Skiathos is a Greek island located on the northwestern part of the Aegean Sea with a small population of fewer than 7000 people. It is a bustling tourist destination for lovers of serenity and scenery. Despite being one of the smallest Islands in Greece, the island is known for many things. When it comes to history it was one of the locations where the Persian wars were fought. In the aspect of pleasure and scenery, the Island is characterized by lots of beautiful white sand beaches, stunning mountains, and amazing stretches of blue skies. Obviously, there are lots of things to enjoy here and these are the best ways to explore the Island.

8 Go To The Beaches

Spending time on the beaches is one of the best ways to explore any Greek Island and this also applies to Skiathos as its beautiful beaches are its most popular attractions. The island has over 60 beaches some of which are known to be among the finest in all of Greece. The beaches are characterized by beautiful white-washed sand, turquoise waters, and unique rock formations with lush forests surrounding them. Beaches on the northern side of the Island are best suited for those who want seclusion and amazing scenery at the same time while the southern side is more suited for those who want to enjoy watersports and a vibrant atmosphere.

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7 Cruise/Sail The Waters

Being an island surrounded by water, sailing is popular here as it presents unique views of the sea. There are lots of boat tours and cruises available to offer the spectacular views of this island from the sea. Some of these cruises offer rides around the Island while others take guests to nearby islands. The experience will have guests enjoying views of dolphins and other lovely marine creatures along the way while also catching sights of breathtaking sunsets.

6 Hike The Trails

Hiking in Skiathos is absolutely thrilling as the Island has some of the best and most adventurous trails in Greece. The Island offers up to 25 organized hiking trails offering an amazing stage for exploring the Island by walking. Different parts of the trail offer different experiences ranging from bird watching to a thorough exploration of unspoiled nature. Many of the trails lead to amazing attractions such as beautiful white sand beaches and unique rock formations. One of the trails even leads to a medieval castle founded in the 14th century.

5 Explore Skiathos Castle (Kastro)

This medieval castle is one of the top attractions in Skiathos and its history is also interesting. The castle was built in the 14th century to serve as the residence of the local people when the Island was overrun by Turkish pirates. It is located on the northernmost part of the island at the very edge of the sea. Here, guests will be presented with scenic views of the sea and the surrounding cliffs while exploring the four churches, mosques, and cannons located on the site.

4 Visit Skiathos Old Town

Skiathos old town is the main settlement in Skiathos and has more than %75 of the island’s entire population. It presents lots of infrastructure and many institutions where one can learn about the history of the island.

3 Enjoy The Dishes On The Island

Food lovers will definitely fall in love with the Island of Skiathos as it presents amazing eats and delicious wine. On the Island’s main settlement, there are so many restaurants available to offer some delicious Greek dishes but there are also the Island’s traditional dishes to enjoy as well. Macaroon biscuit and Hortopita are some of the most popular dishes on the Island while seafood also makes up a large part of the food offering.

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2 Get Immersed In The Nightlife

Nightlife in Skiathos is more impressive than one would expect with such a small population. Skiathos - the Island’s capital and main settlement gets busy at night with lots of activities and parties, especially during weekends. The island has got nightclubs and different types of bars where the atmosphere is strictly for partying. Beach bars also often organize parties that can last all night long especially during the summer months. But not all parts of the islands present those heavy beats and noisy atmosphere. Some parts present calm atmospheres so those who want some calm can also get their satisfaction.

1 Visit Papadiamantis House Museum

Papadiamantis is one of the most popular museums in Skiathos. This museum was the house of Alexandros Papadiamantis - an influential Greek writer and Poet. This was the house where the writer lived for the most part of his life, writing epic poems and many other inspiring writings related to Greek literature. He is often regarded as one of the contributors to modern Greek literature and his writings, photos, personal belongings, and many other materials relating to his life are displayed in the building.

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