Traveling is one thing everybody should experience at least once in their lifetimes. Like many things that involve leaving one’s comfort zone, traveling can be difficult to initiate, especially for those who have not done it before. In this case, inspiration is needed. For those seeking it, here are ten brilliant sources of travel inspiration to get you up your feet and into the world.

10 Movies

Movies inspire us to do many things. Even though some movies might not feature real things, some creations in the world today were inspired by movies. When it comes to traveling the world, movies are a great source to draw inspiration. It’s easy. Just watch adventure and travel-related movies to see many parts of the world. For some, this might be enough to kick-start wanderlust that will lead to a lifetime of traveling the world.

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9 Nature

There’s nature all around. From the colorful skies to the green fields, nature can be found everywhere, but it differs in different parts of the world. The natural appeal of a place in North America may not be the same in a place in South America. This thought that one can find an entirely different ecosystem in a different part of the world is enough inspiration to make one travel. Whatever one seeks is out there in a different part of the world; a trip is all it takes to get there.

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8 Books

Books have been a great source of inspiration for humanity since ancient times. With books covering all walks of human life being published almost daily, one can easily grab a book and get inspired. When it comes to traveling, there are many travel-related books out there for inspiration. From the adventure-packed story of Journeying to the center of the Earth to self-help books challenging the status quo of 9 - 5 lifestyles, there are lots of great reads out there that will inspire one to travel. These books are not just inspiring but surprisingly interesting, so grab one today and get inspired!

7 Social Media

There’s so much power in the Social media space nowadays. Destinations no one ever thought existed have been made popular by social media. With almost every traveler sharing their travel experiences on social media, one can easily get inspired by these posts. There are many profiles out there one can follow to get updates about different parts of the world. Some of them even make videos that make one feel like they are there at travel destinations. Such sources of inspiration are perhaps the most effective.

6 Photos

Photos speak a multitude of words. Sometimes all one needs is just a beautiful picture to fire up their wanderlust. There are lots of photo platforms where one can search for a place and get a result of thousands of pictures. Social media can also play this role.

5 Imagination

There’s no limit to how far the human imagination can go. With imagination, one can be anywhere and imagine going to space or some distant destination on earth. There’s a saying that thoughts are things, and this means that once something occurs in mind, it is likely to become a reality. One can begin drawing inspiration from the imagination by thinking of going to a favorite place and engaging in all the adventures they’ve always dreamed of. This simple action can create a burning hunger to get on the next flight and visit that destination. The human mind works wonders.

4 Travel-Loving Friends

One will most definitely be like those they spend time with. A friend to a professor will learn grammar, a friend to a philosopher will learn philosophies, and a friend to a soldier will learn bravery. This also applies to traveling, which means a friend to a traveler will most likely become a traveler or love to travel too, as friends discuss their experiences with each other with so much excitement. Hence, a traveling friend is a brilliant source of travel inspiration.

3 Documentaries

Documentaries are also great places to draw travel inspiration from. Many travel documentaries feature content that covers the ecosystems, culture, and weather of different parts of the world. Documentaries are usually factual, which means the destination will be exactly how it was in the documentary. This makes documentaries a great source of inspiration for travelers. Some documentaries even feature unique experiences such as rock climbing, mountain climbing, and sailing. Such content is a great source to draw travel inspiration from.

2 Travel Websites

A travel website such as TheTravel is a great place to get travel inspiration. With fascinating travel-related content being published every day of the week, all year round, one can regularly visit to read interesting content and refresh their memory. When this is done consistently, it will only take a little time to build up one’s hunger for travel.

1 Music

Music serves so many purposes, from calming a person’s mind after a stressful work day to firing a person up for a difficult task. It is also a great source of travel inspiration. One can fall in love with the music of a distant culture and vibe to it all day. This alone can inspire one to visit the destination and dance to the music live.