There's nothing more soothing to the soul than being able to get in your car and having the freedom to drive just about anywhere. Regardless of what the destination is, half the fun lies in all the stops and memories you'll make on the way there. Road trips are based around experience: The sights, sounds, and smells travelers take in along the way are what make it all worth it.

When driving from the bustling city of Boston to the calmer, more serene shores (or mountains) of Maine, the sights are half the fun. Whether road-trippers stick to the coast or veers off the beaten path to explore inland, there are bound to be worthy sights that both humble and surprise them. From a busy seaside city to an untamed, mountainous coast, these are all the things to love about the drive from Boston to Maine.

12 As You Leave Boston, Don't Forget To Check Out Its Quieter Parts

One of the best parts of any road trip is that initial first hour. The thrill and excitement of leaving the city will allow travelers to take in the quieter outskirts, and maybe allow some time for the exploration of lesser-seen sights. While it might be familiar, it's still new.

11 Making It All The Way To Bar Harbor Is A Must, Especially For The Salt Life

Bar Harbor is a popular spot in Maine, especially for tourists... But for good reason. This coastal town is stunning and holds all the charm you could ever ask for. Be it a cottage on the water or a hotel with a rooftop balcony, this town is likely to provide all the oceanside serenity you need after leaving Boston.

10 Along The Way, Make Sure To Pull Off For Gorgeous Shots Like This

If you stick to the coast, there will be plenty of chances to pull off and take a moment to enjoy all that the East coast is. The Atlantic waves play a lullaby if you're keen to listen close enough, and the ebb and flow of the waves are enough to quickly de-stress anyone from several hours of driving.

9 Don't Forget About The Food Carts, Like Elotes!

Inevitably, you will get hungry on this awesome road trip. So why not make the food stop a fun one? Sure, there's plenty of rest stops to pull off at and grab some fast-food, but why do that when you can support small? A quick detour into the right small town and you're face to face with comfort food, food carts, and delicious adventures.

8 The Best Stores Are The Ones With A Little Dust On The Shelves

Speaking of making detours, road trips are a great way to plan out all the places you wouldn't normally be able to visit on a day trip. Book stores, for instance, are tiny gold mines in New England. From first and second editions to unique and quirky titles, every one of them is a tiny slice of literary heaven.

7 Acadia National Park Is A Great Way To Unwind From All That Driving

It doesn't require an all-day trip to see the best that Acadia has to offer. One of Maine's best national parks is sure to please any nature-lover, and you also don't need to be a professional in hiking to appreciate the serenity that is Maine's wilderness (although water, solid footwear, and comfy clothes are encouraged).

6 Views Of The Mountains Are Endless Once You Leave The City

The White Mountains through New Hampshire are a sight to be seen, that's for sure. The view of Mount Washington, the tallest peak in New England, rises high above any man-made structure around. This mountain range is likely to grace your line of sight at some point.

5 Mount Washington Is A Bit Off-Course, But Worth It For The Tallest Summit In New England

To get a closer look at the glorious summit, Mount Washington does have an auto toll road that takes visitors all the way to the top. It's seasonal and likely to be crowded, but a bit of pre-planning goes quite a long way when it comes to a breathtaking view from the top.

4 Maine Is Full Of Fun Seaside Towns Just Waiting To Be Explored

Once you get to Maine, there's no end to what can be explored. From the mountains to the beach, you can take your pick of any towns that pique your interest. The scenery is beautiful all over (albeit a bit untamed in some areas), so even walking through the nearest town is likely to be a blast.

3 Don't Forget About The Donuts, New England Is Known For Them

You have to make a donut stop, right? Small bakeries and delis are half the fun of a road trip! While New York claims the best bagels, New England is quite the surprising contender when it comes to all things donut-y delicious. Who knows, you might even discover a new flavor.

2 A Little Stopover In Portsmouth Adds An Air Of Magic To An Otherwise Short Road Trip

The town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a well-kept-secret. With its charming cobblestone streets, you'll feel as though you've stepped through town as you browse boutique shops that aren't too far from the water. With plenty of lunch spots, it can easily become an all-day adventure.

1 Finally, Reward Yourself With An Authentic Lobster Roll... You've Earned It!

So what is Maine known for? Lobster, of course! If taking on a full 10lb hunk of lobster isn't your first choice (cracking claws can be pretty messy), then a lobster roll is a nice and neat way to taste all that New England's best has to offer in terms of fresh seafood.