Planning a vacation can feel so stressful that you want to add a few extra days to your trip in order to really recharge. Between figuring out flight deals to finding the perfect hotel, not to mention factoring food and activities into your budget, it can be pretty tiring to get all of the information together.

That's why all-inclusive resorts are such a great idea. When you want to travel to Mexico in particular, they make a lot of sense as it's easy to budget for them and you can really leave your worries behind once you check in.


How do you figure out which resort is the best fit? Read on to find out what to look for when choosing the right all-inclusive resort in Mexico.

Make Sure The Vibe Is What You're Looking For

Trip Savvy suggests checking out some online reviews before booking an all-inclusive resort. While a really bad review could be a one-off or it could have been an honest mistake. As the website says, a "consensus" is what you want because if a high number of the reviews say the same thing, it must be true.

Trip Savvy also recommends deciding if you want a family-friendly or adults-only hotel. You have to make sure that the vibe of the resort is what you're looking for. Parents with a baby, toddler, or older children definitely want a different vacation than a group of twentysomething friends.

Think About The Location

When you're choosing the right all-inclusive resort in Mexico, you also want to think about the location. Escape Here mentions that many of these places aren't close to restaurants and it doesn't seem like you can step off the resort at all. If that's what you want because a chill vacation is calling your name, then that's perfect.

If you want to be able to try out a local restaurant, then carefully research the area that the resort is in before booking. San Marino Hotel, for example, is located in Puerto Vallarta, which is considered to be a safe place for travelers. According to Trip Advisor, it's a short walk from several restaurants. Global News recommends that tourists don't leave all-inclusive resorts in Mexico as there has been some recent crime, so it's a personal decision about whether you feel safe doing this.

Make Sure The Food Is All Included (And Appeals To You)

Although you would assume that all of your meals are included when you're booking this type of vacation, sometimes an "all-inclusive" only gives guests breakfast, and you have to pay for the rest of your daily meals. When you're about to book an all-inclusive resort, make sure that all the food is included. Otherwise, you could be spending more than you'd like.

It's also a good idea to check out the menus of the resorts that you're considering before deciding on one. Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun, for example, has quite a variety of food to choose from. Guests have posted everything from steak to pasta to fish tacos to sushi on Trip Advisor, and there are even vegetarian options.

Look For A Spa And Some Extras (So It's More Than Your Average Hotel)

Barcelo Maya Palace is located in Puerto Aventuras and it's a perfect example of everything that an all-inclusive resort in Mexico should have. According to Trip Advisor, it has diving, a spa where guests can get massages and facials, babysitting services, a salon, a water park, and a tennis court.

You want to make sure that the all-inclusive resort that you choose is offering more than just your average hotel. There's a reason that you're paying for this kind of vacation experience, after all. This hotel, in particular, has an ATM as well, which would definitely come in handy.

Figure Out If You Have To Pay For Anything Else

Several websites advise that even though "all-inclusive resort" should mean that guests aren't expected to pay anything more than the agreed upon price for the flights and hotel and food, sometimes guests do have to pay for some more things.

According to Frugal Travel Guy, there can be "upcharges" in a restaurant for a fancier meal or drink. Other extra costs could be for "better" wi-fi or a tour of the area.

You can find this out by reading reviews, asking former guests on online forums for advice, or reading the hotel's website carefully (or asking an employee) before booking.

An all-inclusive resort is the perfect place for a wonderful Mexico vacation, but it does pay off to do some research before officially booking the trip (and getting excited about going away). As long as you consider these five things, it's going to be an awesome time.