Brad Pitt And 19 Other Celebs Who Own Private Islands

The most famous celebrities on Earth can afford to buy just about anything that they want. Million-dollar mansions, the fastest cars money can buy, the latest designer clothes, all of those things are within arm's reach for the rich and the famous.

Some of the wealthiest humans on the planet can even buy their very own piece of paradise. More than one celeb has forked over millions of dollars to purchase their very own private island. Imagine jetting off to your own sandy space in the world for a few days of R & R. How cool would that be?

These twenty celebrities don't have to book fancy vacations when they need to get away. They can just go to their home away from home in the middle of lakes and oceans.

20 Brad Pitt's Heart-Shaped Home

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Actor Brad Pitt might be divorced from his second wife, Angelina Jolie, but this island is proof that she once loved him very much. For his fiftieth birthday, she doled out over twelve million dollars for this heart-shaped island, per huffpost.com. The island, named Petra, is located roughly fifty miles off of the New York City Coast.

19 Marlon Brando Called Tetiaroa In French Polynesia Home

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The famed actor stumbled across “Tetiaroa” back in 1960 while he was looking for a location to shoot at. The late actor's secret paradise was renamed Marlon Brando island in 1973 and was acquired by Pacific Beachcomber SC  after his passing. A hotel now sits on those sandy beaches, and of course, the property is appropriately named The Brando Resort.

18 Leaf Cay, Bahamas Is Nicolas Cage's Hide-a-way

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Nicolas Cage once spent one hundred and fifty million dollars on his very own private island. The property was purchased back in 2006 and is located in the heart of the Bahamas. His former forty acres is pretty close to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's private island. We wonder if they even took their boats to each other's private paradises for dinner.

17 Little Halls Pond Cay, Bahamas Is Johnny Depp's Paradise

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Actor Johnny Depp is known for many things, one being his acting skills and another being his island ownership. He bought Little Halls Pond Cay in 2004 for 3.6 million dollars. The island retreat is forty-five acres in size and has six accessible beaches for Depp to lounge about on.

16 Blackadore Cay, Belize Is Leo DiCaprio's Place Of Peace

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Leonardo DiCaprio loves his small island getaway located off the coast of Belize. Word on the street is DiCaprio has plans to develop a highly sustainable eco-resort on the island. He is a long-time believer in helping save the planet, and this is something that he can contribute to, all within the boundaries of his private sanctuary.

15 Ile Gagnon, Quebec Ties Celine Dion To Her Roots

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Celine Dion owns a couple of pricey properties. She has a bit of a thing for buying and selling real estate, good to know in case her epic singing career goes down the tubes. She sold her twenty-acre island property off the coast of Quebec in 2016 for a whopping 25.5 million dollars.

14 Mel Gibson Finds Solace In Fiji

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Mel Gibson just wanted to get away from the business that is Hollywood, and when he went searching for that personal space of peace, it cost him a pretty penny. He went all the way to Fiji and bought himself an entire island. Mago Island cost the controversial character fifteen million dollars.

13 Ricky Martin Relaxes In Angra dos Reis, Brazil

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Ricky Martin really is living "la vida" when he and his family decide to take some time away and spend their days lounging on the beautiful beaches of their private Brazilian island. That's right, the singer, his husband, and their kids have their own getaway somewhere in Brazil, so they can always squeeze in some much-needed family time.

12 Shakira Enjoys R And R On Bonds Cay

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Hip-shaking sensation Shakira has big plans for her seven hundred acres private island. While many stars snag their sandy retreats for only themselves, this talented blonde beauty plans to put a luxury hotel on hers and draw in high profile guests. We sure like a lady who is always thinking ahead.

11 Bahamas Island Of Eleuthera Is Where Lenny Kravitz Feels Inspired

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Lenny Kravitz paid an undisclosed sum of money for his elusive island getaway, but it isn't all his. He does have a private recording studio there, which he uses whenever he wants, but as for a million-dollar property, nope. He won't build on the island. Instead, he prefers to stay in his trailer on the island when he visits.

10 Eddie Murphy Spent His Millions On Rooster Cay

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Eddie Murphy has a whole lot of money at his disposal. As of 2019, his net worth was around one hundred and twenty million dollars. What on earth does a guy with that kind of cash do with all of his hard-earned moolah? Buy an island, of course! Murphy owns Rooster Cay, a fifteen million dollar island in the Bahamas.

9 Larry Ellison Loves His Lanai Getaway

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Larry Ellison, businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, didn't even flinch at the price tag on his Hawaiian island. The retreat contains two Four Seasons Hotels along with Ellison's private home. It cost the Oracle Corp. guru three hundred million dollars to obtain. Larry owns 98% of the island; the other 2% belongs to the state of Hawaii.

8 The Carters Call Their Private Bahamian Island Home

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When you are married to the great Beyonce, and a birthday or anniversary rolls around, what on earth do you buy her? It's not like Jay-Z can roll in with a box of chocolates and a card and call it good. He knows better; he bought this musically majestic mama her own island in the Bahamas to celebrate their love.

7 David Copperfield's Private Island Is Magical

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David Copperfield knows a magical place when he sees one, which is why he spared no time snapping up Musha Cay. The island cost the magician fifty million dollars and is home to a stunning resort that costs visitors forty thousand dollars a night to stay at. We assume he stays there for free, considering it is his island.

6 Tim And Faith Are Happiest On Goat Cay

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Country music's king and queen, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw spent almost a decade building their paradise estate on their private Bahamian island. Goat Cay has cost the couple over a million dollars, and by looking at pictures of the place, we can see why! It is unbelievably stunning. We don't know why they would ever leave!

5 Sir Richard Branson Is Generous With His Piece Of Perfection

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Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Records, bought Necker Island in the '70s for a mere $180,000. He put a luxury resort on his island, and people now fork over tens of thousands of dollars to stay there just for a few nights. The island is supposedly worth about five billion dollars today. Talk about a good investment.

4 Naomi Campbell Scored An Island For Her Birthday!

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Model Naomi Cambell is the proud owner of her own private island too! In 2018, her very wealthy boyfriend purchased a paradise off the Turkish coast that is fit for a Queen. The island is designed to look like the Eye of Horus and is eco-friendly. The home there has about 25 bedrooms, so maybe she will take me there someday.

3 Kim And Kanye Could Never Be Outdone; They Have One Too

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Kim and Kanye were rumored to be looking at buying their own island off the coast of Australia. The plan was to acquire the space and put a private theme park on it. No word on how that dream is coming along, but this is Kim and Kanye we are talking about. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to these two.

2 Gene Hackman Once Owned Fawn Island

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Actor Gene Hackman once owned an island known as Fawn Island, just off of the coast of Washington. The island is roughly 2.3 acres in size and boasts a main house and a couple of guest homes. While some islands are in remote spots, this one was pretty accessible, being only a thirty-five-minute seaplane ride from bustling Seattle.

1 Diana Ross Once Basked On Her Own Tahitian Sands

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Legendary Diana Ross became an island owner in 1986 when she wed shipping mogul Arne Naess. Her former husband and his business associate owned a private tropical paradise in Tahiti. Sadly the two parted ways a decade after marrying, and the island no longer belonged to Ross.

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