Beyonce And Jay-Z (And 19 Other Celebs Captured On Yachts)

While most people travel via an economy airline seat or, at best, a fully-loaded cruise ship, celebs have other means of transport.

And yeah, private jets are nice... But yachts are really where it's at. These celebs are swimming in cash, of course, so to them, chartering a yacht (or buying one) isn't a big deal.

What is a big deal is getting snapped by the paparazzi on board. Then again, most celebs don't even wait for the photographers to arrive. They'd rather mark the occasion with IG posts that highlight their luxurious mode of travel.

And let's face it: we're intrigued. After all, when will the average non-celeb get the chance to tour the Mykonos island in Greece or putz around the South of France on a multi-million dollar yacht?

Fortunately, we can live vicariously through Beyonce and Jay-Z, plus 19 other celebs who seem to live aboard their yachts.

20 Leo Likes To Live It Up


He's been on plenty of yachts, but we still love to see Leo soaking up the sun on deck. But did you know that you missed an opportunity to join him? Yep, Pursuitist reports that at Cannes in 2015, a dinner with Leo was auctioned off for $280k.

19 Modeling Has Its Perks


You might have read about Kendall's relatively non-glam life (in comparison with her sisters, of course) as a model. She's busy, she's always on the job... But sometimes, that job involves a yacht with her BFF Bella Hadid... The ladies have, of course, 'yachted' before, but this time it was super fancy.

18 Sofia Likes To Celebrate In Style


Sofia Vergara has many posh interests (not to mention her wardrobe). And when it came to her 47th birthday, that meant a huge yacht-inclusive bash had to happen. Along with her hubby, Joe Manganiello, Sofia set off for Italy. Fortunately for us, she wasn't too shy to share snaps from the vacay on Twitter.

17 Posh Keeps It Low-Key With David & Co


Victoria Beckham and her husband David travel plenty, but during the summer of 2019, their family took a vacation with Elton John. Harpers Bazaar reported that the two families (Elton is married to husband David Furnish and has two kids) ventured to France for some fun on the waves.

16 TI Used To Just Make Waves... On His Yacht


TI has been making headlines for some uncomfortable reasons lately, but he used to just cause a stir with his yacht poses... Sure, he looks pretty glam here, but most of the time he took his kids along, making his yachting days far less flashy than they appear.

15 Tyra The Top Model Reminisces


Tyra may not make yacht adventures part of her mom life these days. But back in the '90s, she was all over the pages of Vogue with fellow models Naomi Campbell and Beverly Peele. We can't wait to see the adventures she undertakes with her son York, maybe he'll be a yacht baby like Stormi Webster...

14  The Queen Of Multi-Million Dollar Yacht Trips


Honestly, we could be talking about either Stormi or Kylie here. For Kylie's 22nd birthday, she chartered the 300-foot yacht for a trip around the South of France. Jealous? No worries; Business Insider says the yacht is now up for sale, totally doable if you have a cool $200mil in hand.

13 Taylor Shakes Off The Haters... At Sea


Taylor is a small town country star, right? Nah, not anymore. These days, she's going on yacht trips, dressing in designer gowns, and making more friends than ever before while doing it all. Of course, some of her yacht trips involve music videos (like End Game), but this one was just for kicks.

12 La Lohan's Yachting Days Aren't Behind Her

Vanity Fairy/Celebmafia

Sure, Lindsay fell off the celebrity list years ago (before or after her Vanity Fair shoot on a yacht?), but that doesn't mean she doesn't still catch waves. Of course, her latest business venture involved travel to a Greek island, but it's now defunct, per Eater. Still, Lindsay hasn't given up her yachting ways yet.

11 Justin Bieber Has Had A Fleet Of Yachts


Justin Bieber has been on tons of yachts, and he used to take whichever girlfriend was in his life on trips with him. These days, though, he's a bit tamer, bringing his wifey Hailey along on the water. But there are past lady loves who still enjoy yacht trips, even if it is without the Biebs.

10 Selena Gomez Doesn't Need A Guy (Girls Trips Only)

The Sun

While Selena used to travel with Justin on his yacht, those days are long gone. Instead, Selena enjoys her yacht trips with gal pals (and some stunning bikinis). Her music might reflect a painful past, but by all appearances, Selena's totally living it up without Justin in her life.

9 Miley's Most Tabloid-Worthy Moments Happen On The Water


Yes, we know Miley's is-she-or-isn't-she relationship with gal pal Kaitlynn Carter is definitely off by now. Still, this superbly photogenic snap of the pair continues to make its rounds online. And honestly, it's way more intriguing than pics of Miley's past yacht trips, like one where she donned a furry pajama suit.

8 Katy Lives A Lavish Life... With Oprah!

Daily Mail/Gotceleb

Wouldn't you give your right arm to travel on a yacht to Ibiza with Oprah? Well, Katy Perry clearly didn't have to. She and the mogul were on a trip in Ibiza, shared a boat, and Katy was obviously ecstatic about the whole trip. Bonus? No awkwardly-attired Orlando Bloom in the pics this time.

7 Bey & Jay Make Yachting A Hobby

Us Magazine

Beyonce and her boo Jay Z have often been snapped aboard a yacht. We kind of wonder whether they don't own a few. And while they tend to take the whole family along, they also enjoy date nights on chartered boats sans Blue Ivy and the twins.

6 Mariah Makes Time For Her Kids On Board


When her kiddos Moroccan and Monroe were younger, Mariah stepped out on the water with her then-hubby Nick Cannon. These days, though, Mariah and the twins rock the yacht on their own. How adorable are those pirate costumes?? And what a great use of a mega-yacht, as a playground for MC's kids.

5 JLo Gives Every Gal Summer Goals


Seriously, JLo, you don't need a swimsuit (in white, nonetheless) that screams "Forever Young." We already know fab this lady is, but she continues to rub it in with gorgeous snaps from her yacht trips with fiance Alex Rodriguez. Maybe JLo and A-Rod will even tie the knot on a yacht?!

4 Katie's Yacht Romance Was Inspiring

US Mag/Bossip

When Katie split from Tom Cruise (that was ages ago, we know), everyone was rooting for her to find true happiness. So we were jazzed when she dated Jamie Foxx, especially when these pics arose from their yacht trip together. Awww! Too bad they're no longer together!

3 Gigi Is At Home On Big Boats #ModelLife


Gigi Hadid is another celeb model that is no stranger to photoshoots in bikinis with salt spray in her hair. Of course, her family also vacations in the Greek isles, bikinis aboard. This one's a bit different though; it's a snap from aboard Tommy Hilfiger's yacht. Can you guess who Gigi's wearing?

2 Heidi & Her New Hubby Love Celebrating Aboard Yachts

Celeb Central/Just Jared

Heidi Klum and her now-hubby Tom Kaulitz celebrated their hush-hush marriage aboard a yacht with all their friends and family. The pair got engaged after ten months together (they met on Germany's Next Top ModelUs Magazine notes), and their wedding was a private occasion, though the yacht party was much-publicized.

1 Britney & Her Beau Get Goofy Onboard


Britney Spears might be flying under the radar for the most part these days. But her canoodling with beau Sam Asghari aboard a yacht drew the attention of the paparazzi. The pair posed in their swimwear at the bow of the yacht, a la Titanic. We're glad Brit's having a bit of fun!


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