As the overused "Paris of South America" cliche goes, Buenos Aires is far more than that. Buenos Aires is home for its lively cafés, unique architectural designs, and vast tree-lined boulevards leading to blooming urban parks all across the city. Aside from that, the city is also popular for its delicious steaks, wine, and a plethora of attractions to keep its visitors occupied for days on end. So, before going to Buenos Aires, the so-called “Paris of South America”, here are some of the tips that will surely help visitors on where to go and what to do inside the city.

10 The Best Time To Go To The City

All year round, Buenos Aires is a bustling metropolis with a wide variety of activities to choose from. The soccer season lasts from January to May and from August to mid-December, So, if a visitor wants to witness the soccer season of the city, it is better to visit Buenos Aires during these months. However, the Triple Crown in Argentina spans from September to December. Semana Santa, or Holy Week, might be a challenge for travelers to come during these months because Argentina closes down for the duration of the week so that people can travel to see loved ones and attend religious services. Meanwhile, in mid-August, the city hosts an international tango festival, so if visitors want to experience this event, it is good to come to the city during this month.

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9 Witness A Tango Show In Milonga (Or Dance With Them)

There is no better place to learn or see tango than in Buenos Aires, the city where it all began. Milonga is a known place for tango dancers. In fact, every Sunday night, an open-air milonga takes place at San Telmo's Plaza Dorrego where locals and even tourists can dance the tango. Meanwhile, Salón Canning offers classes and performances in addition to typical milongas.

8 Try The City’s Asado

Argentina is a beef-loving country, and enjoying a barbeque, or "Asado", is a significant part of their cultural heritage. The trip is well worth it for the excellent red wine and high-quality meats available in the area. In addition to Don Julio, one of the city's greatest steakhouses, visitors can also visit Cabana Las Lilas, a popular tourist destination that is always packed with people.

7 Have A Tour Of The President’s Pink House

Casa Rosada, the most recognizable structure in Plaza de Mayo, is also known as the "Pink House," is the official residence of the President of Argentina and is known as the Casa de Gobierno or the government house. When it comes to taking a picture, this Italianate-style mansion takes center stage on the eastern end of the historic plaza. The Casa Rosada Museum is located in this massive structure, which also houses the offices of the President and other government officials. When Spain dominated much of the continent as a colony in the 1950s, the museum had a remarkable collection of exhibits and relics.

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6 Have A Cup Of Coffee In Café Tortoni — One Of The Oldest Cafes In The City

Café Tortoni, which was established in 1858, is still a fantastic place to get a bite to eat despite the influx of tourists. If a tourist is in the area, it is recommended to stop by for a cup of coffee and a local croissant, or a ‘submarino’ which is just warm milk and chocolate for dipping.

5 Try The Famous ‘Empanada’

Empanada is a staple of Argentine cuisine, these small pockets of bliss are available in a variety of shapes and can be found everywhere from the casual street, kiosks, bus stations, bakeries, or even actual sit-down restaurants. The outer part of the dough can be baked or fried, and the filling can include everything from minced beef, shredded chicken, ham and cheese, onions, and mushrooms to a variety of other ingredients. This is a must-try food so tourists should try it before leaving Buenos Aires.

4 Check Out One Of The Tourists Attractions In The City ← La Boca Neighborhood

La Boca is unquestionably Buenos Aires' most vibrant neighborhood, and it is a favorite hangout for artists and creative types. While some residents claim that the neighborhood is a little sketchy at night, this rough barrio is home to two major tourist attractions: the famed colorful Caminito street, which is lined with the work of local artists, and La Bombonera, the stadium of the world-renowned Boca Juniors soccer club.

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3 Try Becoming A Gaucho For A Day

While there are numerous sights in Buenos Aires that should not be missed, a trip to the city would not be complete without a visit to one of the lush ranches in the surrounding countryside. A day trip from Buenos Aires to a ranch or estancia where tourists can get a taste of gaucho life is the most ideal alternative for experiencing gaucho culture. A gaucho is a highly talented horseman who, through the technique of gentle horse whispering, learns to become one with his horse.

2 Go To Palermo To Witness A Polo Match Or Horse Racing

If football isn't the tourist’s thing, don't be discouraged as it isn't the only way to witness Buenos Aires' fervor for sporting competition. Polo is yet another sport that has successfully caught the attention of the entire nation and in Palermo, tourists can learn how to play polo for themselves by enrolling in polo classes with a seasoned professional. On this private half-day tour, they will learn the rules of the game and have the opportunity to participate in two sessions in the Argentine countryside.

1 Explore San Telmo's Old Bookshops

Buenos Aires is a literary sanctuary for those who enjoy reading. It's no surprise that some of Argentina's most well-known writers and poets have made their homes in this charming city over the years. Tucked away on the cobblestone alleyways of San Telmo are numerous book shops, ranging from old to modern, that are brimming with literary treasures to be discovered. So, if a traveler is a book lover, this area is a must-visit to discover new books to read and to cherish the history of the city.

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