The start of a weekend means loads of partying and hanging out with friends. Billie Eilish didn’t just do the usual girls-night-out routine though. She vacationed to Kauai, Hawaii with her best girl pals!

After taking home several big wins, Billie Eilish has earned the right to have some downtime.

A Hawaiian Paradise

It’s certainly true that the singer has “everything” she’s ever wanted and more. At just 18-years old, she is one of the biggest singers out right now, has all the money in the world and can afford to travel with friends to the Aloha state. How many teens can say that?


Just because Eilish is famous, though, doesn’t make her any less of a teenager who loves spreading good vibes. Every Instagram gallery photo showed the singer doing everything from ziplining, kayaking and swimming with Dolphins. In one of the pictures, Eilish is riding on her scooter, peering back at the beautiful backdrop of mountains in the distance. The photo is breathtaking.

The Trip Was Worth It

It’s no wonder the Instagram gallery was captioned with “Been Gone”. Yes, Eilish definitely left the Hollywood limelight for a Hawaiian adventure. Who could blame her? Being a famous popstar has its perks, but she knows when she needs a break. By the looks of it, Eilish and her friends had a blast on their vacation!

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