Nantucket, a small beautiful island off Cape Cod in Massachusetts, was designated in 1966 by the National Park Service as a National Historic Landmark District. The unique island is a tourist destination that sees its population rise from 11,000 to 50,000 during the summer months because of the special leisure activities it offers and the iconic landmarks it houses. Nantucket is one of the most beautiful destinations in New England and was known to be the world's whaling capital.


Today, the island only offers whale watching tours between April and October. The locals in Nantucket are amiable and generous, and tourists enjoy communicating with them when visiting the island. Moreover, Nantucket boasts dreamy views, scenic greenery, and incredible wildlife that are all worth witnessing.

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Why Is It Essential To Visit Nantucket From Boston?

Locals in Boston know about the beautiful island of Nantucket, located off Cape Cod in their state of Massachusetts. They are also likely to spend a summer vacation on the magical island. However, many tourists and visitors to the city do not know that a marvelous island exists down off the coast. This is why anyone visiting Boston must be made aware of this hidden gem, the island of Nantucket, that is only a few miles away from the city they're seeing. Getting from Boston to Nantucket is very easy and involves several means of transportation to reach the final destination.

One can drive by car for 1 hour and a half from Boston to Hyannis, MA, and then take the ferry boat to Nantucket. The ferry cruise takes around 1 hour to reach the island. Other people prefer to take the plane for a direct flight from Boston to the Nantucket Memorial Airport. However, a car trip is still the fastest and most affordable option for getting from Boston to Nantucket. Even if visitors to Boston did not have plans to visit the island of Nantucket, it is still worth it to devote 1 day to take a trip to the magical island. Even though it will not allow one to enjoy the beauty of Nantucket for days and weeks as it should, it will still give the visitor a glimpse of a stunning gem that is worth witnessing at one point during their lives.

The Beautiful Wonders Of Nantucket

Before visiting Nantucket, visitors must ensure that the weather is warm and pleasant to avoid being disappointed by the atmospheric conditions. A visit to the island of Nantucket will allow visitors to witness, in addition to the city's unique downtown, the pristine beaches with crystal clear waters that cover the majestic coastline of the island with magical white sand dunes. Tourists will also feel stunned by the wild green bushes on the island coupled with the charming, picturesque houses and architecture. It is recommended that one takes a tour by bike to enjoy most of the island's scenic views in one day.

Moreover, tourists can also go on some short hikes to look at Nantucket's magnificent wildlife. A camera is a must during a trip to Nantucket because every mesmerizing view is saved and kept as a lifetime memory. For people who have more time on their hands, it is better to stay for a couple of days in Nantucket and not only one day, to explore all the city's attractions. Visitors can begin by exploring Nantucket's downtown with its small streets that are perfect for walking. Having a coffee and shopping are good activities to undertake while in the city's downtown.

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The Rich Culture Of A Hidden Gem, And Its Magnificent Towns And Beaches

Nantucket boasts several historic and culturally rich sites and museums, and those are a must-visit during a one-day trip to the island. Visitors will enjoy heading to Nantucket's Shipwreck And Lifesaving Museum and Nantucket's Whaling Museum. Moreover, visitors can add to their itinerary, the Museum of African American History and Nantucket's Lightship Basket Museum. After learning about the island's history and rich culture, it will be time to visit the most beautiful part of Nantucket, the town of Siasconset, known locally for Sconset. This part of the island is packed with magical green gardens and one of the most marvelous beaches in Nantucket. People enjoy a refreshing swim under the hot summer sun on Siasconset's beach.

Additionally, the Sconset Bluff Walk is one of the most magical hikes one can take on the East Coast, where they will behold the scenic views of colorful wildflowers with wild-growing bushes meeting the magic white sand of the sea. The Sankaty Head Lighthouse, one essential attraction in Nantucket, is located nearby Sconset, and the Bluff Walk can take you near the landmark monument. One last activity to undertake during a one-day trip to Nantucket is to hike Millbrook that boasts a flat land that is easy to walk through. Lucky visitors will get the chance to spot jumping deers and rabbits in the magnificent green forest. People will enjoy the silence of nature coupled with the singing of birds during their hike in Millbrook. The area is also known as The Gardener Farm Walk.

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