooking vacation in Italy
  • Environmentally friendly villas in Italy
  • Plenty of time to explore Tuscany
  • Full-day culinary Excursion on your vacation
  • English speaking Native chefs from Italy
  • No commuting between the accommodation and your cooking vacations in Italy

Whether you’re planning a family reunion, traveling with a large group of friends, or traveling with little ones, you will still have the time of your life enjoying the luxuries of your cooking villa, the sightseeing, and sun-soaking adventures in the city as well as the unique sights and sounds of Italy.

Buon Appetito!

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