10 Best Wineries In Europe To Visit

Going on vacation in Europe isn't complete without touring some of the many vineyards and wineries around. These stunning locales are like a breath of fresh air. The manicured fields with their rows of grapevines and the juicy grapes hanging in bunches make you want to sing. Since there are so many vineyards in Europe, it's hard to choose just a few of the best.

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Time constraints on a short vacation trip may force you to narrow it down to the best wineries only. We're making it easy for you to select the best wineries in Europe so that you leave with an experience of a lifetime. Here are 10 of the best.

10 Adega Mayor in Portugal

This stunningly beautiful 350-acre winery has been voted one of the best by several reviewers and it's easy to see why. You get a wonderful, panoramic view from the terrace of this winery where stunning vines and even olive trees grow. Alentejo mountains in the background give you a sense of wonder and calmness.

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The winery itself was built by the famous architect Siza Vieira. Include this winery in your itinerary and savor the luxurious wines on offer. Try out their famous wines like Touriga Nacional, Caiado Rose 2017 or even the Reserva do Comendador 2014.

9 Herdade do Esporão in Portugal

At Esporão in Portugal, you will find this spectacular winery that has remnants from the 15th century. It is a 1700-acre land that has over 40 different varieties of grapes. The winery itself is several layers below. Visitors are taken down each level and shown the various processes of winemaking. There are marble baths in the lowest level where the grapes are trodden on and also several barrels and bottles to store the wine.

The winery also has an in-house chef who creates wonderful meals that are paired with the wines. So head to Portugal and experience this winning winery in all its splendor.

8 Quinta do Bomfim in Portugal

In Portugal’s Douro Valley, you will find a 130-year old winery that produces some of the very best wines and ports. This winery is on a 115-acre portion of land that is located near the São Mamede mountain range. This region also has chestnut trees and cork oak trees that add flavor to the soil.

The winery offers its visitors three different kinds of vineyard walks and also a visit to a lodge that was built in 1896. You will find this trip to be a very relaxing one with great food and wine. The beautiful landscape will leave you mesmerized and feeling rejuvenated.

7 Bodegas Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia in Spain

Here is a special winery located in Haro, Spain that is 142-years old. The stunning buildings that form the winery are a great tourist attraction too. The wines produced here are usually white wines with oak flavors. This is a family-owned winery and the Lopez de Heredia family takes great pride in the vineyard that has been passed down to them.

Their patriarch fell in love with the region and its ability to provide excellent grapes for wine. It has been judged as one of the best wineries in Rioja by visitors. With guided tours in English, this is a great place for all visitors to come and enjoy the magnificent beauty and the wines.

6 Domaine Sigalas in Greece


If you visit Greece, this is the best winery if you want to escape to a magical place. The Santorini sun helps the grapes grow to luscious juiciness. It is no wonder that Domaine Sigalas has been granted so many awards for the best wines that it produces.

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A tour of the winery will give you a taste of not only the wines but also the great food that is served here. With local ingredients, the chefs create wonderful meals that pair well with the wines. So book your seats in advance and get the best experience while in Greece.

5 Cantina Zeni e Museo del Vino in Italy

Looking to get more from your wine tours, then this is the best place to come to Italy. Located in Bardolino, the winery is perfect for all wine lovers. It has not only a winery but also a museum that is dedicated to the wine-making processes in Bardolino.

It was founded in the late 1800s and gives you a Roman historical feel. With the free tour of the winery, it is no wonder that visitors love to come here time and again. You can stock up on wines that are some of the best. So come to Bardolino to sample the perfect wines of Cantina Zeni.

4 Avignonesi in Italy

If you want an experience like no other, then head to Montepulciano in Italy which is located in Tuscany. Known for its wine all over the world, Tuscany is a great place for all wine aficionados to explore the region. Avignonesi gives you more than just wine tasting and vineyard walks.

Here you get to try your hand at cooking, go for a hot-air balloon ride over the stunning vineyards and even take Falconry classes. What’s more, there are Ferrari tours as well! So what are you waiting for? Head to Avignonesi and experience the best of all worlds in a picturesque place.

3 Venetsanos Winery in Greece

Santorini, Greece offers its visitors pure luxury and relaxation like no other. If you check the stunning hills of Santorini, you will find a lovely winery that has great views and the best wines. It's just above the port of Athiunios and was built in 1947 to have a great sunset terrace. Visitors can enjoy the Greek sun and sea.

With great food and wine, this winery tops the list of the most visited wineries in Greece. Venetsanos Winery is a magical place for all wine lovers to enjoy. So head to Santorini and Venetsanos Winery for the best possible wine experience.

2 Bodegas Muga in Spain

If you're looking for old-school wineries, then Bodegas Muga is just the place. This winery opened up almost two centuries ago and still serves some of the best wines, and also sells the most expensive ones.

You can tour the winery; have a go at the wine tastings as well as the cellar tours to experience this age-old method of wine-making. Since this is a family-owned winery, the place is very well maintained and visitors are well taken care of. Try the Segway tour or the hot-air balloon ride of the vineyard for a very different experience. Make sure you check their schedule of tours before heading there.

1 Bodegas Lecea in Spain

Here is a perfect winery that can be enjoyed by the whole family. One place where your kids will love it and you can have a great time too. It’s because Bodegas Lecea allows kids to sample the grape juice! Enter the 16th-century Bodegas Lecea winery and you will be mesmerized with the age-old cellars.

With meals prepared in the vineyard, it is great to book your seats in advance. This family-friendly place is a great way to unwind and let the kids understand the wine-making process. Take a day out to enjoy this spectacularly beautiful place that is great for the whole family.

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