The world is home to numerous beaches, with 31 percent of them being sandy beaches. Some are located in the world's most touristic cities, while others are hidden deep in the quiet tropical islands. Other beaches are found on the coastlines of the hottest deserts. Covered in dusty white sand, pebbles, and tranquil blue waters, white sand beaches present the most photogenic sceneries. For tourists looking to visit the world’s best white sand beaches, these eight shouldn’t miss.

8 Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach has constantly won the world's best beach award for years. It is a 7.5 miles beach located in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Covered in snow-white, soft, and fluffy sand, it gives tourists' feet an effortless tickly sensation as they take a walk. Likewise, its crystal-clear blue waters keep calling visitors to dive in for a swim.

The Grace Bay Beach provides an iconic spot for paddleboarding, kayaking, parascending, and surfing. Adrenaline seekers can go scuba diving and snorkeling in the deeper waters. The beach is free from pollution, seaweeds, and rocks, emitting a relaxing vibe. On the beach, guests find luxurious resorts that provide authentic local cuisines and luxury accommodation.

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7 Anse Sourse D’argent, La Digue, Seychelles

This is one of the world's most attractive tropical white sand beaches. It is located on La Digue Island. One only gets to the island by ferry or by air, ensuring the beach is never overcrowded. Its beachside is adorned by huge granite rocks, palm trees, and lush vegetation. Additionally, smooth, floury sand covering the beach and the clear unpolluted waters make it even more attractive. Anse Sourse d'Argent offers beachgoers the best snorkeling, swimming, and surfing experience. Guests get a chance to watch marine life, including turtles and colorful tropical fish. Those who take a walk in the hiking trails enjoy feeding tortoises that stroll freely on the island.

6 Bavaro Beach

Bavaro Beach is an adult-only beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, ideal for honeymoons and romantic getaways. It is recognized as one of the best white sand beaches in the world. The destination offers a tranquil atmosphere on a small property endowed with recreational amenities such as outdoor swimming pools, golf courts, fitness centers, spas, and stunning hotels. A walk down this panoramic beach rewards guests with a sandy ticklish feel and constant brush by the ocean waters. Tourists enjoy coconut milk, a popular local drink, as they relax under the palm trees. Bavaro beach is also dominated by shopping centers, gift shops, and theme parks.

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5 Baia Do Sancho Beach

This expansive white sand beach is located in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. Visitors access the area by sea or trekking down the cliffs where a series of ladders are mounted. They get fascinated to discover that the beach is hidden in native vegetation, which offers a wild feel. The water is emerald and jade green crystal clear, making it ideal for diving. Baia do Sancho Beach is a natural home for dolphins. Tourists stand on cliffs to enjoy their spectacular spins and dives. They also get the treat of witnessing mating turtles. The beach offers a mesmerizing view of waterfalls surging down the cliffs into the ocean during the rainy season. Hiking, diving, and snorkeling are among the most popular activities on this beach.

4 Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven is an immaculate beach on Whitsundays Island, Australia. Its white silica sand is among the purest globally. Warm waves lap the shore gently and wade into tourists' feet, offering a remarkable feeling. The magnificent Inlet at the beach's northern end treats guests to the most beautiful view of Tongue Bay. High-end visitors are fond of yachts, powerboats, and luxury cruise ships. Overnight sailing and Bareboating are among the most popular activities on the beach.

3 Waikiki Beach Hawaii

Waikiki Beach started as a surfing playground for royals in the 1800s. To date, surfers travel far and wide to experience the iconic surfing sports on this beach. Tourists are assured of the best accommodation with its famous five-star resorts such as Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Waikiki is famous for its constantly swelling waves, making it major surfing, paddling, kayaking, and swimming destination.

The turquoise blue water makes the long white sandy beach more attractive, making it one of the most photographed beaches on Instagram.

2 Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is among the most beautiful destinations. Located on the southwestern coast of Nusa Penida island, this secluded yet scenic beach is easily accessible from Bali by boat. The beach offers a spectacular view from cliff tops, which is popular among photographers. One of the unique landmarks is a T rex-shaped limestone headland covered with plants. The beach is surrounded by incredible rock formations, making it a unique beach scenery. A 30-minute walk down the forest brings tourists to Trembling Natural Springs, where they can chill or take a quick dip. In addition, guests should visit the extraordinary Guyangan waterfall, offering an open view of the spectacular Indian Ocean.

1 Bondi Beach Sydney

Being one of the most iconic beaches in Australia, Bondi Beach is located just four miles from the city of Sydney. The best way to access the shore is by catching a train to Bondi junction and then connecting with a bus to the beach. Surfing is a prolific sport due to its reliable waves. The southern part of the beach is merely dedicated to sports like volleyball and surfing. During low tide, kids can go swimming in the ocean, but the most kid-friendly activity is sandcastle building. The beach experiences warm weather throughout the year, making it a family-friendly vacation destination all-year-round.