It’s award-winning talent, savvy and snark up in the air -- all in the form of an in-flight safety video featuring the likes of A-listers from Sir Michael Caine, Joanna Lumley, and David Walliams, to Olivia Colman, Jourdan Dunn, and comedian Chabuddy G himself.

Coming just in time for the summer travel season, British Airways has once again bagged an array of British acting talent for the second installment of its well-known and incredibly chuckle-worthy star-studded pre-flight videos, created in partnership with Comic Relief.


Following the massive success of the airway’s first series of in-flight videos back in July 2017 -- which undoubtedly did its fine duty of “making customers laugh all around the world, while also helping them to take in those all-important safety messages pre-flight,” says British Airways Director of Brand and Customer Experience Carolina Martinoli by racking up almost a quarter of a million views -- the newest “director’s cut” hopes, again, to deliver another killer blow that’s filled to the tee with classic British dry humor.

While taking on a similar format as before, the arguably even more funny sequel features various actors like Dunn, Harris, and Walliams pretending to audition for the said video all while “getting across the important safety messages seen on flights before departure.”

Casting the entire featurette would be Asim Chaudhry's comedy character Chabuddy G, “whose self-importance at his role, and disregard for the fame of the celebrities involved” leads to more than hilarious results, as The National notes.

“Sure, they’ve got their BAFTAs, they’ve got their Oscars — but what they really want, is a SISTA — the Society of In-flight Safety Training Awards,” begins Chabuddy, as he forces the award-winning thespians (and model) to really prove their performance chops.

In the video, he even goes on to mistake three-time BAFTA winner Colman for a tea lady and asks Lumley, superstar of Absolutely Fabulous, if she has actually had any experience working with props.

“They all want to get their hands on the golden wings!” Chabuddy emphasizes.

By itself, BA’s latest video is golden indeed – not to mention glamorous and totally giggle-inducing. It’s also keen on dishing up some goodness.

Besides delivering the essential safety messages, the Ogilvy-created new ad – this time around produced by MindsEye and directed by Benjamin Green-- also promotes Flying Start, a global charity partnership between British Airways and Comic Relief across the United Kingdom that has shown support to over half a million children as well as some of the world’s poorest communities since its birth in 2010.

What's more is that since the launch of the original ad, which had shown off the likes of British name talent from Rowan Atkinson and Thandie Newton to Gordon Ramsey and Sir Ian McKellen, Flying Start actually saw a twenty percent increase in donations to Comic Relief.

“It’s great to be launching another star-studded in-flight safety video,” says Martinoli.

Let’s just say British Airways’ newest vid is exactly that. Glorious and oh-so-GREAT.