Food is a common source of entertainment, especially for travelers. Sure, there is theme parks, beaches, and sight-seeing, but food is always involved. So why not make the most of it?

Foodie travelers, in particular, will be happy to learn that there are food museums available fore excursions, giving them the best of both worlds. Some may find them interesting, while others will see them as absurd. Regardless, these food museums are worth checking out, even to just buy you time before you decide what's for lunch. Here are 10 bizarre museums dedicated entirely to food.

10 10. Gelato Museum Carpigiani

Location: Bologna, Italy

The artistry of gelato is a tale that dates back to 1600s when the frozen Italian dessert was first conceived. It seems only natural that a museum filled with gelato fun facts and tastings would find its home in Italy. Here, travelers can learn the full history of the delicate treat, take guided tours, and even learn how to make their very own gelato.

9 9. The SPAM Museum

Location: Austin, Minnesota

Despite the fact that almost anyone with tastebuds can confirm that SPAM is a recipe disaster, there is an entire museum dedicated to it. It's true that SPAM has a history, especially in regards to the U.S. military where it served as a delicacy for deployed soldiers. For anyone curious about the precooked, canned meats origins, they can get free admission to the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota.

8 8. Dutch Cheese Museum

Location: Alkmaar, the Netherlands

For anyone with an unhealthy addiction to cheese, the Amsterdam Cheese Museum is the place for you. In addition to zesty cheese tastings, visitors will learn the history behind Dutch cheese and what it takes to achieve its unique flavors. The Amsterdam Cheese Museum in Holland lets you take home their vintage gouda cheese that is available in their gift shop; the perfect gift for anyone who might be suffering from the munchies.

7 7. Friet Museum

Location: Bruges, Belgium

And just in case your stomach isn't already growling, feast your eyes on the Friet Museum: a museum dedicated entirely to fries. You won't find the history of burgers or milkshakes here, this Belgium establishment is the only one of its kind with a sole devotion to potato fries. The physical location can be found in the historic centre of Bruges in a gorgeous building that dates back to 1399. They also give away the secret to making the perfect fry if you are looking for a home recipe. 

6 6. Pizza Hut Museum

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Have you ever wondered just what started the fast-delivery pizza service? Pizza Hut is a staple American pizza chain restaurant that opened in 1958 during this pizza craze. The Pizza Hut Museum is a roadside exhibition, perfect for cross-country travelers. It gives a full history of the Carney brothers, Dan and Frank, who took this small shop and turned it into a monumental food enterprise. The brick building is the actual first Pizza Hut location that now sits on Wichita State University's campus. You can't actually buy pizza here, but there's one nearby in the Student Center.

5 5. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

Location: Osaka, Japan

Ramen noodles are known by all struggling college students as a fundamental meal. Any form of instant noodles (such as Cup Noodles) can be learned about at Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum. The Ramen Museum is located in Japan and opens its doors to visitors with no charge. The four storying building has a full history and "The Making Of" this popular instant-dinner. It even includes a workshop where visitors can craft their very own noodle concoction. 

4 4. Jello Museum

Location: Le Roy, New York

Jell-O made history when it was crafted in Le Roy, New York in 1897. The town celebrates its mark in history with the Jell-O Museum located in the Le Roy House. Visitors can learn all they need to know about the makings of the flavored gelatin treat and how Pearle and May Bixby Wait trademarked it to make history.

An exhibit called “On the Road: A Century of Ruts, Dust, and Macadam” holds a bevy of old vehicles, including a horse-drawn wagon, an ox cart, and 1908 Cadillac so you can really get a feel of how Jello-O was distributed.  There are also original 1900 Jello-O oil painting to gaze at, and plenty of collectibles to purchase in the gift shop.

3 3. Museum of Pasta

Location: Rome, Italy

The processing and production of pasta may not seem fascinating, but once you visit the Pasta Museum in Rome, you'll be craving a bowl of your own. The ethnographic museum has six divided exhibits. The initial show starts off with a vintage display of old farming tools used to pull grain, followed by the evolution of techniques, and ends with a hall of bread and bakery. The last bit sounds the most delicious, but there are other rooms to explore after that if you're willing.

2 2. Disgusting Food Museum

Location: Los Angeles, California

Where else in the world can you expect to find something like the Disgusting Food Museum if not in Los Angeles? The place is dedicated to discovering the vilest foods on the planet, and visitors are allowed to try! They offer 80 of the world's most questionable food, with a complete smell and taste test. From the world's smelliest cheese to Peru's guinea big delicacy, you get to decide what's edible. They even have a vomit board which keeps track of how long it's been since one of their customers "lost their lunch."

1 1. National Mustard Museum

Location: Middleton, Wisconsin

Of all the weird museums in the world, who would have thought to open up an entire building for a condiment. The National Mustard Museum proudly offers this outing in Middleton, Wisconsin. The founder and curator, Barry Levenson, left his job as the Assistant Attorney General for the State of Wisconsin, so it really must be something!  This most improbable museum has a collection of mustards available for purchase, gathered from all corners of the world. The history of mustard is taught in full detail so that you'll never again open the fridge and question its existence. It's totally free, but they recommend getting a soft pretzel to dip into your new favorite mustard.