Tourists visiting Buffalo, New York, the hometown of the now world-renowned snack of buffalo chicken wings, will inevitably be on the hunt for the city’s best wings. Originating in the 1960s, the owner of the Anchor Bar (now a chain of restaurants found throughout Buffalo, Canada, and Texas) is credited with creating the snack by deep frying chicken wings, and covering them in a classic Frank’s Red-Hot sauce combined with butter. The rest, as they say, is history. While you may want to visit Anchor Bar for the nostalgic factor, there are a few other spots that have mastered the snack with their unique twists that are a must see and eat.


La Nova Pizza

Some food pairings are inseparable- macaroni and cheese, steak and mashed potatoes, and of course chicken wings and pizza. In Buffalo, almost all of the great wings can be found in local pizzerias and bars. One of the local favorites for both pizza and wings is La Nova Pizza. With a huge selection of sauces to try, the frequent winner of Buffalo’s Best Wings award, offers mild, medium, hot and inferno levels of spice, along with over 20 unique flavors to choose from. Locals tend to stick to the classic spicy sauce, but for the more adventurous, the Kickin Bourbon Molasses sauce provides a tangy and unique twist on the chicken wing. Another plus- their blue cheese dressing is made from scratch and is delicious- one of the few pizzerias to do so!

Doc Sullivan’s

With so many options to choose from within the city, certain neighborhoods have created their own twist on chicken wings in attempts to provide something different than the usual (yet amazing) saucy experience. In South Buffalo, a few bars are known for their ‘Smitty’ style of wings. Smitty style is essentially a dry spiced wing, with minimal sauce. At Doc Sullivan’s the wings come in various spice levels (hot, medium and mild), and BBQ sauce or Southie Gold BBQ sauce can be added. The menu is simple, no fancy flavors or crazy sauces offered here- just classic dry-rubbed wings loaded with flavor and spices. The pub offers all of the traditional bar fare, and is also known for their stand-out burgers and elaborate fries.

You really cannot go wrong by walking into any bar or pizzeria in Buffalo and trying their chicken wings. The city has perfected the deep-fried snack, that aptly has its name. If you are looking for the usual tourist spots for wings, be sure to stop by Duff’s Famous Wings, which is a massive tourist spot for the best wings in town. If you want a more authentic experience- ask any local for their favorite spot. Almost every neighborhood will have a standout bar and grill for you to try!