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Now that wildflowers are starting to bloom, and snowpacks are starting to melt, the northern part of Georgia becomes one of the best spots to enjoy its natural beauty. From its off-the-beaten hiking trails to its spellbinding waterfalls, Georgia’s Towns County is home to the Blue Hole Falls tucked in the High Shoals Scenic Area of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Imagine hiking a rugged path bestowed with lush green vegetation, and sublime streams, and then taking a refreshing plunge in the translucent swimming hole of the Blue Hole Falls. It’s simply one of the best ways to escape the summer heat.


The northern part of Georgia is lauded for its pristine natural scenery composed of mountains that are part of the Blue Ridge mountain chain, and the Appalachian Mountains. The Cherokee Indians once called them ‘Blue Smoke Mountains’. A large part of the area constituting more than 750,000 acres forms part of the Chattahoochee National Forest, which is packed with a myriad of hiking trails, camping grounds, and waterfalls. Among them, the Blue Hole Falls serves as an ideal family-friendly summer getaway, where adults and children alike can enjoy the freshwater. Read on to find out more about it.

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How To Get To Blue Hole Falls

Right from the Indian Grave Gap Road (Forest Service Road 283) turn east and take a gravel road situated about 11.5 miles away from the north of Helen-an alpine village, which you can visit if you have time. On the way to the falls, there is a shallow creek. Most of the vehicles ford the creek to drive about a mile further and park at the High Shoals Scenic Area.

Thankfully, there are hiking markers, and signposts, which make hiking the trail easy. Start the 1.2-mile hiking trail by trodding slowly through the lush green forest, where one can occasionally see insects, white and yellow wildflowers, mushrooms, and even partridge berries. This is a perfect time to enjoy a therapeutic walk by breathing fresh air filled with a musty smell from the moist wood and soil. The downhill hike is pretty easy, and peaceful, but sometimes there are fallen trees, and caution is needed while hiking. In addition, there is a brand-new bridge that makes the hiking experience a pleasant one.

When reaching close to Blue Hole Falls hikers and backpackers can find an ideal makeshift camping ground. At this point, one can hear the roaring sounds of the 25-foot tumbling Blue Hole Waterfalls. Hike further to find a sublime swimming hole filled with fresh, cold, and clear water with a depth of more than 10 feet. Adrenaline junkies can climb the nearby short cliffs and jump off right into the swimming hole.

And those who prefer to watch the waterfall afar can hang out at the wooden observation deck and take some wonderful pictures. Just underneath the deck, there are large, flat rocks to sit and relax. Take time to soak up the fresh air or connect with the therapeutic nature.

Nearby there is the High Shoals Falls, most of the hikers continue hiking another 1.5 miles to enjoy the sublime waterfall which tumbles more than 50 feet in a series of cascades, which makes it a fantastic place to take some beautiful pictures.

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Key Features Of The Blue Hole Falls

  • Blue Hole swimming is filled with fresh, cold, and clear water with a depth of more than 10 feet.
  • The swimming hole is ideal for a family summer break
  • The Blue Hole Falls is about 25-foot
  • Water temperature: 40 °F

Facilities At The Blue Hole Falls

  • Parking lot (park your car in the exit direction)
  • There is a makeshift camping site for backpackers
  • Easy access to a wooden observational deck for an up-close view of the waterfalls

Nearby Attractions:

  • High Shoals Falls: Simply continue hiking another 1.5 miles up the trail to find the High Shoals Falls
  • Bell Mountain Park
  • Helen- a Bavarian-themed village

What To Bring:

  • Swimsuits
  • Comfy sneakers
  • Water and Snacks
  • Light chairs