Voyageurs National Park is like an everyday birthday treat for boaters and paddlers because it’s open 24/7, ready to supply them with their wild adventures with beautiful scenery, quietness, and a wonderful experience.

The destination was visited by only more than 240,000 in 2021. The low tourism numbers in this humble park might be a good thing, especially for fishers and paddlers who want peace by themselves. Peace is achievable in Voyageurs so tourists can just focus on appreciating the good things in life.


The lakes and streams are pristine, the rock formations are stunning, and the conifer forest is lush. What else is there to say, this park is all about the scenery and the serenity. Voyageurs National Park is ready for those who love the outdoors regardless of the season.

Plan The Visit

The park is always ready to serve those who are always ready for adventures. Here are some reminders for visitors.

  • There’s no entrance fee, but there are fees for some activities and amenities.
  • Rainy Lake Visitor Center is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Friday to Sunday every winter and from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. during summer.
  • The Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center is open during summer from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Sunday to Tuesday.
  • Ash River Visitor Center is open during summer from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Wednesday to Saturday. 105

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Voyageurs Vacay

The park may not be among the most popular attractions in the US, but it is a wonderful place tucked in the 'Land of 10,000 Lakes'. The lakes are fine, but it offers more than boating. 39

Boating And Fishing

Kayakers, canoeists, fishers, and even houseboats owners can enjoy the Waterworld of Voyageurs. The stunning views and the pristine lakes work together for a satisfying day outdoors.

Visiting the freshwater Rainy Lake would be useful for sport fishers and recreational anglers as it's teeming with bass, crappies, muskellunge, northern pikes, and walleyes. In this waterway, the game is always on.

Considered the park’s gateway, Kabetogama Lake is another ideal destination for game fishers as the clear water makes it easier to win big on the expedition. Another fishing paradise is the Namakan, a 16-mile long lake; that means 16 times more exciting escapades. Sand Point Lake should not be missed, too. Though it's only eight miles long, it’s still an adept playground for fishers and paddlers. Those who want to learn more about commercial fishing that once thrived in the area can visit the Harry Oveson Fish Camp.

Kayakers and canoers can check out Anderson Bay, where they can appreciate its white granite cliffs. Paddlers can also visit the batholith in Grassy Bay and be in awe of its commanding presence. Those with houseboats are welcome, too. For $15 per night, tourists can explore the many waterways.

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Catching fish is popular, but tourists should also catch Voyageurs' hiking sights. There are 10 trails to choose from, each offering something spectacular for trekkers.

The paved Rainy Lake Recreation Trail is a family-friendly affair. It will take hikers from the park road into the woods and around stone outcrops. The 90-minute hike along Sullivan Bay Trail will lead guests to the deciduous and coniferous forest until they reach the viewpoint on the bay.

For a quick stroll, tourists can take the Forest Overlook Trail, where they can view the expanse of the woods. Other easy options are Kabetogama Lake and Beaver Pond Overlook Trails which only take 30 minutes to finish. Those hiking along the 1.6-mile (roundtrip) Oberholtzer Trail should watch out for wildlife as they navigate the forest.

Visiting the Echo Bay Trail is like a show as it features the transition between boreal and deciduous forests. It's a favorite among birders. However, the lollipop Blind Ash Bay Trail is narrow and winding, and hikers should watch out if they are being observed by a curious deer.

For backcountry hikers, the Kab-Ash Trail awaits. A five-day journey will cover 27.9 miles (one-way), taking trekkers to less-traveled parts of the park. Come winter, Tilson Connector Trail becomes an office space for skiers. There are also trails for snowshoes and snowmobiles, plus a sledding hill to boot.

Wildlife Viewing

Many campsites dot the park, be they front- or backcountry spots. With that, tourists can just pick a location wherever as the sights will remain majestic. Lots of species call the park home, making it a nature lover’s hangout spot. Birdwatchers are the luckiest because there are at least seven areas where they can meet winged pals.

From the get-go around Rainy Lake Visitor Center, birders might be greeted by turkey vultures, bald eagles, and ospreys. In Anderson Bay, they can spy on warblers, kinglets, and vireos. On Dryweed Island, meanwhile, thrushes, tanagers, and ovenbirds can be spotted.

Along Black Bay Ski Trail, visitors might be accompanied by nuthatches and warblers along the way. The same goes for Blind Ash Bay Trail, where juncos and kinglets abound.

Over at Kab-Ash Trail and Echo Bay, birdwatchers can busy themselves recording sightings of bitterns, wrens, orioles, redstarts, and flycatchers, among others. Other animals that can be spotted in various areas include moose, bears, amphibians, gray wolves, beavers, and reptiles. For plants, there are wildflowers, shrubs, mushrooms, and exotic species.

Voyageurs National Park is one unique destination, thanks to the stunning views spearheaded by rocks that are some of the oldest in the world. This wonderful place can accommodate anyone, from day hikers to stargazers. Minnesota really means business in this paradise.