Temperatures have been sky-rocketing in various places around the world for the past couple of months, perhaps most significantly in the United Kingdom. British people reading this will be all too familiar with a typical UK summer. Normally we get a weekend or two of sunshine and good weather and the rest of it is just like the rest of the year. Not this summer though, and the long-running heat wave rages on.

While UK  residents are not complaining about the hot weather, many services are not well equipped to deal with hot weather for long. Certain places and modes of transportation are not air-conditioned which can make traveling from place to place extremely uncomfortable. However, what happened on a series of flights leaving London had nothing to with air-condition or the lack of it.


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As reported by FOX News, fourteen different flights leaving London City airport had to have passengers removed because the intense heat had increased the weight of the planes. The 95-degree heat on the day in question meant the air pressure had been affected and planes couldn't take off unless they shed some weight. One flight, in particular, heading to Ibiza had 20 passengers removed before it was safe for it to take off.

The runway at London City airport is much shorter than a regular runway. That means aircraft have to pick up speed faster and take off at a steeper angle. "They said we’re going to have to pick 14 people because it’s so hot we need to carry more petrol in order to take off," said Mhiari Hopkins, a disgruntled passenger that was asked to get off the flight with her family.

If you're reading this in the UK then you'll know that the heat and sunshine have subsided somewhat and normal service has been resumed. The heatwave may return, but people flying from London City airport will hope that it doesn't return with quite the ferocity that we experienced before. Britain doesn't tend to experience extreme weather very often, whether it be hot or cold, so isn't necessarily prepared for it when it happens.

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