Traveling as a pet lover might be a challenge, but many establishments, in particular, have become exceptionally pet-friendly. Dogs and cats are welcome everywhere, and several chains and private hotels cater to more unusual animals, providing a variety of amenities tailored to one particular non-human companion. These hotels might range from luxurious to low-cost. Here is a list of zoo hotels worldwide for animal lovers to know more.

10 Port Lympne Safari Park, UK

Port Lympne Safari Park, located near Ashford in Kent, offers a new level of luxury lodgings and outstanding tourist experiences. Some endangered species can also be seen in Port Lympne Safari Park. Port Lympne is one of the only two attractions in the UK that offers a lodge. Their hotel offers an incredible array of luxury overnight stay choices, ranging from motels, cabins, and glamping to one-of-a-kind treehouse apartments, everyone that will find something to their liking. Visitors may also enjoy glamping experiences at the park's Pinewood Pods, Giraffe Tavern, Bear House, and other locations.

  • Cost: $289 per night

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9 Mara River Safari Lodge, Indonesia

The Mara River Safari Lodge is a unique resort that provides a real one-of-a-kind experience. Accommodation consists of beautifully fitted wooden houses oriented towards a wildlife-infested terrain. With the shadow of Bali's holy Mount Agung rising in the distance, tourists can enjoy the lodge's surroundings as lions proudly roar, proclaiming their place as the king of the creatures.

  • Cost: $209 per night

8 Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Cottages And Cabins, Utah

This hostel in Utah is mainly about animals. Tourists can rest in an RV park or a cabin, but they must book reservations in advance. This shelter is the country's largest no-kill animal refuge. It is home to roughly 1,600 animals, most of which are cats and dogs. Guests may also participate, tour the facility, or learn how to aid the animals from the comfort of their own homes.

  • Cost: $190 per night

7 Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Canberra

Jamala Wildlife Lodge provides the rare opportunity to sleep just a glass barrier away from tigers, cheetahs, bears, giraffes, and meerkats. This magnificent all-inclusive hotel is nestled within Canberra's National Zoo & Aquarium, and all, however, three of its 18 rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows with views of animal cages. It's a wonderfully enlightening experience for couples with children, but keep in mind that children under the age of six are not permitted on-site. There are age limitations in the Cheetah, Lion, and Tiger Cottages.

  • Cost: $400 to $850 per night

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6 Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Giraffe Manor Nairobi is a safari collector house located near popular attractions, and this one-of-a-kind Kenyan hotel welcomes a small group of visitors. The property is dedicated to a group of Rothschild Giraffes who visit the manor house regularly in pursuit of food. Guests may also witness warthogs, impalas, and many small antelope species. In addition, the hotel's prices also include meals, wines and other drinks, housekeeping, internet access, AFEW Center admission, and VAT.

  • Cost: $374 to $744 per night

5 Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge, Florida

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is next to Disney's Animal Kingdom inside the Animal Kingdom Resort Area. It allows visitors to watch grazing animals across their suites and public places of the resort, giving the impression of being on an African savanna. In addition, the existence of wild creatures on the resort premises gives a feeling of uncertainty about what might otherwise be merely a place to relax in-between visits to Disney theme parks.

  • Cost: $124 per night

4 Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives

While the Maldives is best known for its luxurious resorts, it is also a favorite destination for animal lovers. Located in the South Ari Atoll, the resort is known for its lush flora and wildlife. It blends breathtaking scenery with intuitive service that links visitors with the Maldives' charm. Snorkeling with whales, stingrays, and hundreds of tropical fish is possible on Conrad Rangali Island in the Maldives. They may also enjoy the companionship of aquatic life in an undersea hotel suite or at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, the world's most elegant underwater cuisine.

  • Cost: $739 to $1,604 per night

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3 Camp Baboon, Bristol

Camp Baboon is a component of Bristol's Wild Place Project. It permits visitors to live out their ranger fantasies in a one-of-a-kind overnight experience with the ultimate wildlife encounter. The park is divided into several extensive areas that accommodate a range of exotic and endangered African animals. In addition to an overnight stay in one of our deluxe cabins, the package includes exclusive animal visits, one-of-a-kind animal encounters, special grass craft activities, breakfast, and dinner. They also offer free admission to Wild Place Project on departure.

  • Cost: $272 per night

2 Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire

Timber huts with beehive-shaped ceilings overlooking the establishment's white rhino herd and the powdery Chiltern grasslands. It's a little more primitive than the other zoo overnight accommodations, with shared showers and bathrooms instead of en-suites. The zoo is restricted to the public, and lodgings include a two-course meal and three private excursions. Guests may also find themselves taking a trip to the bongos after sunset or giving the animals breakfast after they have finished their meal.

  • Cost: $272 per night

1 West Midland Safari Park, Bewdley

The West Midland Safari Park, located near Kidderminster and Bewdley, is a fantastic getaway for the whole family. The park boasts gorgeous creatures, including rare white lions, elephants, rhinos, tigers, zebras, African wild dogs, and many others. Six cabins will be nestled in their isolated area, delivering African elephants' unique overnight lodging experience. While eating a great breakfast, guests can wake up to views of elephants or cheetahs savoring their morning feast.

  • Cost: $172 to $356 per night

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