Airbnb is one of the greatest tools when it comes to booking accommodation that we've seen in the 21st century. While hotels are all well and good, booking an Airbnb gives you an entirely different take on what it means to enjoy a holiday (or trip of any kind) in a leisurely manner.

Alas, even with that being the case, there are still a few key things that we'd suggest you need to watch out for before confirming your booking.

Some are more important than others, but they're all worth taking into consideration - because acting on impulse isn't always the right way to go.

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10 Superhosts

Superhosts are given the title of superhosts because they meet very specific criteria that make them much more appealing and, in the end, much more trustworthy than your average Airbnb host.

If you spot a superhost’s house being available, then we would highly encourage you to go for it. The amenities will almost always be great, it’ll always be a really efficient process, and you’ll never feel like you’re in a position where you feel unsafe.

That’s a hard thing to accomplish on Airbnb, but these guys always seem to nail it.

9 Reviews

The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to get a lot of extra bookings, right?

As such, if you’re busy looking around for a property to stay in, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look through the reviews of some options that you’re considering.

Most of them are going to be positive but you’ve got to look through the cracks and see whether or not there are any surprises lurking beneath.

You’ll almost certainly be fine, but if you’re a TripAdvisor kind of guy or girl, then you’ll understand.

8 Amount Of Photos

It’s always worth questioning why there are so few photos on any given Airbnb property, especially if the place you’re looking into is particularly big.

Sometimes there may even be one too many photos, in the sense that not all too many of them are relevant to the actual house itself.

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This should tell you all that you need to know about what kind of a person or people you’re dealing with, in addition to how much effort they’re putting into making your stay a good one.

Effort counts, people.

7 Host’s Recommendations

Regardless of whether or not you’re heading somewhere that you are particularly familiar with, it’s always nice to get a second or third opinion on where to go, what to eat and what kind of excursion to try out next.

That’s why listening to the recommendations of the host or hosts is so important. Perhaps they suggest somewhere a little bit weird and unconventional that throws you off the scent, or maybe your new favorite restaurant is just waiting for you to walk through the door.

Try and enjoy that dynamic.

6 Cool Layouts

Whether it be a studio with a ladder connecting the two floors or some kind of pod in the middle of nowhere, one of the best features of any Airbnb is the layout.

In order to run a successful Airbnb, you must first ask yourself: what is unique about this property?

As a consumer, on the other hand, you’ll want to pick up on things that stand out and that potentially even make you feel like you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone.

It’s not always a bad or dangerous thing to do, you see.

5 Location

It’s always pleasant to know that your Airbnb is going to be a short walk away from wherever you’re heading the next day or potentially even over the weekend, but it isn’t always that clear.

If you want to know the ins and outs of whereabouts you could be staying before you’re given the precise location, then have a quick glance and see if the host has given you clear enough instructions.

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If you feel secure in the knowledge that you’ll be in a good spot, then we say go for it.

4 The Price

Well, duh.

You always want to get your money’s worth regardless of what form of accommodation you’re staying in, and Airbnb is no different. It’s not exactly a secret that the site tends to be a little bit cheaper than hotels, especially if you’re going with quite a few people.

You’ll be able to live a life of luxury that you previously thought impossible or improbable, and that’s what we love so much about it.

Accuracy is key, and you’ll get that nine times out of ten with the prices.

3 Description

We all want to get a good feel for the sort of host that we’re going to be dealing with, especially if you’re only renting out a room and they’re going to be staying in the actual property with you.

You can often sense a bit of a strict tone in the description itself if you’ve been around the block long enough, or generally, you may just look for certain traits in a description that others don’t possess.

Looking into the specifics here is what separates you from a good experience and a bad one, which is a pretty thin line these days.

2 Rules & Regulations

It should go without saying at this point but if you want to host a party until the early hours of the morning, or alternatively you are interested in bringing a pet or two along on your next adventure, please make sure you read the fine print and click “read more”.

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Airbnb has a set of specific guidelines that must be adhered to by the host, so you’ll already know that those are in place. On your end, though, they cannot be blamed for your laziness if you wind up ruining the booking because of some miscommunication.

1 New Destinations

When you’re searching for a brand new place to visit, going to Airbnb first before any other website isn’t the worst idea in the world – despite it seeming that way.

We all want to test the waters with new destinations and locations, so why not just go with your heart and go in search of a property that allows you to expand your horizons.

Then, you can start to break down what kind of homes or experiences are available to you in this area.

Going away for a long weekend is great, but don’t do the same old, same old if the only reason behind it is because it’s familiar.

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