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Universal Studios is Orlando’s world-famous thrilling park, with several activities to keep every type of vacationer engaged. Having world-class attractions, visitors are bound to have an experience of a lifetime there. Universal Studios boasts two different theme parks, a fantastic shopping megacomplex, and a water park. With all the wonderful things at Universal Studios, tourists may perceive it as an expensive destination. But exploring the resort on a budget is possible. Visiting Universal Studios for the first time? Here is a budget guide to exploring this world-recognized landmark.


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The Best Time To Visit Universal Studios On A Budget

There are many months in a year considered to be cheaper times to visit Universal Studios. The off-season is one of the cheapest times to visit this adorable destination. Ticket prices fall during the low tourist season, meaning they will be more expensive during the busier times of the year. Visiting during the off-season will save on transportation, hotel pricing, and time. Another time to plan a visit to Universal Studios is when children go back to school. This is usually in early September, January, and February, during the winter breaks. Generally, in the second week of January, February, September, and Early November, one can visit Orlando on a budget. September is the cheapest month of the year, as the more than 14 days experience lower ticket pricing, which doesn't happen with other months.

Where To Stay When Visiting Universal Studios On A Budget?

Booking a discounted hotel around is one of the best ways to have a first-budget trip to Universal Studios. The good news is that there are numerous budget hotels, both on-site and off-site. So travelers can save some dollars on lodging. It is important to check with hotels in the Universal Orlando Resort, which offer different levels of accommodations to choose from. Because Orlando is a famous tourist destination, finding where to stay around the city won't be a problem, as there are more than 450 hotels, giving vacationers plenty of budget options to explore.

Another way of finding cheaper accommodation is opting for hotels with suites. How will this save money? First, one can add many people and share the accrued costs, especially if it's a family suite. Suites are equipped with kitchens, so one can guess how much they'll be saving on food costs. Taking self-prepared meals is way cheaper than going for the foods sold at the very expensive theme parks.

Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Dockside Inn and Suites is best for families traveling on a budget. It comes with two pools, a game room, a splash pad for kids, and a large food court, offering almost all types of food.

  • Cost: From $98 per night

Another place to check is Cabana Bay Beach Resort & Aventura Hotel. This hotel takes travelers back to the ‘50s and ‘60s. Most of the amenities are old school, even the TV commercials playing at the food court.

  • Cost: From $132 per night

Getting Around Cheap At the Universal Studios

Unfortunately, Universal does not offer free transportation for visitors landing at Orlando Airport to any hotel. This leaves guests with rideshare apps, such as Uber and Lyft, shuttles, and renting a car. These are the cost breakdown of getting to Universal:

  • Rideshare app: $30-$70
  • Taxi: $30
  • Shuttle: $23
  • Renting a car: at least $25 a day

Using a shuttle bus is the cheapest way to get around Universal Studios.

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Parking Cheap In Universal Studios

To go on a very first trip to Orlando’s Universal Studios on a budget, visitors should know when parking is most affordable. The standard parking price at the park is $26, which is very expensive, especially when staying there for some days. If planning to visit Universal Orlando for half a day, then go after 6:00 pm because parking is free at that time. Because this is not always manageable, vacationers should stay at one of the hotels within the resort and enjoy free rides to and from the parks.

Exploring The Harry Potter On A Budget

There are no extra charges to get lost in the fascinating Wizarding World of Harry Potter, as the price is included in the parking ticket. However, to explore the two Harry Potter worlds, one must buy a park-to-park ticket or two single-day tickets. These tips will help vacationers explore the Harry Potter World on a budget.

  • Avoid buying the expensive Harry Potter robes at Universal. While the studios offer more authentic robes, they are quite pricey. Instead, visitors should make their own robes or get some from the sellers at cheaper costs.
  • Explore the park in January. Tickets are cheaper in January than in other months. Crowds are fewer, and the Wizarding World still features a wintry vibe. January is preferred over all the other months.
  • Rather than buying the two single-day park tickets, purchase a park-to-park ticket. This will cost less and allow visitors to have the full experience of Harry Potter.

Ready to have the first trip to Orlando’s Universal Studios? A wonderful vacation experience awaits.