Brazil is a country of outstanding beauty and secrets. The beauty of Brazil's natural wonders, such as its mountains and forests, are most prominent in the country's beautiful beaches. Whether you are looking for a coastal beach on the Atlantic Ocean, a lovely lakeside beach, or a wonderful river beach, Brazil probably has exactly what you are looking for.

However, there are beaches in Brazil that the locals do not want you to know about. These beaches are not necessarily hidden away, far from prying eyes, but they are a little more difficult to find and/or access. This is a list of beaches that are hidden, or considered secret, in Brazil. These beaches offer a lot to anyone who knows how to find them or how to get to them once they are found.

This list aims to educate you about the natural beauty of Brazil's beaches and give you an opportunity to learn about new places to travel in one of the world's largest countries. Brazil has a lot to offer its travelers, and if you love to go to the beach, then you are sure to find something amazing, wonderful, or beautiful in at least one of the 20 beaches on this list.

Do you have what it takes to seek out these beaches? Are you willing to put in the necessary effort to get to a beach that will require you to hike a mile through the forest? If you believe you have the necessary motivation, then this list will give you 20 ideas of places to visit for the ultimate secret beaches in Brazil.

20 Fernando De Noronha, Pernambuco - an island that only allows 420 people at a time

Fernando de Noronha near Pernambuco is an island that only allows 420 people onto it at a time. If you are one of those 420 people out there on the archipelago, then you are in for a real treat. The area has white sandy beaches that are tucked up against cliffs, making for a picturesque experience. If you are not an ocean swimmer, then this is the place for you, with waterfalls and natural pools. Declared a marine park in 1988, Fernando de Noronha is surrounded by marine life, such as colorful fish, dolphins, sponges, coral, and turtles. It is no wonder that the Brazilian people want to keep the paradise that is Fernando de Noronha a secret from the rest of the world.

19 Alter Do Chao Beach, Para - an island of love

Alter do Chao Beach in Para is literally an island of love that is surrounded by a white sandy beach. A very unique feature of this particular beach is that it is only visible for about six months out of the year when the water is low enough. This is a fresh water beach on the Tapajos River in the jungle of Brazil, but while you may expect it to have muddy brown water, the water is actually a beautiful blue green color, as you would expect to find in a coastal beach. Alter do Chao Beach may not be your typical beach, but it's a great example of what Brazilian beaches have to offer to those that can find them.

18 Lagoinha Do Leste Beach, Santa Catarina - only accessible by boat or by a one-hour hike

Lagoinha do Leste Beach is in Santa Catarina and is located on the southern tip of Florianopolis Island. This beach is very secluded and is only accessible by boat or by a one-hour hike via one of two trails. A lake beach, Lagoinha do Leste Beach is surrounded by beautiful white dunes and dense vegetation. An example of what fresh water beaches can offer those that seek them out, Lagoinha do Leste Beach is one of the best-kept secrets of Brazil's beach-goers. With a view like this, it is no wonder that natives hope that no one will find this particular beach...ever.

17 Domingas Dias, São Paulo - located in a very isolated

São Paulo is home to Domingas Dias Beach, another gem of a Brazilian beach that the locals want to keep to themselves. With a length of only 400 meters, this beach is located in a very isolated area but still offers a white soft sandy beachfront for you to enjoy. A few people live on the beach, but it is otherwise surrounded by dense vegetation. When you visit, you will want to bring everything you need, as there are no shops or amenities. Domingas Dias Beach has a lot to offer anyone who is able to find it, but like every beach on this list, the locals hope that that will never happen.

16 Cachadaço, Rio De Janeiro - Definitely worth the trip

Cachadaço Beach, near Rio de Janeiro, is another beach that is only accessible by boat or hiking in on a trail through a dense forest. Yet, once you arrive at the beach, you will be greeted by amazing crystal waters and a white sandy beach that is surrounded by lush green vegetation. Cachadaço Beach may be one of the forgotten places in Brazil, but that does not mean it is worth the trip to get there and experience a truly beautiful place. Brazil has a lot of wonderful beaches, but this is certainly one of the top places for beach lovers to enjoy.

15 Moreré, Bahia - an ideal private beach experience

Moreré, near Bahia, offers the beach-goers who find it beautiful a sunny weather year round. This area is actually deserted most of the time, making for an ideal private beach experience. The coral reefs that surround the beach create a number of small pools for scuba diving when the tide is lower. This is not a huge tourist location for now, so take advantage of an amazing beach that is not full of people. Even Brazilian locals do not visit Moreré on a regular basis, which means that if you are able to find the location, you will probably have the beach mostly to yourself.

14 Jericoacoara, Ceará - a very isolated location

Jericoacoara, at Ceará, is a beach that is surrounded by high dunes and features calm waters and lagoons, things that combine to make for an ideal beach-going expedition. This is a Brazilian national park, and it can be tricky to get there—the last 45 minutes or so of the dive is off the road, through the dunes. There is only a small fishing village nearby, so Jericoacoara is a very isolated location, making it very secluded and private-feeling for those that are brave enough to make the trip. A beautiful beach, to be sure, Jericoacoara proves once again that Brazil has some of the most amazing beaches in the world.

13 Lagoa Da Tijuca, Barra Da Tijuca - a jewel

Lagoa da Tijuca is a lagoon located in Barra da Tijuca. This beach is connected to both the Atlantic Ocean and other lagoons in the area. There are ten islands in Lagoa da Tijuca, with the largest island, Gigóia, having hotels and restaurants. The lagoon itself has a blue lake with a nice beach that gives you a beautiful place to relax. The beach at Lagoa da Tijuca is such a jewel that there is little wonder why the locals hope to keep it a secret from the rest of the world. Now that you know about it, though, you can prepare your trip to one of Brazil's best secret beaches.

12 Pedro Do Arpoado, Rio De Janeiro - 360-degree views of the sunset

The beach known as Pedro do Arpoado, near Rio de Janeiro, has famous rock formations that surround the beach. If you are into surfing, this may be one of the best places to go to in Rio de Janeiro because it has larger waves than some of the other beaches. Also, if you are into beach sights, then Pedro do Arpoado is the hidden beach for you. The beach offers 360-degree views of the sunset, as well as the beautiful ocean that laps against the shore. This is the place to visit for an amazing beach that is little known outside of Brazil.

11 Praia Do Perigoso, Rio De Janeiro - one of the most difficult beaches to get to

Possibly one of the best secret beaches in Brazil is Praia do Perigoso. This is also one of the most difficult beaches to get to, though. If you want to visit, it will take an hour and a half to hike to the cliffs overlooking the beach near Rio de Janeiro. The cliffs that surround Praia do Perigoso give panoramic views of the blue green water and the sweeping vista of the beach itself. Possibly one of Brazil's best-kept secret beaches because of how difficult it is to access, this particular beach has a lot to offer anyone willing to make the journey.

10 Praia Do Riacho, São Miguel Dos Milagres - untouched beach

Praia do Riacho is considered to be an untouched, and almost wild, beach near São Miguel dos Milagres. The beach itself consists of golden sand and a wonderful blue green ocean. Well-known by locals, Praia do Riacho is still relatively unknown by tourists, making it a perfect getaway for people who love the beach but hate the crowds. If you happen to be someone who loves the sunset at the beach, then a sunset walk along Praia do Riacho is highly recommended for you. This particular beach is not difficult to access, but you have to know about it to be able to find it.

9 Taipus De Fora Beach, Bahia - perfect for snorkeling

Taipus de Fora Beach, at Bahia, is about seven kilometers of beautiful beach lined by sweeping palm trees. At low tide, the coral reefs create beautiful pools perfect for snorkeling to see the array of marine life. While you may enjoy the lovely clean white sand and the blue ocean water, if you would like to take a break from the beach life, head to the southern end of the beach where a beautiful blue lagoon sits, inviting you to relax by the open water. Taipus de Fora Beach is such a lovely place to visit that it's no wonder why Brazil wants to keep it a secret from the rest of the world.

8 Praia Vermelha, Rio De Janeiro - calm and easy to navigate

Praia Vermelha is a quiet and beautiful beach that is named for the red sunsets and sands that you will experience nearly every evening. If you are looking to go kayaking, then this is the beach for you—its green waters are calm and easy to navigate. For a break from the beach, take a short hike up into the wooded surrounding area for a breathtaking panoramic view of the beach and the water. Praia Vermelha is located near Rio de Janeiro but still is not all that well-known by anyone outside of Brazil, and the people of Brazil would like to keep it that way.

7 Corumbau, Bahia - a "distant place"

Corumbau means "distant place," which is an apt name for this hidden beach near Bahia. The beach consists of a wide sand point reaching into the ocean. The entire point (beach) is about 15 kilometers long and is a lovely white sand beach, perfect for a long stroll. The seaside of Corumbau is covered with nut palm trees, which provide ample shade for that stroll that you will want to be taking. There is also a long coral formation that extends about 10 kilometers away from the beach. The beach at Corumbau is a beautiful example of a hidden beach that will surely become one of your favorites.

Praia da Reserva is another beach near Rio de Janeiro, but it is located in an ecological reserve. It has soft sand, and despite its popularity among locals, it is one of the quieter beaches in the area. However, do not be surprised if you see a 'bare' sunbather or two. This beach is also popular for surfing and kite surfing. Praia da Reserva is considered a green beach, which means that there are snack shacks or kiosks, and there are only a few vendors available to sell to you. This is a really nice beach. That is a secret among the Brazilians, and they would like to keep it that way.

5 Praia Brava, Paraty - perfect for surfing

Praia Brava is a 1.5-kilometer beach surrounded by high cliffs that face the ocean. This beach is in an ideal location for major swells in the ocean, which makes it perfect for surfing. The beauty of Praia Brava is hard to match, especially among beaches in the area of Paraty. This particular beach is fairly isolated, but it does have some summer music festivals that tend to draw pretty big crowds. While not well-known among tourists, Praia Brava is one of Brazil's most favored beaches, and it really has a lot to offer the locals and any tourists who take the time to find their way to the beach.

4 Praia Do Toque, Alagoas - So secretive, there is no highway to get there...

Praia do Toque is a fishing beach with beautiful clean water. The area has 15 kilometers of beach with coral reefs nearby and coconut groves surrounding the beach. This beach is so hidden that you will have to know the secret to finding it—there is no highway to get there, so if you do not know about the local access roads, you will be unable to get to Praia do Toque. If you like warm water, then this is the beach for you as the water stays a balmy 97 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the year. This is definitely one of the best secluded beaches in all of Brazil.

3 Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande- one of the most beautiful beaches in the country

The beach known as Lopes Mendes is located on the Grand Island of Brazil, and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. With 3 kilometers of fine white sand, it is no wonder that the people of Brazil want to keep this particular beach a secret from tourists from all over the world. The water at Lopes Mendes is very clear and fairly shallow, making it perfect for wading in and just enjoying yourself. The beach is secluded and does not have a lot of visitors. Almond trees along the beach provide for ample shade.

2 Bonete, São Paulo - the most difficult beach to get to (but definitely worth it)

Bonete is probably the most difficult beach to get to, but the trek is worth it. If you are up to the challenge of getting to this beach, you will need to walk through virgin coastal forest, past waterfalls, and along a shaded route. Although, that seems like a pleasant-enough walk to get to such a beautiful and secluded beach. Bonete has a golden-sand beach and beautiful blue water surrounded by the thick green forest. This beach also allows camping, which makes it well worth the trip if you carry your supplies in with you. The beach at Bonete is truly a lovely place to consider visiting if you are up for the hike to get there.

1 Caraiva, Bahia - you will need to know how to gain access

Caraiva is a private beach, and there are no roads to get there. But that does not mean it is not accessible to people who have the right connections. This beach has caramel-colored sands and lovely warm Atlantic water. Caraiva is a wonderful beach to visit, but you will need to know how to gain access. Brazil is known for its beautiful beaches, and this beach is definitely a fine example of the kind of beach that Brazil has to offer people. Although you may never get the opportunity to visit this beach, you should know that it exists and is accessible.