Food: It sustains us and gives us life... literally. Speaking figuratively and realistically, food is one of those things that has this amazing power to bring us up, cheer up our day, and make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside (especially when followed by a hot toddy). So what's even better than that feeling? Eating delicious food with an even more delicious view. It's possible, and we know exactly where to get it.

The 20 locations below have been carefully chosen based on their food-beauty to landscape-beauty ratio, and we're confident that each one is nothing short of perfect. While we can't be held responsible for the hefty wanderlust and potential hanger that comes from scoping this article, we'll definitely take responsibility for you booking your next trip, ASAP. Ready your suitcase, because that day-old sammie sitting in the office fridge just won't cut it after these photos.

19 Bräu Gasthof: Traditional Austrian Food With A Frosty Landscape

Even a simple breakfast of fruit and scrambled eggs is enough with a view such as this one, overlooking the mountains that Austria is so well-known for. However, Bräu Gasthof also offers a much more traditional menu so that you won't miss out on all that Austrian cuisine has to offer.

18 Panoramic 34: Afternoon Tea With A Wide-Lense View Of London

For those who skip out on breakfast, we feel bad for you... Because it means missing an opportunity to have some of London's best pastries with a view over most of the city. The enticing idea of flawless latte art alone is enough for us to start searching Google for the cheapest flights there, and don't get us started on that jam and cream.

17 Pierchic: Literally Eating Over Perfectly Aquamarine Waters

Pierchic is a popular destination for travelers spending time in Dubai, and it's easy to see why. With stunning gourmet desserts that are plated like a piece of artwork belonging in a museum, this is a must-do. The food is unparalleled, but the view — especially at night — can be very romantic.

16 Schilthorn Piz Gloria: Quite The Opposite, It's Like Eating In The Sky

We can't think of a better place to eat charcuterie than at Schilthorn Piz Gloria, which is likely the closest you'll get to eating atop a mountain... without wearing 30lbs of winter climbing gear. That view speaks so much for itself that we almost didn't write anything, but we will say this: We demand all the yums.

15 The Rock: No, We Don't Mean The Wrestler... It's Literally On A Rock

If you were to look at this restaurant from the beach, you'd think it was literally just a shack built on top of, well, a rock. In reality, it's a small restaurant with outdoor seating and one of the most serene views in Zanzibar — and the crystal-clear aqua waters come free of charge if you can deal with walking there during low tide.

14 Asiate: The Perfect Way To Take In Central Park From Above

New York City is a tough one because one short stroll through Midtown can have tourists choosing between at least five different rooftop bars, each offering their own unique city view. Asiate is so special because it offers a view over Central Park, complete with a brunch that will make your city-walking body happy.

13 Dasheene: The View Is Perfectly Situated Between Two Mountains

Some of the best views come from restaurants that are part of resorts, and Dasheene is one of them. At Ladera resort in St. Lucia, visitors have the chance to dine in between two magnificent, moss-covered cliffs, but the buck doesn't stop there — you'll also have a view clear across the ocean in between the two.

12 Nepenthe Restaurant: Set Against One Of The Most Perfect Backdrops In The US

Nepenthe Restuarant provides an oceanside view complete with everything Big Sur has to offer its visitors. The mountainous California coast is full of restaurants that offer the same ocean view but this one, in particular, has a certain type of landscape magic that can't be compared.

11 Villa Maldives: For Those Who Don't Mind Perfection

Most know that the Maldives is the premier travel destination for those desiring perfection, the ocean, and heavenly beaches. This group of islands has a beauty that's undeniable, and the only thing that tops of this perfect location is the addition of tasty, island-inspired food.

10 Nessun Dorma: One Of The Most Beautiful Dining Views In Italy, Let Alone In The World

Dining cliffside might sound like a scary thing to do but trust us, you're perfectly safe for this one. Nessun Dorma is well-known for the views that accompany this small fishing community, but it's also known for traditional Italian dishes that are only made better by the glittering seascape just below.

9 Giraffe Manor: Dining With Wildlife Was Never So Much Fun

When we talk about food with a 'view', we don't always mean sultry nightscapes or ocean waves. Sometimes, we mean a view that can only be experienced to be believed, and that's exactly the case at Giraffe Manor. Yes, real giraffes eat with you. No, we can't guarantee your lunch will be safe.

8 Mercury Bay Estate: Wine, Food Parings, And New Zealand's Beauty

If you know anything at all about New Zealand, then you're probably well aware that it's on a whole other plane of beauty. Unkept and natural, these mountains and lush green lands are like something out of a fairy tale, and the vineyard at Mercury Bay Estate showcases it for all it is.

7 Kapari Natural Resort: Cliffside Dining That's Not For The Faint Of Heart

Yet another resort with a view you'll never have anywhere else, Karpari is Santorini's gem. The entire resort overlooks the Aegean Sea, but it's the restaurant, in particular, where you can lean back, take it all in, and snack on some of Greece's most traditional (and utterly sinful) foods.

6 Soneva Kiri: We Guarantee You've Never Had Food Delivered Via Zipline

For the adventurous few, don't worry — we've got you covered, too. Eating tree side is a concept you'd rarely hear of outside a childhood treehouse, but Soneva Kiri has brought the adult version of that dream to life. Servers will zip line their way down to you as you take in the sights (and heights) from a platform.

5 Sky Restaurant 634: Tokyo Never Looked So Glamourous

When it comes to Tokyo, and any city, for that matter, the higher up, the better the view. While most cities are overwhelming (in a good way) from street-level, there's something about being stories above everything else.

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Taking in every street movement, light show, and skyscraper is magical. And plus, the food is incredible.

4 Blu Bar on 36: The Best View Sydney Has To Offer

Blu Bar is well-known in Sydney for its views, but it's also known for its food. You'll find nothing but state of the art dining here, accompanied by foods that you'll want to enjoy slowly... Because they're so unlike anything you've had before. The fresh ingredients, tantalizing flavors, and artistic presentations are worth it.

3 Grand Canal Restaurant: Venice Is Known For Its Waterways, So Why Not Dine Next To One?

It can be tough to choose a place to dine in Venice, mainly because there are so many areas of the city that offer unique dining aspects. Our pick is Grand Canal Restaurant and between its canal-side views and light fare, you'll remember what it's like to truly relax and feel at ease again on vacation.

2 El Tovar Dining Room: The Grand Canyon's Little Known Secret

You wouldn't guess it from the photo, but El Tovar can actually be found at the Grand Canyon. It's a bit closer to home for those who live stateside, and the views are nothing to shake a stick at. With amazing western food and big, open windows, this is a must-visit during spring, summer, and fall.

1 Danny Mac's Bar & Grill: Sometimes, You Just Need The Ocean And A Good Slice

Let's journey to a little part of New York called Long Island. It's not the Bahamas, but this island has something just as good to offer:

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A beachside view of the Atlantic, and some of the best pizza you'll ever burn your mouth on. Located in Long Beach, Danny Mac's is just one of many in this island's beach towns.

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