The ideal classic tag to put on gorgeous Bruges is small but beautifully made. Bruges has everything from beautiful buildings to world-class beer, and decadent chocolate abounds in Belgium. According to the locals, Brugge is a true fairytale paradise that will have visitors gushing in no time. If visitors only have a limited amount of time in Belgium, Bruges should be their first halt. It is among the most unique places to visit in Belgium for anyone intrigued by Belgian history, thanks to its wealth of beautiful ancient buildings and canals.


Tourists who take a stroll through the small streets or take a boat ride on the canals are quickly enchanted by the ambiance of Flanders' most charming city. This gothic gem is impeccably stunning and never ceases to do so, from ascending turrets to packing those extra calories on from one of the city's excellent eateries. So let's compile a Bruges bucket list of things to see.

Look Out For These Attractions

Basilica of the Holy Blood

Tourists cannot visit a historical European city without seeing at least one church. The Basilica of the Holy Blood, which consists of two churches, is well known for a little vial inside that is supposed to contain a cloth stained with the blood of Jesus Christ. It appears to be extremely religious, and Christian tourists will agree. The basilica, though, is worth seeing regardless of beliefs. It is magnificent in its simplicity and contains some superb ornamentation and historical significance. It is divided into two chapels: one on the ground level is simple and unadorned, while the Gothic top-level is vibrant with color and detail.

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Lets Climb The Belfry

The Belfort, a fifteenth-century bell tower, is in the midst of Bruges city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After climbing the 366 steps to the top of the Belfry, this landmark provides amazing sweeping views of the town of Bruges and its surrounds. The historical treasury, the carillon, and 47 stunning bells are currently housed in the tower, initially designed as part of the medieval town halls. The Belfry may not be the most interesting of Bruges' attractions, but it is definitely the most iconic building in the city's history.

Cruise Through The Canals

The best way to explore the gothic town is to take a boat tour of its waterways. Canals wind their course through Bruges' historic district and out into the rest of the city. The rocky skylines reflect in the lake, and beautiful skyscrapers spread off in every direction. During the day and evening, boats embark from jetties all across the city, and the masters are all highly informative, anecdotes, and humorous stories about the city's lifeblood: the water.

Groeninge Museum

Bruges is home to various museums, including the Groeninge Museum, and is among the finest. The Groeninge Museum offers a culturally enriching morning of understanding Flemish and Belgian art history.

The museum is the glory of Flanders, displaying a massive collection of Flemish primitive men by world-famous artists such as Hans Memling and Jan van Eyck. Visitors can gaze at the paintings' impossible-to-believe bright colors, lifelike facial expressions, and frequently spiritually inspired stories.

A City Hall With Impressive Architecture

Bruges City Hall is among the region's earliest city halls, located in the city's main square. It's among the most stunning and nicest attractions to see in Bruges since it shows a huge quantity of amazing gothic architecture going back to the 14th century.

The exquisite Gothic building's exterior features soaring pillars, three of which finish in octagonal turrets, divided by towering Gothic arched windows, displaying the style's strong vertical focus. The 49 niches are filled with statues of Flanders lords from Baldwin Iron Arm onwards. Visitors should not overlook the vast Gothic Chamber on the first level with its stunning timber arches.

The Pretty Belgian Market

Since 985, the Bruges market square has hosted a weekly market. Visit on a Wednesday for the traditional market, or stop by one of the guild homes that have been turned into eateries around the perimeter. The square is transformed into a beautiful wonderland for Christmas fans every winter. It has a Christmas market with an ice rink and hundreds of seasonal stalls from November to January.

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L'Estaminet is a quaint restaurant with a friendly and inviting ambiance that is famous among the locals. The cuisine is worth waiting for, especially the house specialty, oven-baked spaghetti. While pasta may not be Belgium's national dish, this lively bar can compete with any Italian bistro.

Chocolatier Dumon

Perhaps one of Belgium's most popular exports has to be chocolate. Chocolatier Dumon is one chocolatier that travelers should not miss while exploring this city.

Chocolatier Dumon is among Belgium's most popular chocolate brands, yet its little, lovely store just off the Markt is a very realistic building.

Ribs 'n' Beer

Ribs 'n' Beer is a restaurant that specializes in ribs and beer.

Doused in a chocolatey and beer sauce, these are the best ribs visitors would have ever had. One may never want to leave because the restaurant has an "all you can eat" menu and a wide range of beverages.

Although off the main path, this popular location attracts a large number of hungry customers, so tourists will need to make a reservation if they want to try the 'finest ribs in Belgium.'

Bruges is Belgium’s most beautiful city that enchants visitors. Be ready to be captivated!