While we may only be in the midst of January, we all know that the eyes of travelers around the world have turned towards what their plans are going to be in the summer. It may feel like an eternity away, but trust us when we say that it'll come around so much quicker than any of us could possibly fathom.

The instinct of many will be to wait it out for a few months before booking whatever getaway you might have planned, but we tend to believe that's a mistake. Today, we want to run through a few reasons why we wholeheartedly believe that booking your summer vacation in January - or perhaps the early stages of February - is the right way to go.


Even if you weren't planning on heading away this summer, potentially due to not being able to afford it, you might want to think again.

Whether you're off to London, Los Angeles or beyond, get ready to learn why you should be going out of your way to lock down those dates.


Money is an important factor in any and all holiday decisions and that much is just kind of obvious. If we don't have the cash necessary to go away, or we have to save up for a good few years just to have one holiday once in a blue moon, it can be a little bit upsetting - which is why booking early to prevent disappointment in the right way to go.

There are sites like Skyscanner where you can set alerts throughout the days, weeks and even months that let you know when the price of any given flight has dropped down to a reasonable level. The same goes for hotels, too, and it all comes down to one key fact: very few people are looking for holidays in January, meaning that there are plenty of available options.

More Destinations

The longer you wait, the more places are going to get booked up and that just seems kind of obvious to us. If you've got a set country or a set destination in mind then you should definitely look into paying and booking in advance, but if you happen to be a free spirit that is open to just about any travel idea, it's even better.

You can open up your laptop and be welcomed by a whole host of fascinating spots to visit from Europe to North America and beyond. They'll all be desperate to book up their all-inclusive options, too, meaning that you're likely to get some deals that will leave your jaw wide open.

Freedom To Book Off Anytime During The Summer Months

The great thing about summer is that, in the eyes of many, it goes on for quite some time. In our mind, we like to think of June 1st to August 31st as the barrier by which the summer is measured, give or take a few days on either side. The great part about that is it leaves you three whole months with which to play around with ideas regarding when you jet off.

Everywhere is going to be a little bit more busy around the end of July which is understandable, given that most kids see their school year come to an end at that stage. The good news is that if you've got the flexibility to do so, picking different dates to book on will make your January browsing much more enjoyable.

Less Stress

Speaking of enjoyable, let's talk about one of the most important aspects of all this travel lark: the stress. If you wait until around late March or potentially even April in order to get the bookings in order, your stress levels are going to shoot up through the roof. Why? Because the options are limited, the prices are more expensive and you promised the wife that you'd do it weeks ago.

It's fine to go a whole summer without jetting off abroad, but if you had the opportunity to get it done in January or early February and you hesitated, then it's not exactly going to be a great look - and it certainly isn't going to go down well with whoever you're going with. This is meant to be a fun and entertaining experience for all, not a hair-pulling one.

Winter Excitement

The winter months are as cold as they are cozy, but let's face it, not everyone enjoys putting on eight layers of clothing and heading outside to embrace the snow and sleet. Some of us would put summer above winter every day of the week, and that's hardly an awkward thing to say.

If you're suffering through the winter, then one of the best things you could possibly do is book your summer holiday far in advance. That way you've got something to look forward to, and something that'll get you through the work commitments, the freezing temperatures and the dark evenings.