They're called believers and to the believers, his name is simply 'Squatch.' Bigfoot, also known as the famous sasquatch, has long been believed to stalk the woods in many a US state. Among the other mythical creatures that are believed to inhabit North America, Bigfoot is by far one of the most believed and sought out of all the animals on the list. Many firm believers know of the humanoid's existence and believe it's only a matter of time until the large, furry, unsanitary creature (according to legend) is revealed. Others know that he's more elusive, choosing instead to believe that there will never be enough definitive data to prove or debunk the existence of such an animal.


While the fate of Bigfoot remains uncertain as does its existence, there's no denying that some alleged sightings are pretty dang convincing. As cameras and the ability to record footage becomes more and more popular, more and more witnesses have come forward... and by extension, more and more places become Bigfoot hotspots.

Provo Canyon, Utah

A well-known hotspot thanks to YouTube, Provo Canyon bore witness to two supposed Bigfoot sightings. The video that shows the greatest glimpse of Bigfoot seems to show a tall - at least six feet tall - human-like figure standing straight up after digging through some underbrush. Initially, it's tough to see through all of the brown and tan-colored brush but when the creature stands up, it's pretty unmistakable... there's something not quite right about the appearance or sheer size of the animal.

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The story goes that the people filming the creature initially thought it was a bear until it stood straight up on two legs. Once that happened, they can be seen in the video fleeing from the animal (as anyone would) in an effort to put some distance between themselves and whatever it was they saw. Another video taken not far, with only a month's time-lapse, shows a similar animal walking upright on two legs with no definitive features other than a lot of fur and a massive figure. Since that video, a Kickstarter has been launched in order to investigate further sightings in the area.

Allegheny And Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is no stranger to the world of the sasquatch. There have been many sightings in its forests and wooded areas over the last few decades and one of the most famous was back in 1980. In Johnstown, a footprint that measured a whopping 17 and a quarter inches was found near a residence. The spooky thing about this is that it wasn't some hunter or hiker who just happened to stumble upon the print - the impression was left not far from someone's home. It garnered so much attention that the Associated Press ran a story on the supposed Bigfoot footprint; homeowners in the area also reported smelling an unusual scent and hearing strange noises right before the print was found.

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In the Allegheny National Forest, a man by the name of Rick Jacobs captured an unusual creature on his hunting cam. The camera itself was mounted to a tree and was meant to capture potential game but actually captured something highly unusual. The strange creature seen on the camera looks to be a cross between a bear and an ape (not unlike what Bigfoot is supposed to look like). Along with this creature, some bear cubs were also captured which many thought would be able to debunk the theory that this could have, in fact, been an adult bear. After the photos surfaced, the consensus was that the creature was actually a bear with horrendous mange, but many aren't fully convinced.

Tunica, Mississippi

According to Mississippi native Josh Highcliff, a 'Skunk Ape' was lurking in the woods not far from him while hunting on his property back in 2013. He posted the video to YouTube requesting help from anyone who might know what it actually was that he saw because it spooked him so badly that he didn't dare get closer to it or make any noise that would draw attention.

The interesting thing is that judging by the video, the creature is making quick work of some pretty hefty tree branches, leading many to believe that whatever it is, it's legitimate. Highcliff also asked any potential pranksters to come forward but so far, no one has said a single thing. Whatever it was, it spooked the hunter well enough that he was initially hesitant to return to that location in the woods, and to this day, no one has any explanation for what it is that he witnessed and caught on film.

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