Vietnam is a beautiful mixture of natural beauty and cultural diversity. The landscape ranges from rocky hills evident from winding hillside roads to lush farms in all shades of green.

The heritage junkies will find something to appreciate thanks to the country's rich heritage and a huge proportion of ethnic minority groups. While the countryside offers breathtaking views, the metropolitan areas are bustling with activity and offer plenty of options to sample Vietnam's delectable cuisine.


Amongst the most pleasant and exciting ways to tour Vietnam is by boat. It boasts extensive and beautiful inland and sea routes which can be explored by boat. Many sites were previously inaccessible to visitors unless they traveled by boat. Boat trips are a popular attraction and a fantastic opportunity to obtain an approach to life on, in, or near the coast in many riverfronts or coastal communities in Vietnam. If visitors want to experience a quieter, softer, more conventional Vietnam, they should avoid the frantic streets entirely and explore the country by boat.

What To See

Halong Bay

  • Halong Bay's limestone topography is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world's most mesmerizing marine sights.
  • Hundreds of limestone reefs have been worn into rugged peaks by air and rain over centuries in this region in the Gulf of Tonkin.
  • It is a great floating country as the bay's splendor is best appreciated by boat.
  • The Hang Sung Sot, with three huge caverns, and the Hang Dao Go, with magnificently unusual rock formations and crystals, are two quarries in the harbor that tourists can visit.

Da Nang

  • Da Nang is Vietnam's third-largest city and a fantastic place to visit.
  • Da Nang's white sand shoreline and open water beachfront province are a must-see for beach enthusiasts. The area also offers fantastic nightlife.
  • The Dragon Bridge is lit in the evening, and the entire area looks spectacular from the many cocktail bars.

Mekong Delta

  • The rice bowl of Vietnam is a vast network of waterways, wetlands, small islands, and beautiful foliage.
  • Small boats are the primary mode of transportation for the locals.
  • Visitors can lodge in a charming riverside homestay, see the busy town of Can Tho, ride through the paddy on a trip, or even explore a crocodile sanctuary!
  • Cai Rang is the Mekong Delta's biggest floating marketplace. It's odd, to say the least.
  • Hundreds of boats drift through, sometimes colliding and bartering with one another.Visitors who are hungry might try their hand at dining on the vessel.

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Son Doong Cave

  • Vietnam's Hang Son Doong Cavern is considered one of the world's largest caverns.
  • The boat trip to Phong Nha caverns is included in the Quang Binh Everyday Excursion.
  • This boat journey will give tourists an idea of the vast and amazing experience that awaits them, as well as a glimpse of the spectacle's magnificence.
  • The scenic overlooks the river, and the lovely views are the ideal place to unwind.
  • All of this adds up to an unforgettable visit to the Phong Nha caverns!

Con Dao Islands

  • The island is better known for its imperial legacy, wherein the French constructed the archipelago's most renowned jail to house anti-colonial demonstrators on the central island.
  • Because of the paucity of access to the island, the mass tourist has mostly avoided it.
  • The islands can also maintain their pristine environment and tranquil ambiance for the same reason.
  • Aside from superb diving with beautiful coral reefs and a beautiful scenic beach, there are a variety of wildlife to observe, one of the most renowned of which is the green sea turtle.

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Types of Boats

One of the most pleasant and exciting ways to visit the area is by boat. Here are a few choices to fit vacation preferences, from luxurious delights to rustic activities.

Rustic Rowboats

  • Rowboats can be readily managed by one individual and can also accommodate up to six passengers.
  • Rowboats use oars to move them forward. These vessels have long been used as fishing vessels in Vietnam, catching fish in lakes, rivers, and even the sea.
  • Any small boat tour is a fantastic way to have a more firsthand experience of the marketplace, as it is a very interesting and exciting excursion.
  • Ninh Binh is a nice prelude to Ha Long Bay, and learning the differences between the two is a fascinating experience.
  • In Ninh Binh, a boatman will take visitors on a peaceful journey through the sugar loaf hills in his little sampan boat to uncover caverns while looking out over the landscape for miles.

Dragon Boats

  • The name "dragon boat" comes from the fact that it is shaped like a dragon, a historical emblem of waters in Asia.
  • In Vietnam, dragon vessels are employed to transport the royals on riverfront or lake excursions.
  • A bright dragon boat will meet visitors as they arrive, softly gliding them along with the romantic Perfume River.
  • The finest part of the tour is getting a different perspective on Hue and getting up and personal with the charming and compassionate Hue people.

Junk Style Boats

  • A junk is a classic watercraft that is recognized for its resilience and adaptability on long-distance travel.
  • The classic red sail junk, which can still be seen or boarded off the coast of Vietnam in Halong Bay, is still a sight to behold.
  • The Gulf of Tonkin is composed of several tiny islands emerging from emerald green waters, forming the famed Halong Bay scenery.

River Cruise Boats

  • A river cruise vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel through the heart of an area, with ever-changing breathtaking views as visitors drift from charming hamlets to ancient settlements and natural attractions.
  • These vessels are the only way to properly explore the Mekong Delta.

There is so much to see in the world that a trip to Vietnam guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. It is the place to go if visitors are looking for cultural, historical, and individual exploration set against one of the world's most gorgeous and breathtaking landscapes.

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