Bigfoot (also widely known as "Sasquatch") is one of the oldest and compelling mysteries on our planet, with scientists, folklorists and explorers spending decades trying to prove its existence.

Those who claim to have seen Bigfoot often describe it as a giant ape, up to nine feet tall. Although there have been countless reported sightings of the creature throughout the years, but its existence still hasn't been confirmed nor denied.

Well, a research group named Bigfoot 911 traveled to the Lake James mountains in North Carolina (h/t the Mark Price of the Charlotte Observer). One of the members, John Bruner, claims that his group saw the creature while they were boating.


Bruner's crowd took a picture of the figure that they claim is Bigfoot. You can view it below.

Bruner said that the experience with Bigfoot went for about five minutes, and that he "knew immediately it was a Bigfoot." The creature, according to Bruner, was "swaying back and forth." The creature observed the group briefly before walking away from them.

Price pointed out that Bigfoot 911 also claimed to have seen the creature in McDowell County, North Carolina in 2017. But this photograph will certainly lead to far more debate among both the Bigfoot believers and skeptics communities.

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The most well-known reported Bigfoot signing occurred back in 1967 in Bluff Creek, California. Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin filmed a giant ape-like creature walking not too far from where they were standing.

Though both men claimed that the footage was real, many skeptics suggest that it was nothing more than a man wearing an ape suit. Over a half-century later, and there are still no firm answers as to whether or not the film's subject was staged or a legitimate creature unknown to science.

A large number of reported Bigfoot sightings come from British Columbia, and the states of Oregon and Washington. We'll see if the explorers in North Carolina will be able to find more evidence to try and prove the creature's existence.

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